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24 May 2013

Hong Kong Day 4 - Ocean Park & Langham Place

Highlight of our trip was Ocean Park! <3

Take the MTR to Admiralty station and transfer to the Citybus 629 at the bus terminal.
Bus 629 starts running from 9am to 4pm, coming at intervals of 10 mins.
The bus fares are $10.6 for adults and $5.3 for children (aged 4-11).

You may purchase the Ocean Park tickets at the ticket counter beside the bus booth.

 photo image_4_zpsc51684a5.jpeg

However, right before we came out from the MTR station, we saw this store that sells the Ocean Park tickets at only HKD250 (usual price HKD280)! :D

 photo image_2_zps98a5eb7d.jpeg

 photo image_8_zps49c9881f.jpeg

Warm healthy tea to start our day!

 photo image_5_zps58320df2.jpeg

 photo image_82_zpsd726baf9.jpeg

 photo image_63_zps671cd480.jpeg

 photo image_73_zpsc625883c.jpeg

3 kungku pandas :'O

 photo image_14_zps9c539d93.jpeg

Now the real ones. Hahah.

 photo image_54_zps62afa3ec.jpeg

The other one was super funny!
See how it sleeps, unglam!

 photo image_25_zpsed407c18.jpeg

 photo image_15_zps4915a2f6.jpeg

Went to look at fishes.
Panda goldfish? :X

 photo image_55_zps5acf79ef.jpeg

 photo image_65_zps30085d37.jpeg

More pandas....

 photo image_84_zpsd2dfc792.jpeg

 photo image_34_zps9803f70a.jpeg

 photo image_35_zps231a44a3.jpeg

 photo image_45_zps28076a64.jpeg

 photo image9_zpsc30d9699.jpeg

Cute tiny monkey!

 photo image_83_zps52cc6852.jpeg

Then we took the ocean park tram to the theme park sector.

 photo image_49_zps923660a6.jpeg

M wanted to take the cable car, but erm, i'm too scaredy cat. hehe.

 photo photo2_zps95bafc51.jpg

First ride we took that made our necks sore the following day! :(

 photo photo3_zps848c16c7.jpg

The following 2 rides are the only "thrilling" rides I took..
They're built so near the edge of the mountain that it feels higher than the height of the ride when you're at the top! Cos you get to look down the mountain to the sea and etc. DAMN SCARY lahhh.

 photo photo5_zpsbfcadded.jpg

 photo photo1_zps53451604.jpg

Terrified til i sat down on the base of the ferris wheel cabin instead of the seat :/

 photo image_77_zps1f7a8b2e.jpeg

M took all the scary roller-coasters available that day.

 photo image_26_zps8c0059b3.jpeg

 photo image_16_zpsfd0e94f8.jpeg

 photo image_39_zps9d3a07ea.jpeg

 photo image_210_zps4f0d36d2.jpeg

 photo image_88_zps201e23a5.jpeg

Rides that look down to this :/

 photo image6_zps08293011.jpeg

It was freaking misty and freezing that day.
But we still braved the cold and went looking at the cold climate animals!

 photo image_36_zps33a78451.jpeg

 photo image_46_zps02c2c0f3.jpeg

Love the spotted otters!

 photo image7_zps529cea09.jpeg

 photo image_17_zps0538bde7.jpeg

 photo image_27_zpsf39eae06.jpeg

 photo image_37_zpsa1817e42.jpeg


 photo image_47_zps88b056cd.jpeg

Swimming underneath my feet!

 photo image_75_zps565be6ed.jpeg

 photo image_66_zpsd74e8bfc.jpeg

Ended our day of fun at the old Hong Kong street.

 photo image_38_zps7bea23f0.jpeg

 photo image_58_zpsf16ef05d.jpeg

 photo image8_zpsedaa06c6.jpeg

 photo image_76_zps26010229.jpeg

That pretty much sums up our Ocean Park trip.
Not many photos cos I was too cold to take out my camera! :X
But still, it was so much fun :D I would love to go back one day when the weather is much better.

We took the same bus back to Admiralty and then the MTR to Mongkok station to Langham place.

Langham Place

 Address: 8 Argyle Street, Mongkok
MTR: Mongkok station - Exit C3

Opening Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Love the mall for its wide variety of beauty & skincare stores/counters! 
Prices are comparable to Sasa stores, and the of cos the stores carry a wider range of products!

Also, Langham place offers free wi-fi, which is convenient for people like us who didn't get the data sim cards.

They have a special discount card for tourist called the LP card.
Simply present your travel document to the Customer Service Ambassador and you will receive a welcome gift plus the “LP Card for Tourists” to enjoy instant discounts and exclusive offers at more than 70 retail outlets of the mall. 
We didn't bring our passports along that day, but the stores gave us freebies and samples nevertheless. Very good and genuine service :)

Bought more skincare there as a result -_-

Had hot soupy ramen to defroze ourselves lol.
Tasted real good! :D

 photo image_5_zpsf66a89bc.jpeg

 photo image_8_zps8f036a63.jpeg

 photo image_7_zps9163aeb2.jpeg

 photo image_3_zpseb8c956e.jpeg

 photo image_9_zps3317952d.jpeg

Ajisen Ramen

Shop 05, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, China (Mong Kok)