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30 June 2013

Pupil-enlarging contact lenses (Maxi Eyes)

I've been dying to try some pupil-enlarging lenses and hence, bought 4 boxes of daily ones on impulse yesterday. Le sigh...*

Selling the contact lenses cos I realise I'm too lazy to wear them! :/ Will gladly pass on the discount I got them at :)
Email me at

Indeed such an impulsive act that I regretted almost immediately when I got home :/
Advice is, never ever do such a thing, especially if you've never worn any before. What if the eyes are sensitive?...What if i can't put them in at all?...I'm the kind who has troubles even with eyedrops -.- What if...
Funny how I didn't ask myself all these before telling the optician "okays, i want brown ones."

I have perfect almost-perfect eyesight.
So never in my life have I worn specs (shades not counted luh) or contact lenses.
Hence, it's a huge NEW THING for me!

Presenting my first attempt at eye-enlarging lenses!

Oh yes, I had a fringe trim. Now it's choppy uneven bangs.
Prefer my previous fringe though :(

Long fringe and without contacts.

It was a TORTURE putting the lenses in. I couldn't keep my eyes open properly at all! Let alone stuff those flimsy pieces of plastic in.
I definitely need a lot more practice. Wonder how all the pretty babes do it so pro-ly luh!

The effects aren't obvious.
Unless I keep my eyes opened, like how in the process of stuffing the lenses in :x
Which I tried the following photos, in order to show the full effects of the lenses.

Don't scroll down if you're not interested!

An attempt to make the photo dreamy..starry-eyes.
But ogay, fail.
And my eyebags are annoying.

See the additional area? The lenses are so pretty!
The actual colour is brown! Though it looks like grey/blue-grey in the pic.
Cos I have naturally brown pupils, so the optician recommended brown instead of black.

But since it's from the natural series, the colour effects aren't obvious at all in real life.

I have 2 pairs of 3-tone lenses in the shade of honey/hazel.
According to the optician, the 3-tone effects would be much much nicer!
But of cos, such coloured ones aren't really suitable for work, so i'm gonna try them during photoshoots probably.
Will review those again then!

Tempted to try Acuvue too.
Heard it's more comfy or something?
But the sales person/optician told me to try maxi eyes first cos she thinks that Acuvue is overrated!
Comfort level (per her customers' feedbacks) is the same for both brands. Maxi lenses are in fact, better at pupil enlarging and it's cheaper than Acuvue as well.
Glad that I met such an honest sales assistant :)

2 June 2013

Jay Chou Opus World Tour 2013 - Singapore

Posting on behalf of friend:

Jay Chou Opus World Tour Concert Cat 2 (As good as Cat 1) tickets for 7, and 8 June 2013 show going @ per pair pending!

Very good centralized front seats

Leave a comment here or email for seller's contact number :)

14 March 2013

McDonald’s Breakfast Day! Free Egg McMuffin on 18 March 2013

Are you a morning person?

I admit I’m not! Every week day morning I would drag myself of the bed, eyes half-opened/closed, banging my head into the washroom door and my sis’ towel stand, dreading to start the day while it’s still dark. Like, the sun hasn’t even woke up, why am I preparing for work already?? :(

But on 18th this month, it’s likely that I would be jumping out of bed in the morning, with joy! :D
Becos something egg-citing is happening!

McDonald’s will be having it’s national breakfast day on 18 March 2013 and giving away more than 100,000 Egg McMuffins to early birds like us!

“The early bird gets the EGG”
Yummms, I definitely love an idiom like that! <3

*credit todayonline

Date: 18 march 2013
Time: 5am-10am

National Breakfast Day is a regional McDonald’s initiative that will see 5,000 McDonald’s Restaurants in Asia, the Middle East and Africa give away some five million Egg McMuffins in all.

In Singapore, 121 McDonald’s outlets will be participating. Each will give away 1,000 free Egg McMuffins to customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ms Phyllis Cheung, Managing Director of McDonald’s Restaurants (Singapore), said: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on National Breakfast Day, we want to energise everyone’s morning and give them the fuel to Get Up and Go.”

“National Breakfast Day is our way of thanking our customers for making a McDonald’s breakfast the start of their day,” she added.

Have an egg-citing day on the 18th everyone!

4 March 2013

Sick lil' two

So.. my laptop's at the service center AGAIN. That explains my lack of updates recently. It was down about 2 weeks back, but one of the Sony Care personnel managed to revive it for a day or so, just enough for me to share the Cebu Pacific Juan contest with u guys in my last post.

That was that. My beloved laptop didn't live me enough to let me schedule posts or anything else :(

My subsequent trips back-and-forth the Sony service centre at wisma were quite horrid. The service personnel annoyed the hell out of me.
It was until I've tried all methods on my own during the week, and nothing worked that I went back to the service centre again yesterday.
Last resort, hurhur.
But thankfully, I think I've met an angel yesterday who can save my laptop, haha!
Hopefully everything would be fine by end of the week! *fingers crossed*

My ootd yesterday. Was sick, so i grabbed the simplest dress and paired it with my usual watch and accesories. No need to think.

That's my new sandals, in a lovely shade of royal blue <3 pardon my ugly feet though.

The only good thing about specially going all the way down to wisma is, Paris Baguette! :D
Took away some custard choux ;)

I visit the cafe each time I went to drop/collect my laptop.
The puddings there are simply divine.
Sends my frustrations all away!

 photo image_1_zpse9d169d7.jpeg

 photo image_zpsf1df37e9.jpeg

 photo image_2_zps3fdbbf24.jpeg

 photo image_3_zpscc88ed39.jpeg

 photo image_7_zps377a03b3.jpeg

 photo image_5_zps7468e7d0.jpeg

 photo image_4_zpsaca0bcca.jpeg

 photo image_8_zps0b1d3c78.jpeg

My favourite is the original ($4.00).
The sister prefers the chocolate ($4.50) one which I found too bitter for my liking.

Paris Baguette

435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria

Tel: 68362010


Thanks for reading!

24 February 2013


Hello everybody! I’m back! My laptop is forced to reach a temporary state of “recovery” (long painful story…..) so that I can at least connect to the world better instead of relying on a 4-inch screen! Now, I’m just lacking of a 3A or 5A fuse, if anyone knows where to get it, please let me know! #expressingmillionyearsofgratitude

Thank goodness for instagram! It’s like my mini blog and in fact, I use it more often than facebook nowadays. Follow me @OYHZ :)

If you have missed me (aww..)

Amongst heavy workload (which I foresee will go on for quite some time til mid-year or Q3 at least), I’m busy planning travel trips! With le boyf, colleagues and the family separately, how exciting! I love travelling/getting out of Singapore! Even if it might be just a one-day Malaysia shopping/eating/chilling trip, it will suffice to keep me saneeee, roar.

Keep a lookout for my coming posts if you’re interested :D


29 January 2013

Pandora love ♥

I know my next birthday is in 9 months time.. And it's not x'mas either.. 
But I can always start early on planning about what I wan right? :p

After a few close-brush with my beloved chanel bag, I've decided to change my wishlist! >.<

Lusting over Pandora charms instead now :)
Those little charms can be so meaningful!

A basic bracelet.

Heart charm with pink rhinestone for your beloved?

For your first home? :)

a beach holiday to remember? 

First baby

Bag lover partner

Letters of her name?



24 January 2013

Samsung Ecobubble Technology

I'm back!
Had a short trip to BKK again!
Needed a getaway pretty much.

Didn't take much photos this time round. Had a number of family shots with my Dad's Samsung phone. But his mobile was pickpocketed at Asiatique on the second last day of the trip, so all the photos were gone :(
Initially we had a hard time making a police report cos the thai police there didn't understand English.
When they finally found one young (n cute looking hee) policeman who could speak proper English, it was such a relief! I hope they got the everything correct so that our insurance claim process can be smoother!
Anyway, speaking about Samsung, I'm actually quite a fan of Samsung products! In fact, i was a Samsung mobile phone user before the iPhone came out :p The Korean brand is not only creative and innovative in its technology, the product designs are often very elegant and stylish. I've used/am using Samsung's mobile phones, external hard disk, thumbdrive, cordless phones, monitor screens, TV, DVD players, washing machines, and probably more other things which I can't remember currently.

Just when I thought that the focus is pretty much on its mobile phones nowadays, I hear that Samsung came up with a new innovative laundry technology called the Ecobubble!
Check out the cute video here!

LOL. I like the ending especially!
Goldilocks' three bears must be wishing for a laundry machine like this!

As bimbotic as I may look, I do know how to, and do actually use (sometimes) the washing machine ok.
Afterall, we had to do our own laundry while studying in Maastricht then! ahems. I was forced to learn learned :)
It can be so therapeutic to have all the dirty clothings and bedsheets cleaned.
Especially thick/wooly/furry winter clothings that seems to be trapping so much dirt and dust when while kept in the wardrobe.
Just watching the bubbles form and clear, the laundry spinning round & round seemed to spin my troubles all away for that moment.
Fresh, clean laundry after that gives me a feeling of a brand new start to the day!

However, downside is, my knit wears and other thick clothings can take so long to wash!
Especially when I add in my blanket or other heavy stuff.

Now, Samsung ecobubble technology not only allows me to enjoy the bubble washing, it (the bubbles) actually penetrates the clothing much faster and more efficiently thus having a better wash and protects the clothing better from stretch (my knit wears!). Wish they had came up with this earlier on!! 

Not only that, the washing machine has a special diamond drum pattern which uses the water more efficiently. The pattern is also very effective at protecting your clothes from catching or stretching, so you can enjoy wearing them for longer. Say yay to more expensive classic pieces! :)

Next on the list is the ceramic heating technology in this machine. It's very quick and efficient at heating up the water in the system and it also means the heating elements are protected from limescale build-up for up to three times longer. 

There are a whole load of programmes and wash cycles/patterns designed for you and controlled easily via the LED panel.
But don't worry, if you're like me who doesn't really wanna crack my brains over household chores, the programmes are all very user-friendly and useful. Especially the quick wash, my favourite if I were to just wash a few small items in a rush.
For environmentally conscious users, try the Super Eco cycle which gives one of the most efficient washes :)

Now, if you hadn't, check out the new laundry ecobubble technology video here!