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8 December 2015

TheShiokBook media launch @ The Laneway Market

Attended the launch of TheShiokBook at The Laneway Market recently. The cafĂ© has a clean, muji-feel to it, and beautifully decorated with babybreaths. 
I love the place pretty much that we stayed for quite a while even after the event has ended, haha.

The Laneway Market

266 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437053


Operating Hours:
4pm to 9.30pm Tuesday
  11am to 9.30pm Wednesday to Friday
  10am to 9.30pm Saturday & Sunday
  Close on Monday


Enjoyed the reception by TheShiokBook team!


Now, TheShiokBook is a dining guide which offers either 1-for-1 deals, or 25% off the total bill at popular dining places in Singapore. There are more than 60 different partnering merchants with some popular hideouts such as Siam Society, and I Am Cafe. And The Laneway Market too! :) 

TheShiokBook can be purchased here at $45 each.

What I like most about TheShiokBook is their corporate initiative to give back to the society. TheShiokBook has collaborated with 3 charities (mainly), Singapore Cancer Society, Assisi Hospice and Ronald McDonald House – For every book purchased from the website, S$10 will be donated to either of these charity organization of the buyer’s preference. What a perfect win-win plan! 

Now, it's your turn to help them give back to society and enjoy the great deals with friends! :)

27 October 2015

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Tea Party @ Muffet's Room cafe

Attended a cozy tea party at Muffet's Room cafe with Mia recently.
Oh mine, life felt like a bed of roses as soon as I stepped into the cafe. The ENTIRE place was filled with one of my favourite fragrant, rose! 

It was until later I learnt that the rose scent was so strong, but still so natural and refreshing at the same time due to the fact that the scent came mainly from 100% natural rose water that was obtained by distillation of the flowers of the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena P.Mill.

Bulgarian rose oil is known all around the world as the most sophisticated essential oil or "rose attar". It contains the essence of the precious and beautiful Rosa Damascena flowers cultured in the Valley of Roses around the town of Karlovo.

The Bulgarian Rose factory was founded in 1948 on the basis of distilleries for processing essential-oil raw materials, which existed in the valley of Karlovo. 
By year 2000, Bulgarian Rose Karlovo was created to produce eits own cosmetic line. It is now a recognized manufacturer of the following:

- natural aromatic products - essential oils, natural water obtained by distillation (rose, lavender, chamomile, melissa, sage, etc.) and extraction products;

- perfumery and cosmetic products;

- synthetic flavoring substances;

- perfume compositions and flavors;

- sauces and flavors for tobacco industry

At the same time the company continues the development and production of new perfumery and cosmetics assortments.

BULGARSKA ROSA PLC - Karlovo having traditions in production of rose oil since 1948 is the holder of a protected Appellation of origin "BULGARIAN ROSE OIL" entered in the State Register of the Patent Office of republic of Bulgari with registry number 052 - 01/1994 and was awarded the gold medal for rose oil at the International Fair - Plovdiv 1981.

Now, let's focus on my favourite two products! Out of soooo many choices Bulgarian Rose Karlovo offers.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Rose Exfoliating Face Mask

This exfoliating gel cleanses well and yet does not feel drying on the skin at all. In fact, the skin feels soothed and moisturized afterwards, which is an essential factor when choosing a exfoliating wash! Also, the pink beads are gentle in doing their jobs to clarify the skin, that you can't feel the scrubbing of skin at all!  An additional bonus would be, it SMELLS GOOD :)

Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystals

This nourishes and strengthens the hair, protecting against the effects of UV rays and moisture. It acts as a conditioner and protect its ends from splitting, and at the same time, gives the hair a silky feeling and brilliance.

Here is what happened after I applied one pump of it by lightly combing it through dry hair. The ends are definitely smoother and overall, the hair feels more manageable.
No rinsing required, how convenient!

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is currently available at SASA Clementi, or online at Lazada
If you're interested to know more, do visit their Facebook page or website :)

18 June 2015

Pet Asia and Aquarama 2015

Dropped by Pet Asia and Aquarama at Suntec City one Saturday and had much fun with the furry friends!

OOTD - changed into slippers cos my feet was hurting after wearing a pair of new heels for the wedding luncheon before that.

Ok, now to the furry counterparts!

New fur rug design?

Nooooo.. It's him!

Bunnies world:

To me, the highlight of Pet Asia was this huge, fluffy baby bunny! Can you believe it's only 6 MONTHS old?? Yet it was already weighing around 5kg! Quite surprised I was able to carry it for some time and my arms didn't ache.

Oh yeah, that's modgam adding some colours to my pic :p Her hair is so prettay as usual! (Spotted her immediately in the crowd from farrrrrr while I was looking around for Chris to obtain my media pass)

Managed to catch the dog obedience contest as well, organized by
Here's one of the winning dogs doing its stuff.

The cats from the welfare society.

Next we went on to the Aquarama exhibition.

We headed straight to the famous colored shrimps section!
I can't believe some of these actually cost as much as $3k.
Apparently, the hoo-haa over these if you do buy them, is breeding them to get certain color combinations.

Do check out UBM Media for more events if you're interested!

21 April 2015

Alfero Artisan Gelato – Singapore

Alfero Artisan Gelato – Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard 02-226A/B 
Marina Square Singapore 039594. 

+65 6338 5828

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 22:00

Cafes have been popping up all over Singapore in recent years; but we all have heard a number of cafes closing down at the same time – due to lack of flavor (both the food and concept). Setting up a F&B business is never easy, what’s more with required constant efforts in maintaining the fundamental gist of the business – the food. Nonetheless, as much as competitive is still tough, Alfero Artisan Gelato proved itself with quality gelato and steadfastly expanding over these years. Other than that, gelato is also much less sinful than their ice-cream counterpart!

Alfero Artisan Gelato believes that everyone deserves to enjoy a great Italian gelato made as it should be. 
“This is not just a business, but also a lifestyle philosophy - offering and rediscovering the taste of authentic Italian products such as gelato, without sacrificing quality. Alfero Artisan Gelato conforms to a philosophy based on taste and an unforgettable customer experience. We consider that "what we put inside our body" is far more important of what some people think, and that taste and quality matters!”

Ex-colleagues and I used to pop by their gelato outlet at Marina Square for a convenient lunchtime perk-me-up ;) However, we usually have the common safe choices such as mango or lime flavours. The recent tasting session (with Mia, Finaldust, Hazel and Janel) allowed us to indulge in more flavours and also got to know Marco Alfero, the originator of the gelato from Italy. We hear stories of how he became “localized”, coming in touch with ingredients in one of their rawest forms (read, Gula Melaka cubes?) to formulate new gelato flavours and met him personally relishing his own creation in the cafe with his family and friends on that weekend. When a chef appreciates his own food so much, you can be sure he had placed his 100% in cooking it – and this applies the same to a gelato artiste.

“Alfero Artisan Gelato aims to bring to Singapore the real experience of homemade Italian gelato produced with the best quality of imported ingredients and freshness and taste guaranteed. It is designed and catered to the market with a whole unique taste of authentic Italian products with quality assured.”

*credits Molly-Mia

The 11 flavours from top right, in clockwise direction:

(Cup-left) Bacio, (Cup-right) Dark Chocolate, (Cup-back) Yuzu, (Cup-front) Strawberry Milk, (Cup-left) Walnut, (Cup-right) Pistachio, Mango, Durian, Avocado, Passionfruit, Lemon.

My personal favourite out of the lot is still mango ;) There is not even a microscopic hint of any artificial mango flavourings unlike most other mango ice-creams or gelato. I also enjoyed other fruit flavours for alike reasons i.e. the durian, avocado, and yuzu. The tangy zest of the yuzu refreshes your mood instantly.
If you’re looking for something more “filling”, try the durian or avocado which is denser, smoother and more velvety in texture. The durian one actually contains real fruit flesh! Again, no trace of artificial flavourings at all. 

If you would prefer something over the sorbets, try the Bianco! It is chocolate with hazelnuts – similar to other gelato brands’ “Tartufo” or “Ferrero Rocher” flavour. That should be an easy choice to make for the kids especially. For adults, you will not go wrong with pistachio is you would like a more unique flavour. The pistachio gelato is so surprisingly fragrant that the few of us finished that flavour very soon!

Chendol Gelato Waffles

This innovative flavour is specially created by Marco Alfero to cater to the locals. The gelato only has a slight hint of Chendol, which personally I would have prefer it to be stronger. The waffle is pretty soft and fluffy.

Brownie with Snow White Gelato

One of the perfect food combination in the world - brownie with ice-cream.
Snow White is Alfero's milk flavoured gelato and its smooth, velvety texture complements the dry, crumbly brownie flawlessly.

For those looking for afternoon tea, Alfero Artisan Gelato also offers a small selection of coffees and teas. Do check out the menu or enquire with the staff when you’re there :)