15 May 2013

Hong Kong Day 1 - Wimdu apartment, Dim Dim Sum & Royal Dessert

We booked an apartment via Wimdu cos M wants to experience the local living!

After we arrived at Hong Kong ferry terminal at TST, we gave Joyce, our host a call.
She's a Taiwanese, and rents out her HK apartment just like the Taiwan 民宿 style! She has 2 Philippino assistants in HK managing her apartment rentals so I was actually quite glad to hear some familiar English after a long day haha! I believe most of us are used to our Phillipino colleagues and the CSOs in Singapore.

It's actually walkable from the ferry terminal to the apartment, but we had our luggage n it was raining, so we waited for a cab and told Joyce's assistant to meet us at the apartment in about half hour's time.

We were shown the password to the lobby of the building, and given keys for our apartments.

Here's the apartment.

 photo photo1_zpse9dd6898.jpg

 photo photo2_zps7dde3782.jpg

 photo photo3_zps0dd24bb1.jpg

 photo photo4_zps4e2b7a67.jpg

There's even a small kitchen for random holiday cooking!
I enjoyed 2 warm morning breakfasts becos of it hehe :)

 photo photo5_zps7c7b3d02.jpg

Headed out again right away for dinner as we were famished.
Thankfully, there's Dim Dim Sum right downstairs across our building! How lucky!

 photo image_zps1272c644.jpeg

 photo image_53_zps4f3bd57d.jpeg

 photo image_1_zpsebcbfdcb.jpeg

 photo image_43_zps20344138.jpeg

 photo image_33_zps1a44980b.jpeg

 photo image_3_zps9d15eab2.jpeg

 photo image_4_zps54258360.jpeg

 photo image_2_zps97264fde.jpeg

 photo image_32_zps1f0c18e5.jpeg

Bill was only HKD97 (about sgd16) for us.
I think we're such small eaters! :D

 photo image_5_zps3f646b22.jpeg

 photo image_7_zps128fbafe.jpeg

The must-order har gow :)

 photo image_12_zps44b14a15.jpeg

I love this chee cheong fan!
It's smooth and thin on the outside, yet there's a crispy layer right underneath it!

 photo image_22_zpse5fc083f.jpeg

XLB with truffle.

 photo image_42_zps40daa570.jpeg

Quite generous serving of truffle.
But, dunno why their xlb is soup-less one.
Taste is fine, but no soup to slurp. Not shiok! lol.

 photo image_52_zps2d9787f5.jpeg

Siew mai with roe.

 photo image_72_zpsed31bfb8.jpeg

 photo image3_zps97596a18.jpeg

Dim Dim Sum

G/F, Man Wah Building, 23 Man Ying Street, Jordan

Operating Hours:
1100hrs - 0200hrs
Tel: 35687455

Went for dessert at the eatery right the corner (really lotsa eateries around!)

 photo image_7_zpsf4414272.jpeg

 photo image_zps7c7e9406.jpeg

 photo page2_zps3b6ca6c4.jpg

So many mango items! *drools*

 photo image_6_zps4084f2e6.jpeg

It's very popular with the local youngsters apparently.
Right after we took this pic, the seats were filled completely and people who just arrived had to squeeze and share tables.

 photo image_5_zpsb0740d1b.jpeg

 photo page_zpse88c49c5.jpg

Mango sago with pomelo.
There're fresh chunks of mango hidden underneath the sago and pomelo.

 photo image_12_zpsed565149.jpeg

M had mango shaved or snow ice.

 photo image_32_zps657441f1.jpeg

 photo image_52_zps1576a040.jpeg

Bill for 2 pax :)

Royal Dessert 皇室甜品

G/F, 23 Man Wai Street, Jordan 
佐敦文蔚街 23號地下

Mon-Sun: 15:00 - 03:00

Shopped around at Temple Street and around Jordan area after eating so much.

 photo photo4_zpsb474ef93.jpg

 photo photo5_zpsf6f63cbd.jpg

According to M, nice car..

 photo photo2_zps50b128f7.jpg

 photo photo3_zps5361a007.jpg

A fatty cat we saw lol.

 photo image_2_zps1e83a191.jpeg

 photo image_3_zps9b00f577.jpeg

Neon shoes at jordan street.

Guess which one I bought? :D


  1. the shoes! i like the peachy pink one! and y the xlb so shriveled looking one?

    1. me too!! heheh. cos the xlb is soup-less one :( so weird!

  2. hi can i know which apt you stay?

    1. this! :) https://www.wimdu.com/offers/1V67IV05

  3. Hi, may i know how much is your pink shoes?