19 June 2015

Search for Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

Hello! Hope everyone is doing fine! Of late, there seems to be a wave of job switch, particularly in two specific circles of friends I know ;) One, due to organization restructuring or economizing in this downturn (how long would oil prices take to recover?). The second group is of the younger ones, relatively fresh-from-school/schooling type who are looking to explore different career opportunities. Nonetheless, the intermission results in them either embarking on a full-fledge lonnnggggg holiday (minority), or doing some leisure work in the meanwhile (majority) - thus our recent chats have been flooded with things like job search, good portals and interview experiences, haha!

To be honest, I didn’t have much part-time experience till date. So, to join in the hype and understand what some of my friends are going through, I started browsing the few known job portals such as jobstreet; jobsdb; monster; and downloading related apps like glassdoor even. Coincidentally, I was also introduced to this site Stroff.com which holds more focus on part time jobs in Singapore.

So, if you're in a similar situation, here's sharing with you 5 interesting or pretty well-paid (during my era, a part-time job pays only like $4-5/hr, now it has doubled!) positions I've found when searching for part time jobs singapore!

1) Brain Trainer

Seriously? If only this was around when I was still studying!

2) Parttime Gamemaster

This is just such a fun job! 'nuff said.

3) Super Social Media Specialist

Get paid to post on social media!

4) 2 -6 Months Contact Bank Admin Assistant x 5 ($7 - $9/hr)

Interested in a permanent banking job in future?
This may be just the right kick start to sussing out the environment!

5) Outdoor Sales Promoter ($10/hr + Comm)

This can earn you almost as much as a fresh grad's average hourly salary~


I think these part time jobs for students are pretty cool, and earns some good pocket money ;) 
Do you have any interesting part time job experiences? Share with me! ;)


  1. Well, when I was in my Uni days, I gave tuition classes to secondary students. I can earned at least more than RM1500 at least that's quite a good part time income at that time.

    1. Yeah tuition is good money too. But I believe not everyone has the patience or academics to be able to do it well :)

  2. These are the common part-time job opportunities in our country as well. It's good that there are website and initiatives that help not only students but also the unemployed graduates to earn a living. :)

    1. Yeah, it's good to have a platform that list all these interesting part-time jobs.

  3. Elizabeth O.19 June, 2015

    This is a great resource for those who are looking to earn an extra income. I guess these are the easiest jobs for part timers as the working schedules are not as demanding.

  4. It's always nice to earn some extra bucks but handling your studies well is also tough. this is a really helpful post.

  5. I was once a part-time job seeker too and I can say it is easier today to find a job because you can search online unlike before that you really have to go from one company office to another.

  6. Being a game master looks like a fun job. You get to enjoy while people have fun.

  7. Woah. Looks like a fun way to search for part time jobs in Singapore. Your site can be a destination for Singaporeans who would like to have a job. :)

  8. Nice to see that there are several part-time job options in SG for those who are looking to earn a little extra cash but can't afford to work full time just yet.

  9. What a helpful post! I hope you'll be able to reach those who really need work. Awesome!

  10. How nice of you to share this information. A lot of students would definitely find this very useful