24 July 2014

Random updates

Loving my current blog header banner! More specifically, loving the recent Instagram pictures :)

Me attempting to *nom* Silver, who doesn't seem to give a hoot at all. >.>

My favourite truffle garlic fries!!

One of the best chirashi don in SG.

Daily coffee.


My timetable is mostly packed these days, but somehow I feel happier being busy!
Or perhaps, I just feel happier on a whole! :)

Perhaps it's partially due to the fact that I'd left the place where one crazy, shameless woman/hater had been attempting to throw sarcasm/insults every now and then. I decided that I had enough. Gonna ignore such a pathetic, bitter woman who probably has too wretched a life and thus need various alter egos and to resort to underhand tricks to bring others down, struggle to appear living the high life - all in order for her to cover up her truly piteous situation? Sadly, she will never be mentally balanced if she continues to be constantly jealous of other women and using her energy to hate them instead of taking actions to improve her inner self/environment.
So pitiful.

Not the first I've seen anyway. 
Let these people continue, what they sow will be what they'll reap.
Had already seen how their family, love, careers are going the wrong direction or leaving one by one, but somewhat, they never learn their lessons :/


Finally done with rehearsals/performances!
A shot after the last show over the weekend.

K, being so sweet, got all of us flowers when he attended the concert!

This was after the preview show? WL with her superb selfie skills wahaha.

Been spending lotsa time in the east as well. Where all the popular cafes are located. More blog posts rolling into the mountain of backlogs I already have T.T

Still gonna be more active on Instagram for now :)
See @OYHZ if you're interested.

Gonna rest now! Goodnight! ♥

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