25 July 2015

Velvet Confectionery - Cake Tasting / Review

Had chance to meet up with the ladies (Mia, Janel, and Andrea) for cakes few weekends back! We were hosted by Velvet Confectionery, located Robertson Quay, Watermark Condominium. The previous time I visited, it was Bridger’s Cafe.
Now that Velvet Confectionery has took over the shop front, this space remains unpretentious with both indoor, and alfresco seating by the river.

credits: molly-mia 

Let’s start with our favourite of the lot!

Nutella Cheesecake

credits: molly-mia 

Not sure if it’s psychological, but I find the cake tasting more like Ferrero rocher than Nutella, haha! The cheesecake is perfectly soft and creamy, complemented well by a crusty cookie base that hints of caramel. This was the favourite of ALL of us!

Carrot Cake

I don’t usually crave for carrot cakes for desserts because just like Mia, I tend to imagine them as savoury treats too. Lol. But the carrot cake at Velvet Confectionery is definitely far from being savoury! Being one of their best sellers, the carrot cake is pretty moist and loaded with crunchy goodies such as raisins, walnuts, and of cos, carrot bits. The cinnamon flavour is minimal, which is a good thing for me personally. 

Red Velvet Swirl Brownie

credits: molly-mia 

Fudge brownie, topped with an equally thick layer of cream cheese. Certainly for the sweet tooth.

Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf

This cake is made without butter, but with olive oil instead. Hence the texture tends to be more crumbly. The taste is pretty light overall, with just a slight hint of lemon.

Devilish Chocolate Cupcake

credits: molly-mia 

The cake itself is quite soft and fluffy, with just the right amount of chocolate flavour. With the creamy chocolate icing on it, it is the perfect one to with your afternoon tea.

Blue Velvet Cupcake

credits: molly-mia 

If you have tried various red velvet cakes already, why not order a blue velvet for a change? :) 


For the month of July, Velvet Confectionery is having a promotion. All you have to do is to follow them on Instagram (@velvetconfectionery) and quote "MollyMia" to enjoy your choice of cake with a cup of hot coffee (latte or cappuccino) or hot tea for just $10 on weekdays.

credits: molly-mia 

Velvet Confectionery

Watermark @ Robertson Quay
7 Rodyk Street #01-30

Operating Hours 
10.30am til 6.30pm Daily
Closed on Tuesdays




  1. Those desserts sure look yummy! I come from a city known for our sugar industry, so I really like to try sweet stuffs such as these. The Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf sounds fascinating.

  2. haha, craving for that nutella cheesecake now... and actually rocher is chocolate with hazelnut inside right? doesn't that sounds similar to nutella? 0.o

    1. ahaha, true. i personally find ferrero rocher much richer and more nutty (fragrant) than nutella. which means the cheesecake is much better than the name suggests :p

  3. Many people are not trying to avoid sweets due to health or fitness reasons but how can we ignore if they are as delicious looking treats like those? Especially the red velvet swirl brownie!

    1. Yeah, for an healthier option, you can try the Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf cos they use Olive oil instead of butter!

  4. Good that that first cake tasted more like Ferrero Rocher than Nutella. For me that is a good thing, since I do not really like the taste of Nutella (I know, I am in the minority.)

  5. I would love to try the nutella cheesecake. I guess it's a plus that it taste like ferrero too. They have really a good line of cakes here.

  6. Oohh, one of my cafe hop SG to-do list ! would love to try their cakes!