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24 July 2014

Random updates

Loving my current blog header banner! More specifically, loving the recent Instagram pictures :)

Me attempting to *nom* Silver, who doesn't seem to give a hoot at all. >.>

My favourite truffle garlic fries!!

One of the best chirashi don in SG.

Daily coffee.


My timetable is mostly packed these days, but somehow I feel happier being busy!
Or perhaps, I just feel happier on a whole! :)

Perhaps it's partially due to the fact that I'd left the place where one crazy, shameless woman/hater had been attempting to throw sarcasm/insults every now and then. I decided that I had enough. Gonna ignore such a pathetic, bitter woman who probably has too wretched a life and thus need various alter egos and to resort to underhand tricks to bring others down, struggle to appear living the high life - all in order for her to cover up her truly piteous situation? Sadly, she will never be mentally balanced if she continues to be constantly jealous of other women and using her energy to hate them instead of taking actions to improve her inner self/environment.
So pitiful.

Not the first I've seen anyway. 
Let these people continue, what they sow will be what they'll reap.
Had already seen how their family, love, careers are going the wrong direction or leaving one by one, but somewhat, they never learn their lessons :/


Finally done with rehearsals/performances!
A shot after the last show over the weekend.

K, being so sweet, got all of us flowers when he attended the concert!

This was after the preview show? WL with her superb selfie skills wahaha.

Been spending lotsa time in the east as well. Where all the popular cafes are located. More blog posts rolling into the mountain of backlogs I already have T.T

Still gonna be more active on Instagram for now :)
See @OYHZ if you're interested.

Gonna rest now! Goodnight! ♥

13 July 2014


Laptop's finally repaired after much procrastination :x
Gonna try to clear as much backlog as possible!

Quick updates.
Attended SY's solemnisation at TSC today.

A full day of rehearsal and YFD preview tomorrow.
Gonna crash *zzz*

23 December 2013


La Mav skincare giveaway winners are out!

♥ Jolin
♥ Liling
♥ Lilpixie
♥ Tricia
♥ Stacey 

Congrats all!
La Mav coordinator will contact you girls separately and mail the samples directly to you :)

Blog on hiatus recently cos I had been too busy! :(
The only free time left are used for catching up with friends and resting/eating.
Will be back soon, hopefully!

Here's me having a break this afternoon :)


Letting go of brand new tub of philosophy Hope in a Jar (night) for only $55 mailed.
Drop me an email at


In the mean time, have a good holiday season everybodyyyy! ♥

24 September 2013

Necessary Provisions

The new kid on the block – Necessary Provisions – is a hidden gem that’s so near (okay, quite) my place!

It would be good if you drive there, there’re parking lots right outside the café. But even if you walk, it’d be worth the climb too :)

We went looking for some light dinner one evening. A laidback café providing sandwiches/light pasta and drinks would be faultless at that point of time. 
And like a Christmas present too good to be true, we found the perfect café by random chance. 
The café blended in well with the timeworn environment. 
Furnishings are simple and minimal, hinting of slightly of vintage chic. 

Smacked  right in the middle of the café is a huge round table, enough for 10 pax to share I supposed, that immediately makes the mood of a cozy, festive-like home party where everyone gathers together for merrymaking – wine & dine! Except, Necessary Provisions provides more “humble” food and beverages that is suitable for everyday dining :)

At the center of the table keeps a generous collection of magazines (pretty up to date!), enough to keep you entertained for an entire lazy weekend.

If you would prefer some privacy, there’re definitely other choices of seats. Plentiful corners for your own exclusive moments :)

 photo image_1_zps701af855.jpeg

 photo image_2_zps3f551659.jpeg

The limited menu may disappoint some of you. However, look at it from another point of view, it will save you the agony of deciding what to eat :p

 photo image_zpsa9b54fac.jpeg

Btw, I think they change menu every month? Otherwise there wouldn’t be a September on this menu right. Imagine having to think of 50 new items every month, faints. No wonder they kept the menu simple.

I went with the safe choice of pasta. Craving for some healthy Aglio Olio anyway.
After placing our orders, we were told that dinner would only be served after 6:30pm – which is totally fine for us.
In meanwhile, we were served complimentary scones which were so damn good and makes us wanna just have more scones for dinner instead.

We lazed around while waiting for dinner. M did his car-watching, people-watching while I read Home Décor (my new favourite activity!).

Our food which came about half hour later.
Bucatini Grilled prawns, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Love this image :)

Pork Burger for M.

Some after-dinner beer.

I went for the healthier option, orange-grapefruit juice <3
And as you can see, we shifted to another seat (the big round table) to continue my favourite activity :D while M plays with the VW..


Necessary Provisions

Eng Kong Park, 21 Eng Kong Terrace


Tue - Thu: 10:00 - 22:00
Fri: 10:00 - 00:00
Sat: 09:00 - 00:00
Sun: 09:00 - 18:00
Closed: Mon