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8 December 2015

TheShiokBook media launch @ The Laneway Market

Attended the launch of TheShiokBook at The Laneway Market recently. The cafĂ© has a clean, muji-feel to it, and beautifully decorated with babybreaths. 
I love the place pretty much that we stayed for quite a while even after the event has ended, haha.

The Laneway Market

266 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437053


Operating Hours:
4pm to 9.30pm Tuesday
  11am to 9.30pm Wednesday to Friday
  10am to 9.30pm Saturday & Sunday
  Close on Monday


Enjoyed the reception by TheShiokBook team!


Now, TheShiokBook is a dining guide which offers either 1-for-1 deals, or 25% off the total bill at popular dining places in Singapore. There are more than 60 different partnering merchants with some popular hideouts such as Siam Society, and I Am Cafe. And The Laneway Market too! :) 

TheShiokBook can be purchased here at $45 each.

What I like most about TheShiokBook is their corporate initiative to give back to the society. TheShiokBook has collaborated with 3 charities (mainly), Singapore Cancer Society, Assisi Hospice and Ronald McDonald House – For every book purchased from the website, S$10 will be donated to either of these charity organization of the buyer’s preference. What a perfect win-win plan! 

Now, it's your turn to help them give back to society and enjoy the great deals with friends! :)

25 July 2015

Velvet Confectionery - Cake Tasting / Review

Had chance to meet up with the ladies (Mia, Janel, and Andrea) for cakes few weekends back! We were hosted by Velvet Confectionery, located Robertson Quay, Watermark Condominium. The previous time I visited, it was Bridger’s Cafe.
Now that Velvet Confectionery has took over the shop front, this space remains unpretentious with both indoor, and alfresco seating by the river.

credits: molly-mia 

Let’s start with our favourite of the lot!

Nutella Cheesecake

credits: molly-mia 

Not sure if it’s psychological, but I find the cake tasting more like Ferrero rocher than Nutella, haha! The cheesecake is perfectly soft and creamy, complemented well by a crusty cookie base that hints of caramel. This was the favourite of ALL of us!

Carrot Cake

I don’t usually crave for carrot cakes for desserts because just like Mia, I tend to imagine them as savoury treats too. Lol. But the carrot cake at Velvet Confectionery is definitely far from being savoury! Being one of their best sellers, the carrot cake is pretty moist and loaded with crunchy goodies such as raisins, walnuts, and of cos, carrot bits. The cinnamon flavour is minimal, which is a good thing for me personally. 

Red Velvet Swirl Brownie

credits: molly-mia 

Fudge brownie, topped with an equally thick layer of cream cheese. Certainly for the sweet tooth.

Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf

This cake is made without butter, but with olive oil instead. Hence the texture tends to be more crumbly. The taste is pretty light overall, with just a slight hint of lemon.

Devilish Chocolate Cupcake

credits: molly-mia 

The cake itself is quite soft and fluffy, with just the right amount of chocolate flavour. With the creamy chocolate icing on it, it is the perfect one to with your afternoon tea.

Blue Velvet Cupcake

credits: molly-mia 

If you have tried various red velvet cakes already, why not order a blue velvet for a change? :) 


For the month of July, Velvet Confectionery is having a promotion. All you have to do is to follow them on Instagram (@velvetconfectionery) and quote "MollyMia" to enjoy your choice of cake with a cup of hot coffee (latte or cappuccino) or hot tea for just $10 on weekdays.

credits: molly-mia 

Velvet Confectionery

Watermark @ Robertson Quay
7 Rodyk Street #01-30

Operating Hours 
10.30am til 6.30pm Daily
Closed on Tuesdays



21 April 2015

Alfero Artisan Gelato – Singapore

Alfero Artisan Gelato – Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard 02-226A/B 
Marina Square Singapore 039594. 

+65 6338 5828

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 22:00

Cafes have been popping up all over Singapore in recent years; but we all have heard a number of cafes closing down at the same time – due to lack of flavor (both the food and concept). Setting up a F&B business is never easy, what’s more with required constant efforts in maintaining the fundamental gist of the business – the food. Nonetheless, as much as competitive is still tough, Alfero Artisan Gelato proved itself with quality gelato and steadfastly expanding over these years. Other than that, gelato is also much less sinful than their ice-cream counterpart!

Alfero Artisan Gelato believes that everyone deserves to enjoy a great Italian gelato made as it should be. 
“This is not just a business, but also a lifestyle philosophy - offering and rediscovering the taste of authentic Italian products such as gelato, without sacrificing quality. Alfero Artisan Gelato conforms to a philosophy based on taste and an unforgettable customer experience. We consider that "what we put inside our body" is far more important of what some people think, and that taste and quality matters!”

Ex-colleagues and I used to pop by their gelato outlet at Marina Square for a convenient lunchtime perk-me-up ;) However, we usually have the common safe choices such as mango or lime flavours. The recent tasting session (with Mia, Finaldust, Hazel and Janel) allowed us to indulge in more flavours and also got to know Marco Alfero, the originator of the gelato from Italy. We hear stories of how he became “localized”, coming in touch with ingredients in one of their rawest forms (read, Gula Melaka cubes?) to formulate new gelato flavours and met him personally relishing his own creation in the cafe with his family and friends on that weekend. When a chef appreciates his own food so much, you can be sure he had placed his 100% in cooking it – and this applies the same to a gelato artiste.

“Alfero Artisan Gelato aims to bring to Singapore the real experience of homemade Italian gelato produced with the best quality of imported ingredients and freshness and taste guaranteed. It is designed and catered to the market with a whole unique taste of authentic Italian products with quality assured.”

*credits Molly-Mia

The 11 flavours from top right, in clockwise direction:

(Cup-left) Bacio, (Cup-right) Dark Chocolate, (Cup-back) Yuzu, (Cup-front) Strawberry Milk, (Cup-left) Walnut, (Cup-right) Pistachio, Mango, Durian, Avocado, Passionfruit, Lemon.

My personal favourite out of the lot is still mango ;) There is not even a microscopic hint of any artificial mango flavourings unlike most other mango ice-creams or gelato. I also enjoyed other fruit flavours for alike reasons i.e. the durian, avocado, and yuzu. The tangy zest of the yuzu refreshes your mood instantly.
If you’re looking for something more “filling”, try the durian or avocado which is denser, smoother and more velvety in texture. The durian one actually contains real fruit flesh! Again, no trace of artificial flavourings at all. 

If you would prefer something over the sorbets, try the Bianco! It is chocolate with hazelnuts – similar to other gelato brands’ “Tartufo” or “Ferrero Rocher” flavour. That should be an easy choice to make for the kids especially. For adults, you will not go wrong with pistachio is you would like a more unique flavour. The pistachio gelato is so surprisingly fragrant that the few of us finished that flavour very soon!

Chendol Gelato Waffles

This innovative flavour is specially created by Marco Alfero to cater to the locals. The gelato only has a slight hint of Chendol, which personally I would have prefer it to be stronger. The waffle is pretty soft and fluffy.

Brownie with Snow White Gelato

One of the perfect food combination in the world - brownie with ice-cream.
Snow White is Alfero's milk flavoured gelato and its smooth, velvety texture complements the dry, crumbly brownie flawlessly.

For those looking for afternoon tea, Alfero Artisan Gelato also offers a small selection of coffees and teas. Do check out the menu or enquire with the staff when you’re there :)


19 March 2015


Attended first ever #BlogMeetSG - an unique networking session for bloggers & brands in Singapore to connect last month. It was held at Edit Lifestyle, wonderfully organised by fellow blogger, Lucy Waring.

Here's gorgeous Lucy :)

Edit Lifestyle

Tudor Court, 137-139 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247927
6836 5686

After a meet-and-greet with Lucy, we roamed around Edit Lifestyle boutique to explore and also pamper our tummies a little.

One of the attraction for the event was Leela's Fine Chocolates.
Leela's fine chocolates are handmade in Singapore using Europe's couverture chocolates. Check out their unique Lunar New Year flavors such as Mandarin Ganache Chocolate and Pineapple Tarts Milk/White Chocolate! Absolutely love their signature sea salt caramel chocolate that oozes out fragrant, liquid salted caramel once you bite into it

Look how lovely she can make chocolates into!

Even something for the man ;)

Not only were we pampered with fine chocolates, there were also macarons from Hediard Cafe which are so irresistible! I believe I've found a new favourite 

(Mia secretly counted how many I ate T.T Only errrrrr 4? not a lot mah? hor? :X)

After the snacks and drinks, we had Bill, founder of Hat of Cain introduced us to their signature Panama hats and how to wear it correctly!

Hat of Cain only opens on Saturday 11am - 5pm, or via appointment for private hat fittings.

Us in style with our #HatofCain's Signature Panama hats! 

Each of the sponsoring brands has also contributed samples of their artisan products for the gift bags given to the bloggers.

Top left to right:
Simone Irani silk thread bangles for a pop of colour
Naakka Enterprises leather key chain to keep our keys pretty, I love the nude shade!
Tamarind Living handmade jungle animal gift tag

Center left to right:
Katharos Organics skincare samples
Havaroma aromastick that helps to de-stress and re-energize
Just My Type greeting card for loved ones

Bottom left to right:
Appletree 100% cotton muslin for children or gifts
Jasper Living beaded bracelets



Would like to share these gifts with you all. Simply leave a comment with your choice of gift and email address and I'll pick a person for each gift! :)
Applicable for anyone with a valid Singapore mailing address and items will be sent via normal postage.

Giveaway ends 30 April.

1) Simone Irani silk thread bangles for a pop of colour

2) Tamarind Living handmade jungle animal gift tag

4) Jasper Living beaded bracelets

5) Just My Type greeting card for loved ones