24 February 2013


Hello everybody! I’m back! My laptop is forced to reach a temporary state of “recovery” (long painful story…..) so that I can at least connect to the world better instead of relying on a 4-inch screen! Now, I’m just lacking of a 3A or 5A fuse, if anyone knows where to get it, please let me know! #expressingmillionyearsofgratitude

Thank goodness for instagram! It’s like my mini blog and in fact, I use it more often than facebook nowadays. Follow me @OYHZ :)

If you have missed me (aww..)

Amongst heavy workload (which I foresee will go on for quite some time til mid-year or Q3 at least), I’m busy planning travel trips! With le boyf, colleagues and the family separately, how exciting! I love travelling/getting out of Singapore! Even if it might be just a one-day Malaysia shopping/eating/chilling trip, it will suffice to keep me saneeee, roar.

Keep a lookout for my coming posts if you’re interested :D


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