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23 December 2015

Alfero Gelato - Christmas Superstars

Received these from Alfero Gelato over the weekend!
Just in time for x'mas party :)

Here is my previous post on Alfero Gelato.
Recently crowned the Best Ice Cream Parlour by RAS Epicurean Star Award Singapore 2015, Alfero Gelato is made using only the finest quality ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe. Alfero Gelato is stored in pozzetto cabinets where exposure to light and air is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the smoothness and quality of the ice cream. Marco believes in serving only the best-tasting gelato to his customers, which is why he insists on keeping his gelato covered while on display (unlike other ice cream cafes which display their products in full glory while compromising on taste and texture of their creams). This brave move and unique  concept will certainly delight customers, as the difference is certainly unmistakable and almost impossible to miss. One taste of Alfero Gelato, you’d never want to keep it uncovered again.

This christmas, Alfero Gelato came up with four special flavours - the Christmas Superstars!
Known for making their gelato 96% fat free and with free-range milk, you can definitely indulge guilt-free this festive season :)

From the top left, anti-clockwise:

Mascarpone Pistachio 
Pistachio gelato is Alfero Gelato’s favourite among customers. For X’mas this year, we combine the rich flavour from pistachios with the full-bodied taste from mascarpone cheese to give our customers the best of both worlds!

Strawberry Cheese 
Refreshing and tangy strawberries folded into a blend of creamy surprise with full-bodied mascarpone cheese.

Cookies & Cream (my personal favourite!) 
Who doesn’t love chocolates? And the combination of chocolate cookies and sweet cream is definitely one big winning gelato flavour.

Salted Caramel 
Who doesn’t love chocolates? And the combination of chocolate cookies and sweet cream is definitely one big winning gelato flavour.

$5 per scoop (in a cup) for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$7.50 for 2 scoops (in a cup) for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$10 for 3 scoops (in a cup) for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)

$4.50 per scoop (in a cup) for all the other 3 flavours
$6.50 for 2 scoops (in a cup) for all the other 3 flavours
$8.50 3 scoops (in a cup) for all the other 3 flavours

$17 for 400g tub for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$15 for 400g tub for all the other 3 flavours
$21 for 500g tub for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$18 for 500g tub for all the other 3 flavours

$39 for 1kg tub for Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$35 for 1kg tub for all the other 3 flavours


Alfero Gelato is conveniently located at two locations: 
81 MacPherson Lane #01-37 
277 Orchard Road #B2-06 Orchard Gateway

These christmas flavours are available at Alfero Gelato outlets from 19th Dec onwards, while stocks last.

21 April 2015

Alfero Artisan Gelato – Singapore

Alfero Artisan Gelato – Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard 02-226A/B 
Marina Square Singapore 039594. 

+65 6338 5828

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 22:00

Cafes have been popping up all over Singapore in recent years; but we all have heard a number of cafes closing down at the same time – due to lack of flavor (both the food and concept). Setting up a F&B business is never easy, what’s more with required constant efforts in maintaining the fundamental gist of the business – the food. Nonetheless, as much as competitive is still tough, Alfero Artisan Gelato proved itself with quality gelato and steadfastly expanding over these years. Other than that, gelato is also much less sinful than their ice-cream counterpart!

Alfero Artisan Gelato believes that everyone deserves to enjoy a great Italian gelato made as it should be. 
“This is not just a business, but also a lifestyle philosophy - offering and rediscovering the taste of authentic Italian products such as gelato, without sacrificing quality. Alfero Artisan Gelato conforms to a philosophy based on taste and an unforgettable customer experience. We consider that "what we put inside our body" is far more important of what some people think, and that taste and quality matters!”

Ex-colleagues and I used to pop by their gelato outlet at Marina Square for a convenient lunchtime perk-me-up ;) However, we usually have the common safe choices such as mango or lime flavours. The recent tasting session (with Mia, Finaldust, Hazel and Janel) allowed us to indulge in more flavours and also got to know Marco Alfero, the originator of the gelato from Italy. We hear stories of how he became “localized”, coming in touch with ingredients in one of their rawest forms (read, Gula Melaka cubes?) to formulate new gelato flavours and met him personally relishing his own creation in the cafe with his family and friends on that weekend. When a chef appreciates his own food so much, you can be sure he had placed his 100% in cooking it – and this applies the same to a gelato artiste.

“Alfero Artisan Gelato aims to bring to Singapore the real experience of homemade Italian gelato produced with the best quality of imported ingredients and freshness and taste guaranteed. It is designed and catered to the market with a whole unique taste of authentic Italian products with quality assured.”

*credits Molly-Mia

The 11 flavours from top right, in clockwise direction:

(Cup-left) Bacio, (Cup-right) Dark Chocolate, (Cup-back) Yuzu, (Cup-front) Strawberry Milk, (Cup-left) Walnut, (Cup-right) Pistachio, Mango, Durian, Avocado, Passionfruit, Lemon.

My personal favourite out of the lot is still mango ;) There is not even a microscopic hint of any artificial mango flavourings unlike most other mango ice-creams or gelato. I also enjoyed other fruit flavours for alike reasons i.e. the durian, avocado, and yuzu. The tangy zest of the yuzu refreshes your mood instantly.
If you’re looking for something more “filling”, try the durian or avocado which is denser, smoother and more velvety in texture. The durian one actually contains real fruit flesh! Again, no trace of artificial flavourings at all. 

If you would prefer something over the sorbets, try the Bianco! It is chocolate with hazelnuts – similar to other gelato brands’ “Tartufo” or “Ferrero Rocher” flavour. That should be an easy choice to make for the kids especially. For adults, you will not go wrong with pistachio is you would like a more unique flavour. The pistachio gelato is so surprisingly fragrant that the few of us finished that flavour very soon!

Chendol Gelato Waffles

This innovative flavour is specially created by Marco Alfero to cater to the locals. The gelato only has a slight hint of Chendol, which personally I would have prefer it to be stronger. The waffle is pretty soft and fluffy.

Brownie with Snow White Gelato

One of the perfect food combination in the world - brownie with ice-cream.
Snow White is Alfero's milk flavoured gelato and its smooth, velvety texture complements the dry, crumbly brownie flawlessly.

For those looking for afternoon tea, Alfero Artisan Gelato also offers a small selection of coffees and teas. Do check out the menu or enquire with the staff when you’re there :)


13 September 2014

Swensen's U.S. Southern Barbecue Menu from 1st September 2014 to 31st October 2014.

Savor five new tantalizing seasonal additions with a Cajun twist that are big on flavors.

This season, Swensen’s flames up its grill and dishes up a menu inspired by the bold flavor palates unique to the Southern USA. Barbecuing is an all-American cooking technique that 
has resounding popularity today, with its roots firmly entrenched in good, ‘ol Southern comfort. So lasso up, and take heart in traditional country favourites cooked over hot, seasoned grills and slathered with rich, creamy sauces that deliver bangs of flavor.

Serving up rustic, wholesome dishes fit for any cowboy, Swensen’s pays its homage to Southern fare with tantalizing entrees like Swensen’s Cajun Chicken with Creamy Ranch Sauce, Grilled Snapper with Seafood Creole Sauce, Jalapeno BBQ Burger and a spicy appetizer in the novel Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns. For the complete Southern experience, finish up your meal with the zesty Key Lime Soda as inspired by the classic, American Key Lime Pie. 

Saddle up and dig in, as the limited edition menu is available only from 1st September 2014 to 31st October 2014.

Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns ($8.90)

These lightly battered morsels are coated with a unique blend of spices. Pop one of these for a 
party in your mouth! Served together with Swensen’s signature U.S. Fries and fresh veggie sticks with pineapple BBQ and Tartar sauce dips on the side.

Swensen’s Cajun Chicken with Creamy Ranch Sauce ($15.90)

A half chicken slow cooked with cajun herbs and spices, perfectly balanced by homemade creamy ranch sauce. Accompanied with mixed wild rice, mesclun salad and BBQ beans. Definitely a serving generous enough for the hungry cowboy!

Grilled Snapper with Seafood Creole Sauce ($17.90)

Using the finest and freshest ingredients, Swensen’s brings you this specially caught 
saltwater snapper on a platter! Tenderly grilled and generously drizzled with chef’s own special creamy creole sauce, it comes with buttered vegetables and mixed wild rice to complete the meal.

Jalapeno BBQ Burger ($16.90)

It’s getting hot in here! This Southern burger is stacked high with a juicy beef patty, flavorful jalapeno chunks and onion rings to serve up an excellent gourmet burger experience. Served with steak cut fries lightly seasoned in cajun spices and mesclun salad.

Key Lime Soda ($5.80)

Swensen’s version of the classic American Key Lime pie, made into a drink! Creamy, zesty, sharp, sweet and delicious. Take a sip, close your eyes and be transported to the Florida Keys…

Feeling thirsty now? Order up any U.S. BBQ main course with the Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns and enjoy the refreshing Key Lime Soda at a discounted price of $2! 

To cool down, we had our special ice cream creation from the ice cream buffet bar that's only available at Swensen's Ion Orchard outlet :)

This limited time only (U.S. Southern Barbecue) menu will be available at all Swensen’s outlets from 1st September 2014 to 31st October 2014.
Give them a try while you can! :)

23 April 2014

Beans & Cream

Beans & Cream is the new kid on the block - a ice-cream parlour serving homemade ice-cream, plus  waffles and coffees.

With a relatively small shop front, there's often a crowd or a slight wait required for seats.
It happens even on weekday evenings!
Probably due to its close vicinity to many schools in the area, there are tons of students visiting (in groups).
So, be prepared to wait :)

Besides, prices are very reasonable, ranging from $3-$6.50. It's no wonder the parlour is drawing a crowd!

They have a large selection of homemade ice-cream to choose from, which is a great plus point.

Complimentary old-school snacks for customers, how sweet!

We tried various flavours of ice-cream before deciding on the cookies and cream.
Great choice to go with thick, crisp waffles.

Next flavour I wanna try would be the "herbal" one that has hawthorn, chrysanthemum and other ingredients which sounded very healthy! lol.
Cheers to more cafes in the West!

Beans & Cream

347 Bukit Batok St 34 #01-260
Singapore, Singapore 650347

Tue to Fri : 12:30pm - 9pm
Sat & Sun : 12pm - 9:30pm
Mon : Closed

31 March 2014

Extra Virgin Pizza x The Entertainer Singapore 2014

Have you caught on the recent café-hopping bug? Or living the high life at the prime of your youth but find that dining out and other enjoyments are getting more and more expensive? :( We all have to agree that Singapore can be quite an expensive city to live in, especially dining at a decent restaurant which can easily cost $40-$60 per pax. 

But recently I’ve managed to visit new restaurants and bars at ONLY HALF THE PRICE, all thanks to The Entertainer App! Yayyy! 

The Entertainer, an international Dubai-based company offering a portfolio of ‘buy one get one free’ incentive vouchers has launched a state-of-the-art app following its success of the voucher book which landed in Singapore in 2013.

The Entertainer Singapore is packed with over 1,150 buy one get one free offers for Singapore's hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. With 3 vouchers per merchant, you can visit our partners more than just once or include your family and friends in the 1 for 1 fun. Also included is the Entertainer Travel Asia & Indian Ocean edition, which features over 380 free night offers for hotels and resorts throughout Asia & the Indian Ocean. The Entertainer Singapore 2014 could Save you more than SGD 150,000 this year!

For those who enjoy luxurious dining places such as the Prime Society, Michelangelo’s, b@Rochester, Moonstone, The White Rabbit, Au Petite Salut, Marriott Cafe, The Disgruntled Chef, Balaclava, Fat Cow, and etc, at only half the price! 
For café-hoppers, some popular hunts which you may be familiar with - the Department of Caffeine, Habitat Coffee, Lola;s Café, Toby’s Estate, Windowsill Pies, Canopy are all on the app!

Not only these fine dining restaurants, nightspots, and modern & contemporary dining, The Entertainer Singapore app gives you vouchers for daily quick snacks and drinks at places like ShareTea, Ben & Jerry’s, Cupcakes with Love, The Yogurt Place, Dunkin Donuts, Maggie Moo’s, just to name a few.

There is currently a 20% off for the full version of the Entertainer app if you use the discount code @oyhz Meaning, it costs ONLY $76 instead of $95, which is a pretty small price to pay for near $150,000 of Buy-One-Get-One-Free savings available in it!

Discount code @oyhz is valid til end of April, so hurry to get your entertainment deals soon. The earlier you get the app, the more you save ;)

How to get the full version

To use The Entertainer Singapore 2014 simply
1. Download & install The Entertainer app from your app store
Apple | Android

2. Register your details, and set a 4 digit passcode for your redemption usage in future (so, do remember the code :p)

3. Go to 'Buy' and select Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014 and click on 'Buy now'

4. At the shopping cart, enter the promo code @oyhz and select 'Apply coupon'

5. Proceed to checkout and you'll see that final price of the app is only $76!

6. Enter credit card details and The Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014 will be unlocked in your app after a few minutes.

7. Enjoy redeeming your Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers~!!

In less than two weeks, I've managed to save $124 for my dine-outs. 
(Which means more $$ for shopping, whee~!)

Utilized a few vouchers at the following:
Extra Virgin Pizza
Tony's Estate
The Bank Bar Bistro
(Will do reviews separately soon!)

First tried this amazing app at Extra Virgin Pizza.
Here's a review plus a step-by-step usage of the app :)

Extra Virgin Pizza

United Square Shopping Mall #01-14

Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 11am - 10pm

Fri-Sat: 11am - 11pm

Contact for delivery:

How to use

View offers in app by location and category.

You will see the list of participating restaurants under the first icon (bottom) :)

If you're already at the place, click on the search icon (2nd at the bottom) to search for your restaurant vouchers.

Click on redeem and you'll be asked to confirm your outlet and prompted for that 4-digit passcode set when you downloaded the app.

Next, the staff will key in the merchant's code and ta-dahhh~!
Successful redemption!

The app automatically track your savings each time you use an offer – After every redemption, you’ll see your estimated savings. The Savings Calculator function allows you to see just how quickly you redeem the cost of your Entertainer product, and how much you save throughout the year.


The Extra Virgin Pizza outlet has a warm and casual ambience and the new branch at the United Square is spacious enough for long tables - great for large groups gatherings!
We were told that the pizzas are the mains available for Buy-One-Get-One-Free.
So it was PURE PIZZA night!

All pizzas are hand-made and baked to order at Extra Virgin Pizza. And as the name suggests, Extra Virgin Pizza uses quality and pure extra virgin olive oil, and only globally sourced premium ingredients such as Italian double-zero flour, california organic Saporito tomatoes and premium imported cheeses and toppings.

With more than 10 unique flavours for pizzas, we spent quite a bit of time making our choices!
There were two chef recommendation/favourites ordered - Spotted Pig and Pistachio Pesto.

Spotted Pig Pizza $26
with tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, pork sausage, applewood smoked bacon, parmigiano reggiano

Pistachio Pesto $24
with pistachio pesto, mozzarella, baby arugula, lemon vinaigrette, pecorino, provolone

While the two recommendations above were delightful, my personal favourites are actually Mushroom Bianco and Seafood Pizza!

Mushroom Bianco $22
with mozzarella, roasted mushrooms and onions, fontina, rosemary, pecorino, truffle oil

This was sooo good even though it's basically just cheese and mushrooms! (okay, with a drizzle of truffle oil)
There wasn't any pizza sauce used, which allows the natural flavour of the mushrooms to ooze out as you bite into the pizza.
Do try this if you're a mushroom lover like me! :D

Seafood $26
with bechamel, prawns, clams, squid, cherry tomatoes, chili flakes, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, lemon juice, shaved garlic

This came as a surprise favourite for myself as I don't usually take spiciness well. The seafood pizza came with some chili flakes which was considered mild and adds on to the flavour perfectly.
Ingredients used were very fresh. I like especially the squid which was Q and springy!

Yummy homemade sodas to wash the palate. The raspberry mint is a must-try!

Here's a sample of The Entertainer Singapore and Travel vouchers in hardcopies.
Imagine having to lug the heavy books around just in case you pass by any places to use the vouchers *sweats*

The app is SO MUCH MORE convenient with the exact same offers!
Besides, with the app, you can view your offers by location – all your offers load in proximity to you or you can view the Entertainer map which features individual pins for every available Entertainer offer!

Also, for additional Members Offers (additional buy one get one free brunches, activities, massages and more), you just have to load directly onto your phone, instead of having to print from the website!

As mentioned earlier, the app not only provides dining deals, it also features a Hotel Supplement which is available for redemption on the App. Ideal for staycations or exotic breaks, the Supplement includes 4 and 5* hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean.

On top on these, it also contains other local entertainment and activities eg:

There is currently a 20% off for the full version of the Entertainer app if you use the discount code @oyhz Meaning, it costs ONLY $76 instead of $95, which is a pretty small price to pay for near $150,000 of Buy-One-Get-One-Free savings available in it!

Discount code @oyhz is valid til end of April, so hurry to get your entertainment deals soon. The earlier you get the app, the more you save ;)

The Entertainer app from your respective app store
Apple | Android