24 January 2013

Samsung Ecobubble Technology

I'm back!
Had a short trip to BKK again!
Needed a getaway pretty much.

Didn't take much photos this time round. Had a number of family shots with my Dad's Samsung phone. But his mobile was pickpocketed at Asiatique on the second last day of the trip, so all the photos were gone :(
Initially we had a hard time making a police report cos the thai police there didn't understand English.
When they finally found one young (n cute looking hee) policeman who could speak proper English, it was such a relief! I hope they got the everything correct so that our insurance claim process can be smoother!
Anyway, speaking about Samsung, I'm actually quite a fan of Samsung products! In fact, i was a Samsung mobile phone user before the iPhone came out :p The Korean brand is not only creative and innovative in its technology, the product designs are often very elegant and stylish. I've used/am using Samsung's mobile phones, external hard disk, thumbdrive, cordless phones, monitor screens, TV, DVD players, washing machines, and probably more other things which I can't remember currently.

Just when I thought that the focus is pretty much on its mobile phones nowadays, I hear that Samsung came up with a new innovative laundry technology called the Ecobubble!
Check out the cute video here!

LOL. I like the ending especially!
Goldilocks' three bears must be wishing for a laundry machine like this!

As bimbotic as I may look, I do know how to, and do actually use (sometimes) the washing machine ok.
Afterall, we had to do our own laundry while studying in Maastricht then! ahems. I was forced to learn learned :)
It can be so therapeutic to have all the dirty clothings and bedsheets cleaned.
Especially thick/wooly/furry winter clothings that seems to be trapping so much dirt and dust when while kept in the wardrobe.
Just watching the bubbles form and clear, the laundry spinning round & round seemed to spin my troubles all away for that moment.
Fresh, clean laundry after that gives me a feeling of a brand new start to the day!

However, downside is, my knit wears and other thick clothings can take so long to wash!
Especially when I add in my blanket or other heavy stuff.

Now, Samsung ecobubble technology not only allows me to enjoy the bubble washing, it (the bubbles) actually penetrates the clothing much faster and more efficiently thus having a better wash and protects the clothing better from stretch (my knit wears!). Wish they had came up with this earlier on!! 

Not only that, the washing machine has a special diamond drum pattern which uses the water more efficiently. The pattern is also very effective at protecting your clothes from catching or stretching, so you can enjoy wearing them for longer. Say yay to more expensive classic pieces! :)

Next on the list is the ceramic heating technology in this machine. It's very quick and efficient at heating up the water in the system and it also means the heating elements are protected from limescale build-up for up to three times longer. 

There are a whole load of programmes and wash cycles/patterns designed for you and controlled easily via the LED panel.
But don't worry, if you're like me who doesn't really wanna crack my brains over household chores, the programmes are all very user-friendly and useful. Especially the quick wash, my favourite if I were to just wash a few small items in a rush.
For environmentally conscious users, try the Super Eco cycle which gives one of the most efficient washes :)

Now, if you hadn't, check out the new laundry ecobubble technology video here!

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