30 June 2013

Pupil-enlarging contact lenses (Maxi Eyes)

I've been dying to try some pupil-enlarging lenses and hence, bought 4 boxes of daily ones on impulse yesterday. Le sigh...*

Selling the contact lenses cos I realise I'm too lazy to wear them! :/ Will gladly pass on the discount I got them at :)
Email me at mystique.soul@gmail.com

Indeed such an impulsive act that I regretted almost immediately when I got home :/
Advice is, never ever do such a thing, especially if you've never worn any before. What if the eyes are sensitive?...What if i can't put them in at all?...I'm the kind who has troubles even with eyedrops -.- What if...
Funny how I didn't ask myself all these before telling the optician "okays, i want brown ones."

I have perfect almost-perfect eyesight.
So never in my life have I worn specs (shades not counted luh) or contact lenses.
Hence, it's a huge NEW THING for me!

Presenting my first attempt at eye-enlarging lenses!

Oh yes, I had a fringe trim. Now it's choppy uneven bangs.
Prefer my previous fringe though :(

Long fringe and without contacts.

It was a TORTURE putting the lenses in. I couldn't keep my eyes open properly at all! Let alone stuff those flimsy pieces of plastic in.
I definitely need a lot more practice. Wonder how all the pretty babes do it so pro-ly luh!

The effects aren't obvious.
Unless I keep my eyes opened, like how in the process of stuffing the lenses in :x
Which I tried to......in the following photos, in order to show the full effects of the lenses.

Don't scroll down if you're not interested!

An attempt to make the photo dreamy..starry-eyes.
But ogay, fail.
And my eyebags are annoying.

See the additional area? The lenses are so pretty!
The actual colour is brown! Though it looks like grey/blue-grey in the pic.
Cos I have naturally brown pupils, so the optician recommended brown instead of black.

But since it's from the natural series, the colour effects aren't obvious at all in real life.

I have 2 pairs of 3-tone lenses in the shade of honey/hazel.
According to the optician, the 3-tone effects would be much much nicer!
But of cos, such coloured ones aren't really suitable for work, so i'm gonna try them during photoshoots probably.
Will review those again then!

Tempted to try Acuvue too.
Heard it's more comfy or something?
But the sales person/optician told me to try maxi eyes first cos she thinks that Acuvue is overrated!
Comfort level (per her customers' feedbacks) is the same for both brands. Maxi lenses are in fact, better at pupil enlarging and it's cheaper than Acuvue as well.
Glad that I met such an honest sales assistant :)

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