17 May 2013

Hong Kong Day 3 - Prada, Mongkok, Jumbo floating restaurant

I will blog about Day 3 in Hong Kong first as many had already emailed me to ask about the shopping there!

Yesh, our day 3 was spent shopping! Whee!
Went to Citygate branded outlet at Tung Chung MTR station in the morning for breakfast and outlet shopping.
And also to check out what's available at the outlets before we buy at the main boutiques hehe.

There are outlets for brand names such as Coach, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's, Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, Dunhill, Esprit, Guess, City Chain, Adidas, Crocs. 
However, we didn't spend too long there cos the discounts aren't that great (and my mind was more on Prada, lol!)

Proceed to Prada Space Outlet right after that :D
Took a cab from Central area.

 photo photo2_zpsf8b1d883.jpg

Oh yeah! my highlighter shoes from Jordan!

The journey was about 15-20mins via cab.
Around HKD90.

By the way the Prada outlet has shifted!
We alighted at the wrong place cos I took the old address :X
Thankfully I caught a glimpse of the outlet right before we alighted and so we walked about 5-10mins back.

 photo image_11_zpsb8d70000.jpeg

Prada/Miu Miu Space Outlet

G/F Marina Square, East Commercial Block
South Horizons, Aberdeen

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 to 19:30
Monday and Public Holiday 10:00 to 19:00

 photo image_10_zps0e27c3d4.jpeg

 photo image_9_zpsedb9f88f.jpeg

The items they had in store during April..

 photo image_5_zps36578934.jpeg

 photo image_4_zps61f41eae.jpeg

 photo image_2_zpsbfea9727.jpeg

 photo image_1_zpsfd8b34dd.jpeg

 photo image_6_zps966e4cbd.jpeg

The miu miu large coffers were going for only S$1.5/6k??
If only they have the smaller ones left! :/

 photo image_zps3318f88e.jpeg

Was kinda eyeing this, but decided not to buy in the end.
Brown isn't exactly my colour..

Decided to go for Jumbo floating restaurant that evening since it's at the same area, Aberdeen.

There're free shuttle boats that takes you from the pier to the restaurant.

The boats/jumbo piers are very fancifully decorated, grand and easily distinguished, so please do not be cheated by any other boats awaiting at the pier!!

 photo image_82_zpsd48bfc24.jpeg

 photo image_9_zps095c51c3.jpeg

 photo image6_zps35ef3c79.jpeg

We didn't know back then and took this boat cos the person shouted for us to hop on to Jumbo -_-

 photo image_zps7a12f367.jpeg

We checked if it's free to go Jumbo.
He nodded his head and signalled for us to sit down.
BUT, halfway through, he asked for money!!
No choice but to pay him cos we were already in the middle of the sea/river >.<
Was cheated of HKD60 / S$10 for the 5 min ride :(

 photo image_1_zps403d331c.jpeg

 photo image_2_zps566993b1.jpeg

 photo image3_zpsb748e404.jpeg

 photo image_33_zps18bf3f9c.jpeg

 photo image_53_zps46d535fb.jpeg

 photo image_5_zps1100b977.jpeg

 photo image_28_zpsafb32a57.jpeg

 photo image2_zpsdc629379.jpeg

Century egg that cost SGD$4 lol.
It's appetizer for 2.
I wonder if a person is eating alone, will they serve just half an egg?? Hahha. Will look pathetic i think.

 photo image_12_zps8e68f324.jpeg

 photo image_22_zps25beab77.jpeg

白牡丹 tea which taste very good!
Very light, refreshing and wouldn't turn sourish or bitter even after we finished our dinner.
Love it! <3

Barbequed Suckling Pig!
This is the best dish!!

 photo image_7_zps975da8d1.jpeg

 photo image_52_zps7977de22.jpeg

Sauteed Shrimp with Cashew Nut

 photo image_13_zps0a0c809a.jpeg

 photo image_23_zps049cb8c8.jpeg

Deep Fried Mash Shrimp with Beancurd

 photo image_14_zps62611b11.jpeg

Yang Chow Fried Rice

 photo image4_zpsd236be7f.jpeg

Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Strawberry Sauce

 photo image_24_zps1aec59c5.jpeg

I'm not a fan of pork usually, but this is good!
Had expected it to come with fresh strawberries as toppings as shown in their menu, but it was cooked with only the juice instead.
Taste like honey ribs, but with slight scent of strawberries. Super nice combi!

 photo image_34_zpsdb294bdb.jpeg

Bill came up to HKD933 / S$150 for 2 pax.

 photo image_18_zps9f51f1e0.jpeg

There was an area where you can dress up as emperor or empress (lol) and have a photo taking session for HKD80 or HKD120.
You'll get a 5R size photo with Jumbo Floating Restaurant's frame.

I'm a modern empress with very funky shoes! hahaha.

 photo image_25_zpse2603fdf.jpeg

The correct shuttle boat to/fro Jumbo!

 photo image6_zps35ef3c79.jpeg

 photo image_26_zps741bb1e8.jpeg

 photo image_55_zps6a360020.jpeg

Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hong Kong 

Tel : (852) 2553-9111 

Business Hours:
Jumbo Kingdom (Main and Second Deck)
Mon-Sat Sun & Public Holidays 11:00-23:30 09:00-23:30 
Dragon Court (First Deck)
Mon-Fri Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 11:30-15:00 / 17:30-23:30 11:30-16:30 / 17:30-23:30

Website: http://www.jumbo.com.hk/eng/main.php
Email : sales-hk@jumbokingdom.com

Mongkok street for late night shopping!

 photo image_62_zpsbda107a4.jpeg

 photo image_zps5d3e9b8a.jpeg

 photo image_22_zps6b757593.jpeg

M having smelly beancurd in HK.
I had to stay a metre away from him the rest of the night! lol.

 photo image2_zps3b79721e.jpeg

 photo image_1_zps02e1c1a0.jpeg

Bought lotsa skincare from Sasa!

The mobile phone cables were from Sham Shui Po!

Kose black mask - S$18-22 (bonjour sells them for the cheapest!)
Chanel Loose Powder - S$58
Shiseido Skin Care Cleanser/lotion/moisturiser - S$30-50
The rest I can't really remember, hehe :X


  1. heya, how much was the brown miu miu you were carrying in the picture? any idea how much the wallets are there?

    1. hey it was only about sgd1.2k?
      i didn't ask about the miumiu wallets. but for prada wallets, they were about 30-50% off?

  2. Hello! Just wna check with you, where did you get your chanel loose powder from? Are they cheaper as compared to Singapore? :)

    1. I got it from SASA! :) cheaper by about 20% as compared to Singapore :)

  3. Hi, can i know where u booked holiday inn hotel room at S$80? i checked around and the cheapest i got was S$165? ):

  4. I thought the miu miu bag looks good on you in the picture

  5. how much wr the blue leather prada bags? thanks!

  6. OMG, where did you get those little fortune cat purses from? I've been trying to look for who sells in HK for ages?

    1. Got them from temple street/ladies street! ;)

  7. hey is temple street worth going?

    1. if u haven't been there, it will be nice to experience the street once. I spent about half an hour there :)