21 May 2015

McDonald's Create Your Taste

We had an impromptu lunch-out at McDonald’s recently to try the Create-Your-Taste menu, which is currently available at only three branches – JEM, Yishun Safra and Raffles City.

For those who are still not updated about Create-Your-Taste (worry not, it seemed like McDonald’s is pretty quiet on this), the basic idea is that consumers can now create on our own premium burgers at mcd through the self-service kiosks.

The steps are all on the site with full listing of each selection https://www.McDonald’s.com.sg/create-your-taste, so I don’t have to go into details here.

Step 1 choose your bun; step 2 beef it up with meat patty; step 3 add greens; step 4 make it cheesy; step 5 get saucy; step 6 add premium toppings. Finally, add $2 to make it a meal with fries and a soft-drink.

Here’re our meals.

The pros of the create-your-taste and the self-service kiosks? 

Shorter waiting time 
Well, for now at least since many still choose to queue at the counters place their orders even though the self-service kiosks offer the usual full ala carte / meal menu too.

Cashless payment 
The self-service kiosks allow payment via NETS / credit card ^^ For someone who doesn't carry cash around usually, this is great!

Customizable burger
If you’re a in a fussy mood especially, this is the place to go to as you get to pick every single ingredient of your burger.

The food gets served to you like in a restaurant – and with no less styling. Your gourmet burger is served on a wooden cutting board (knife-friendly, though there’re no utensils provided for the burgers) and the fries in an urbane metal stand.

Premium ingredients
The beef patty used is 100% Angus Quarter Pound beef for a start. Also, you get to choose more interesting toppings like wild rocket leaves, caramelized onions, and pepper jack cheese; and sauces  like creamy garlic, tomato jalapeno relsh, and mustard.


Patty limitation – only beef
There is currently ONLY beef patty for the gourmet burgers. One of my friend couldn’t take beef due to religion purposes and she excluded the patty while trying out this create-your-taste. However the price still turn out the same :x


Prices start at $8.95 for a basic burger. While it’s fun to be able to DIY our own burgers, I personally would still prefer to dine at a restaurant / cafe with better ambience if I’m craving for gourmet burgers. This as well, considering the price disparity isn’t too far from a restaurant.  McDonald’s afterall is still a fast-food outlet, thus there's not much of an ambience to speak of. But if you don’t have the luxury of time, this may be the next best alternative for a good and quick burger meal :)

Has any one else tried the self-service kiosk or Create Your Taste burger before? Do share your experience :)


  1. huh, only beef? chey! then i can't eat it. and your friend.... totally got cheated! the bulk of the price should be the patty, isn't it?

    1. Yeah.. but can't say she got cheated since the price is stated to be fixed at $8.95 for the basic bread, patty and veg? Excluding anything wouldn't reduce the cost of it.. Non-beef takers have to stick to the usual menu and wait til other 'gourmet' patties come out!

  2. Elizabeth O.09 May, 2015

    Cool! It would be fun to create your own burger. Create your burger is not yet here and I'm hoping they'd introduce it soon.

    1. I'm surprised they haven't launched it in NYC yet. Thought the US would be the first to have any new innovations from McD.

  3. Wow! How I wish we also had a McDonald's create-your-taste menu here in Manila! Although, we already have "make-your-own-burger" kind of restaurants here too, with prices that aren't too far off from that of McDonald's. But still, that would really be cool to customize your McDonald's burgers. :D

  4. It's new to me but this is good for busy people on-the-go. McDonalds International really love to explore new ways in serving their customers.

  5. My family and I actually don't eat at McDonald's or any fast food chains at that for the obvious health reasons. But
    I love the concept of creating your own burger or pizza or sandwich in a resto's menu. It's always a great hit when they launch it.

  6. It looks cool.. I saw it at Jem other day and was tempted to do so.. Maybe next time will venture it out.

    1. Yeah we tried the Create Your Taste burgers just for the fun of it :D Do try and share your experience too.. :)

  7. I really do like the concept of making your own burger - how lovely is the presentation - beats the usual cardboard trays for fries!

  8. Yup it would be great fun if one could create his.her own burger,I just love McDonalds and their burgers.

  9. this is really mcdonalds? this is a great idea and need to implement it in the uk

  10. This sounds totally cool! My only question would be - how's that beef patty? I have this thing against McD's beef patty - too many new reports out there to be ignored... thanks for sharing!

    1. To be honest, it feels like the usual mcd quarter pounder beef patty. As for the health aspect (as many reports may speculate out there), i can't really help much on that.. Not a nutritionist.. And neither can I tell apart GM and non-GM food.. haha.
      The best solution to all concerns would be, "everything in moderation".. :)