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16 June 2015

GoBuyLah - Your one-stop shopping site, with discount code!

I was introduced to a relatively new shopping website recently and thought it's a pretty innovative all-in-one site for our shopping necessities.

" was created with YOU in mind. We know that much like us, your day-to-day life is usually full to the brim with work, family, and other personal activities. We understand that your TIME is precious and your MONEY hard-earned. That is why our main goal has always been to help you save time and get more value for your money so that you are able to maximize each day of your life!

Shopping for household items and the like is often a tiresome chore, and going online shopping is often a daunting task. But with, we bring back together the pleasure in shopping and the convenience in online transactions!"

" is the first online store in Singapore that combines the B2C and C2C markets into one solid platform. Whether you’re looking for the perfect product or selling the perfect product, we’ve got the right avenue for you! We also have one of the widest range of home appliances in an online store based in Singapore. Finally, we offer “Personalized Order Schedules” that make sure you get your products when you need it at the right time!

From daily household items and office supplies to special delicacies, trust that has it all!"

Check out the list of sub-sections below:

There are even further sub-sections eg:
Home & Living > Home Appliances > Wine Cooler

 Now let us check out the 'Beauty and Health'. From the first few pages, we can see popular korean beauty brands (which may not even be available in Singapore stores) such as 3CE, and IOPE ^^

Other than beauty products, there are also personal care to have a good foundation for beauty :)

I think we're mostly familiar with shopping online for beauty finds and fashion.
How about an ONLINE mama shop? ;)

I carted some snacks to replenish my colleague's "mama shop" immediately.
This is so funnily apt as we were just started a private joke on her desk being the mama shop of our department only last week.

Tissue packs (and in my favourite design ♥) for sharing food and also the cleaning-up that follows.

Not only Gobuylah has such a huge variety of items available, they also have discounts under the Hot Deals tab.

You've really got to check out the website yourself to know how WIDE the variety is!

It would be good if there is a 'sort' function to sort according to brand names A-Z, or price high - low, or sold qty high - low. That way, it can allow consumers with more specific objectives to find their items more quickly.

For now, we can use the sub-sections to do some filtering.

As I'm always buying beauty products and fashion wear online, this time round, I decided to be slightly more adventurous and shop for home appliances instead. has free delivery by the way, saves me the trouble of lugging appliances home if I were to shop at B&M stores!

Since I'm not done with my home renovation concept yet, decided to buy something of smaller scale first so that nothing would go wrong with the purchase, hee.

Carted an electric kettle from Bosch cos I prefer an electric kettle more than a stove (whistling) type. 
Chose this also because of the established branding, and it was cheaper than buying directly from Bosch website!

Only $95 (before GST) on

$119 if you were to buy it from the original website.

List of things I ended up buying ^.^"

Free delivery! Yay!

Not only does have a wide variety of items, hot deals, and free delivery, the service level was pretty pleasant as well.
I received a response from the coordinator almost immediately after I checked out the items, informing me that one of the items that requires longer waiting time due to some reasons which he clearly explained in the email. Thumbs up for that!
Overall, it's been an pleasant experience!

I shall update this post again once I've received the items completely :)

Here’s the code for you to enjoy the additional $5 off besides the usual $5 when you sign up as GoBuyLah member.
Valid till 16 Aug 2015.

Simply key in: OYHZ05 at the bottom left corner of the cart-out page.

Now, go buy lah :p

19 March 2015


Attended first ever #BlogMeetSG - an unique networking session for bloggers & brands in Singapore to connect last month. It was held at Edit Lifestyle, wonderfully organised by fellow blogger, Lucy Waring.

Here's gorgeous Lucy :)

Edit Lifestyle

Tudor Court, 137-139 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247927
6836 5686

After a meet-and-greet with Lucy, we roamed around Edit Lifestyle boutique to explore and also pamper our tummies a little.

One of the attraction for the event was Leela's Fine Chocolates.
Leela's fine chocolates are handmade in Singapore using Europe's couverture chocolates. Check out their unique Lunar New Year flavors such as Mandarin Ganache Chocolate and Pineapple Tarts Milk/White Chocolate! Absolutely love their signature sea salt caramel chocolate that oozes out fragrant, liquid salted caramel once you bite into it

Look how lovely she can make chocolates into!

Even something for the man ;)

Not only were we pampered with fine chocolates, there were also macarons from Hediard Cafe which are so irresistible! I believe I've found a new favourite 

(Mia secretly counted how many I ate T.T Only errrrrr 4? not a lot mah? hor? :X)

After the snacks and drinks, we had Bill, founder of Hat of Cain introduced us to their signature Panama hats and how to wear it correctly!

Hat of Cain only opens on Saturday 11am - 5pm, or via appointment for private hat fittings.

Us in style with our #HatofCain's Signature Panama hats! 

Each of the sponsoring brands has also contributed samples of their artisan products for the gift bags given to the bloggers.

Top left to right:
Simone Irani silk thread bangles for a pop of colour
Naakka Enterprises leather key chain to keep our keys pretty, I love the nude shade!
Tamarind Living handmade jungle animal gift tag

Center left to right:
Katharos Organics skincare samples
Havaroma aromastick that helps to de-stress and re-energize
Just My Type greeting card for loved ones

Bottom left to right:
Appletree 100% cotton muslin for children or gifts
Jasper Living beaded bracelets



Would like to share these gifts with you all. Simply leave a comment with your choice of gift and email address and I'll pick a person for each gift! :)
Applicable for anyone with a valid Singapore mailing address and items will be sent via normal postage.

Giveaway ends 30 April.

1) Simone Irani silk thread bangles for a pop of colour

2) Tamarind Living handmade jungle animal gift tag

4) Jasper Living beaded bracelets

5) Just My Type greeting card for loved ones


15 March 2015

Korean Skin Care - Skinwecare SG

Haven't been blogging much except the advertorials due because of my busier-than-usual schedule. If you wanna know more of my day-to-day activities, you can view it on Instagram @OYHZ :)

2015 had been certainly different from other years.
Q1 saw me travelling to the furthest country I've ever been step foot on - the U.S.
Spent the first CNY without much preparations unlike past years, simply because I was too tired from many things. But still managed to enjoy CNY pretty much!
Had a performance at the Istana on CNY day 2 and met with Mr President and the lovely First Lady.
Also the first CNY where M and I went visiting as Fiancé/Fiancée :`)
And we just had our pre-wedding photoshoot done earlier this month in one of his favourite cities!

Hmm, now that I look back, it seems like a somewhat satisfying quarter :) Then, there are still more to come, I truly pray to pull them off successfully!


Alright, before I digress further, let me know get back to what I started out for this post - my korean skin care supplies!
Many friends know I am an avid fan of Japanese brand-name, Shiseido - I have been using various products from Shiseido since 18 years old and am still using currently!
However, with the Korean wave on-going in recent years, I couldn’t help but be tempted to try skin care from a few of the big Korean skin care brands every now and then. I still stick to Shiseido for my basic cleanser and serum, but with further add-ons in the regime from Korean brands such as Laneige, InnisFree, TheFaceShop, and so on.

Some of my regularly used Korean skin care products are these!

One of my must-use sleeping mask is from Laniege. Water Sleeping Pack.
Laneige came up with an upgraded version last year which has an additional benefit to it – firming effects! Not only that, after an advertorial for TheFaceShop last year, I was hooked onto their natura sun eco sunscreen! On top of it, I also love TFS white seed exfoliating wash which is gentle yet effective still as a daily scrub.

Not in the picture are InnisFree super jeju volcanic pore clay mask and Skinfood black sugar scrub which I use periodically too!

Another reason why I started purchasing Korean skin care products is because I have the chance to get them at prices much cheaper than retail stores, and some even cheaper than buying from Korea retailers!

Curious to know where? It's none other than Skinwecare SG!


I have been purchasing my Korean skin care supplies from Skinwecare SG since two years back in 2013 (I paid for all my usual skin care alright ^^) and I would like to emphasize that not only their prices are far lower than retail pricing, the service given had been impeccable. 
They provide meetup services for purchases above $50, and also door-step deliveries for bulk orders. So if you would like the convenience, gather some like-minded female colleagues to place orders together and Skinwecare SG can make deliveries to your offices! :)

Skinwecare SG focuses more on popular brand-name Laneige. Check out the website for their latest Laneige product prices:
(Price updated on 22 Feb 2015)

Basic Care Series 
Power essence skin refiner: $31
Power Essential Skin Refiner Light: $31
Power Essential Skin Refiner Sensitive: $31
Balancing Emulsion (moisture): $33
Balancing Emulsion (sensitive): $33

Water Bank EX Series
Water bank Double Gel Soothing Mask: $30
Water bank essence EX: $46
Water bank gel cream EX: $40
Water Bank Moisture cream EX: $40
Water Bank Eye Gel EX: $38

White Plus Renew Series
White Plus Renew Original Essence: $50
White Plus Renew Eye Cream: $41
White Plus Renew Purifying Mask:$35
White Plus Renew Bubble Cleanser:$28
White Plus Renew Skin Refiner: $32
White Plus Renew Emulsion:$34
White Plus Renew Skin Night cream: $43

Perfect Renew Series
Perfect Renew Skin Refiner: $38
Perfect Renew Emulsion: $41
Perfect Renew Essence: $60
Perfect Renew Night Treatment: $63
Perfect Renew Cream: $59
Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream:$50

Time freeze Series
Time Freeze Essence: $62
Time Freeze Wrinkle Filler:$48

Pore Care Series
Pore Tightening Essence: $39
Pore Clearing Essence: $30
Pore Deep Clearing Foam: $20
Pore Minimizing Pack: $26
Blackhead melting gel:$28
Black Head Pore strips 10 sheets:$13

Trouble Care Series
Trouble Relief Toner:$30
Trouble Relief Cream:$38
Trouble Spot Gel:$30

Mask Series
Water Sleeping Pack: $28
Multi Berry Yogurt Repair Pack:$28
Multi Berry Yogurt Repair Gel:$26
Firming Sleeping Pack: $33

Cleansing series
Fresh Laneige Brightening Cleansing Oil:$39
Laneige Pore Perfect Cleansing Oil:$39
Lip & Eye Remover ( water-proof ):$20
Multi Cleanser:$26
Foaming Cleanser:$22

Other products 
Whitening BB cushion SPF 50 with Extra Refill: $37
Pore control cushion SPF 50 with Extra Refill:$37

If you're interested in any other brands like I do, feel free to email them at or simply text/whatsapp +65 93289542 for quotes :) You can be assured of very competitive pricing for the products you are looking at because Skinwecare SG gets their supplies directly from suppliers in Korea.

Recently, they have brought in a new range of masks supplies from LEADERS and very generously given me a few boxes to try!

I'm pretty sure many of us had heard of LEADERS Insolution masks which was all the rave back in year 2012. 
Now, 2 years later, LEADERS came up with a new product line called LEADERS Mediu. I had been trying out the masks for the past few months and even brought them along on my U.S. work trip and recent pre-wedding photoshoot holiday. And in summary, these masks have been keeping my skin great in those cold, winter weathers!

There are 5 different mask functions available and I try to use masks of different functions on a rotational basis as follows:
 Clearing -> Pore-tighting -> Calming -> Moisture -> Lifting

Each box includes 10 pieces of masks and each sheet of mask contains 25ml of essence in it.
To use, simply follow the 3 steps:

1) After cleansing and toning, remove the plastic covering from the back of the mask and fit mask onto the face.
2) Let the mask absorb for approximately 15-20 minutes and remove.
3) After removing the mask, pat the remaining essence with your fingertips to help it absorb into the skin.

After trying all five types of masks, I can safely conclude the following:

- The masks are safe for sensitive skin like mine

- All five types of masks are very hydrating, helping with overall dull and lack-lustre skin tone

- Fit of the sheet mask is slightly above average, it doesn't fit completely, but important parts of the face are covered (T zones, sides of nose, cheeks and chin)

- My favourite out of the lot gotta be the clearing mask because they kept my pimples away during high-stress periods, especially right before the pre-wedding photoshoot!


In addition, I've also gotten HERA Hyaluronic filler ampoule sample set.
Can't wait to set aside a week or so to try out the samples consecutively!

I'm also interested in Sulwhasoo after seeing some reviews and raves on this brand. Does anyone have any recommendations on which product I should start off with? Snowise Brightening Serum? Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil?
Will greatly appreciate any advices!

Then, that will be the next item I order from Skinwecare SG ;)