18 June 2015

Pet Asia and Aquarama 2015

Dropped by Pet Asia and Aquarama at Suntec City one Saturday and had much fun with the furry friends!

OOTD - changed into slippers cos my feet was hurting after wearing a pair of new heels for the wedding luncheon before that.

Ok, now to the furry counterparts!

New fur rug design?

Nooooo.. It's him!

Bunnies world:

To me, the highlight of Pet Asia was this huge, fluffy baby bunny! Can you believe it's only 6 MONTHS old?? Yet it was already weighing around 5kg! Quite surprised I was able to carry it for some time and my arms didn't ache.

Oh yeah, that's modgam adding some colours to my pic :p Her hair is so prettay as usual! (Spotted her immediately in the crowd from farrrrrr while I was looking around for Chris to obtain my media pass)

Managed to catch the dog obedience contest as well, organized by
Here's one of the winning dogs doing its stuff.

The cats from the welfare society.

Next we went on to the Aquarama exhibition.

We headed straight to the famous colored shrimps section!
I can't believe some of these actually cost as much as $3k.
Apparently, the hoo-haa over these if you do buy them, is breeding them to get certain color combinations.

Do check out UBM Media for more events if you're interested!


  1. Oh how lovely! I expect it was a fantastic day out - my daughter would have absolutely loved to have visited Pet Asia - she is animal mad!

  2. Very cute dogs. Very cute bunnies. It is great how these animals' cuteness could be captured on photos.

  3. Oh wow looks and sounds like a fun event! What cute animals those are!

  4. i missed the dog show! but that chow chow! i saw one chow chow on 31st too! i wonder if it's the same pup? hahaha!

  5. cute outfit! omg the bunnies are wayyyy too cute! i want one!

  6. Ah what a fantastic event, some really cute animals right here.