19 May 2013

Hong Kong Day 2 (Part 1) - HKSGI, One Dim Sum 一點心, Sham Shui Po

Started the day well cos the temperature was slightly warmer, and the sky was not so cloudy!

My new bracelet from Macau ;) 
It's actually a hair band but i thought it looks nicer on the wrist hehe.

 photo image_zps82c45f7c.jpeg

Just-woke-up us.

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Went to have breakfast at a traditional HK cha chan teng downstairs. 
It's opposite Dim Dim Sum :)

 photo image2_zps97d4b51c.jpeg

As the menu was in traditional chinese characters, we tried asking the waiter/owner about certain items.
However, he replied in Cantonese that meant something like "If you don't understand what it means, then don't order that. Just order something you understand mah.. blah blah blah"
Gosh. Hahaha.
Thankfully he was still smiley when saying that, so I just "muted" out his voice and hurriedly order those which we understood!

Coffee and tea which wouldn't go wrong.

 photo image_3_zps3a439598.jpeg

French toast :D

 photo image_8_zpsfbd5e570.jpeg

The soup maggie came as a set which we simply pointed to on the menu. lol.

 photo image_4_zps1f10a73a.jpeg

 photo image_5_zpsbac84ad2.jpeg


Made our way to the SGI kaikan after breakfast.
I always believe that our first stop overseas should be the kaikan if possible. Starts off the trip well! :)

Took the MTR to Prince Edward station.

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 photo image_6_zps6be25987.jpeg

 photo photo5_zpsf87944ea.jpg

The SD board! ^^

 photo image_62_zps5ae75785.jpeg

Made our way to One Dim Sum which was nearby the kaikan.
One of Hong Kong Michelin-starred dim sum eateries!

 photo photo3_zpse7affa41.jpg

Looooooong queue! :(
Thankfully there's the queue number system!
Went souvenir shopping around the area while we wait.

 photo image_zpse76f1fc6.jpeg

 photo photo2_zps3d8fe174.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsba336413.jpg

 photo photo1_zpse45ad935.jpg

 photo image_4_zpsbf873a3d.jpeg

 photo image_2_zps2543e0f9.jpeg

 photo image_3_zps1aa1a5fe.jpeg

 photo image_5_zpsde84f8ac.jpeg

 photo image_6_zpsa3ddc988.jpeg

 photo image_7_zpsb2fd63de.jpeg

One Dim Sum 一點心 

Shop 1 & 2, G/F
Kenwood Mansion
15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward 


Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday 11am-12mn 
Saturday, Sunday 10am-12mn

 photo image_zps93259661.jpeg

Next we proceeded to Sham Shui Po after hearing from my friend that there're alot of things to shop over there! 
Think cheap & wholesale clothings.
Was ready to spend all my monies there, BUT......But sadly, I didn't find anything :(:(
Not a single clothing buy la. 
The clothing wasn't to my liking somehow. Mainly long sleeves, "knit wear", baggy tops. Saw a few workdresses, but iirc, they cost about S$69 each for wholesale of 10 pieces. Faints..

 photo image_7_zps99943000.jpeg

Bought many stuff at the electronics area though.
Mobile phone cables, earphones, portable charger etc. Cheap and good!
My 3metre iPhone lightning cable cost only HKD25 / S$4! :D
Samsung 2metre cables were going for only HKD15 / S$2.50. Bought many different colours for my whole family lol.

Had traditional tau huay :O
We were originally attracted to the stall because of the crowd/queue initially, keke.
M said we must be kiasu Singaporeans and go check out the stall as well LOL.

 photo image_5_zps3018d0c9.jpeg

 photo image_1_zps04e9c27f.jpeg

 photo image_2_zpsd120949d.jpeg

Overall, Sham Shui Po was pretty boring to us, so we went back to the apartment to rest after that.


To be continued in Part 2 :D

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