2 July 2013

Fashion must-haves going for $7 at Sovelle.com


Read til the end for a giveaway! :)

Colleagues were talking about Cartier watches recently and I'm wondering if I would ever get any for myself?
Cos a watch is like a must-have for me even though I don't usually accessorize myself (despite the statement necklaces/chunky earrings/bling bling headbands trends).
It's the main (and often the only one on lazy days) accessory I would have.
Hence, I own quite a number of fashion watches.. So much so that I had to get a case to house them properly..
Nothing expensive, just cheap/mid-range ones la :)

That's the top few I wear for work on weekdays.
The weekend ones are stashed away in another of my accessory slip.

Looking at it, okay.. it seems like high-end watches are not of interest to me (yet :p).
I would prefer having MORE watches to go with various outfits than just ONE (or two) expensive ones.
Maybe one day I would think differently.
But right now, I get excited over cheap & yet fashionable ones! hee.
A watch as my daily main and throw in a bracelet or two for the weekends!

Received the perfect two-in-one item from Sovelle recently.
A vintage turnaround watch with faded bronze studs.

What I like best about it is that the strap is long enough for triple looping so the watch actually doubles up as a bracelet ^^
Perfect for my weekends!

The strap is made of good faux leather material that's soft enough for wrist-wear and yet looks sturdy enough to last a long time! :)

The brick red makes it easier for me to match my outfits without being too loud.

On less lazy days, I would bother to dress up a little with simple necklaces/earrings.
 I prefer to keep things simple and neat for normal days (almost every day is a normal day for me lol).

Here's a cute ribbon necklace I chose together with the vintage turnaround watch.

It's a pretty shade of gold in real life, more towards rose gold :)

Sovelle is having its official opening on 7 July 2013!

sovelle female online fashion Store singapore sg

On 7/7, everything in store would be going at only $7!

To sweeten the deal, quote huizi10 for 10% off (min. spending $25)

In addition, when the facebook page reaches 7000 likes, there would be a special deal for everyone (how does a $1.99 promo sounds? ^^)
Just follow the following simple steps!

1) Go to Sovelle's Facebook page
2) Like the facebook page
3) Share Sovelle's post about the official opening & comment 'I want Sovelle $1.99 sales'.

On top of this, 3 lucky winners in this Facebook sharing event will walk away with any 2 items of their choice :)



Sweet Chloe from Sovelle had also sent me a wishing bone necklace which I thought I would share with my readers!

If you would like to have it, simply do the following 2 steps!

Giveaway ends on 11:59pm, 20 July 2013.
You can repost as many times as you like throughout the giveaway period.

Contest has ended, thanks! :)

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