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5 January 2015

Yun Nam Hair Care Review 3

Have completed my Yun Nam Hair Care sponsored treatment sessions!
Previous posts are here

Previously mentioned, I have hair thinning problem, especially around the crown area and hair parting line. The herbal hair treatment from the first few sessions had helped greatly in deep cleansing of my scalp and reducing excessive oil secretion, preventing hair thinning problems and also dandruff issues.
I’m glad that my scalp and hair have been well-maintained throughout these months with Yun Nam Hair Care. The thinning crown is no longer a problem, yay!

Just a recap of past photos that show the hair thinning crisis at the top of my head.

Recent photos of my hair.


I had a dance performance recently that required hairdo with lots of back-comb and hairspray and glitters.
In spite of that, my hair still managed to remain strong and healthy after the two days of “torture”.


Had an appointment with Yun Nam Hair Care immediately the day after the performances. My hair was still pretty volumnious, see no crown thinning issue at all! :) (Just abit dry on the ends T.T)


The dry ends was all great again after the herbal treatment session!
I had a change of consultant as the previous one left the outlet. The new consultant/therapist was very nice and attentive. She customised a herbal concoction after checking my hair/scalp condition personally and even “interviewed” me on how I feel about my hair condition these days before deciding on the treatment for me – I needed a deep cleansing treatment after all the performance hair styling of cos! :D And deep conditioning as well.

The herbal treatment was applied to my scalp after a thorough hair wash.


(And there I was, catching-up on my magazine reading while enjoying the treatment lol)

Immediate photo taken after the treatment. Gone were all the (stubborn) glitters and residual hair spray/gel on my scalp.
Also, the dry hair ends were revived and the whole texture was really smooooth!

Brought some muffins over since it was my last session that day.

Had bridesmaid duties the weekend after and my hair remained quite obedient throughout.
Again, check out the fuller crown!


All these would not be achieved without the help of Yun Nam Hair Care products that I used faithfully at home too.

My favourite product would be the Charcoal Essence Shampoo which works most suitably for my scalp condition so far. I have almost finished the entire huge bottle of it even though I’ve been using only a little of the shampoo each wash.
Forgot to buy another bottle during my last session at Yun Nam Hair Care T.T

I usually use only twice of how much I poured onto my palm in this pic.


If you’re in need of hair care treatments or facing some hair problems, please head down to Yun Nam Hair Care for consultation to save your tresses now!
There’s a free trial if you’re a first timer – more details here:

Below are the addresses of their various outlets.



10 November 2014

Zalora Christmas Sale Online!

Hello! Been less active on social media these days because I’m so swamped with stuffs. I still update my IG (and fb sometimes) but don’t have time to look through comments or emails every so often. 
I believe that’s what many of my fellow blogger friends feel – we all have to handle our day jobs, family and friends, relationship, other commitments be it faith activities or side jobs or businesses, blogging hobby and events, and queries from readers. 

Looking at it all, it’s no wonder we spend so much on retail therapy lol, especially from online sites. Online shopping takes less time and effort to deliver the same kick of retail therapy. Plus, it matches to our schedule, allowing us some “me-time” in the wee hours or shopping even after the malls close.

Now even so when the Christmas season is nearing! 
Referring to one of the usual sites I would browse, I saw something that makes Christmas shopping/retail therapy even more awesome. 
Christmas SALES online!

"Don’t feel like squeezing with everyone else to get your shopping done? Take your shopping spree online! ZALORA offers a range of irresistible Christmas gift ideas, promotions and deals to make your Christmas shopping a little merrier.
Now there’s reason to be jolly."

On top of that, there is 20% discount off Zalora's exclusive brands now.

Some of the items on my wishlist:
I'm a lil' crazy about clothings, so there were tons of dresses that caught my eyes!

Layered Luxe Dress
49.90 SGD
NOW 35.00 SGD

Blue Layered Luxe Dress from EZRA by ZALORA features a classic fit and flare design, complemented with stylized slit on the front. This wear-anywhere dress channels full-on chic vibes, keeping it effortlessly classy without losing out on style.

Blue Sleeveless Ditsy Floral Skater Dress
39.90 SGD NOW 31.90 SGD

Blue Sleeveless Ditsy Floral Skater Dress by New Look features all-over floral print with elasticised waistband and pleated detail on front.

Sided Shoulder Dress
24.90 SGD NOW 20.00 SGD

Red Sided Shoulder Dress by Something Borrowed features a form-fitted design that will accentuate your figure with an effortless touch.

Layered Lace Dress
34.90 SGD NOW 17.40 SGD

Black Layered Lace Dress by Something Borrowed features mesh detail at the shoulder and a visible silver inner lining. Add this dress to your ever-ready army of LBDs.

Not just fashion, there is even discount for the popular SKIN INC products!
What's more with additional $20 voucher when you spend above $100.

Get Awesome Skin - Get Glowin' Set
SGD 120.00

Get Awesome Skin Brightening Set by Skin Inc promises visibly brighter and clearer skin with this 5-piece customizable collection. Suitable for all skin types. Follow the Skin Inc award-winning 3-Step regime of prep, nourish and hydrate for brilliant results.

- Banishes dullness by gently removing dead skin 
- Repairs skin with AC-11 
- Infused with Fullerenes as anti-oxidant 
Inclusive of all-in-one mask which hydrates, clarifies, brightens and boosts cell renewal

An all-time popular brand - SKII has its christmas specials on Zalora too.

Aura Glow Festive Set
SGD 532.00

Start your miracle journey this Christmas with SK-II's Aura Glow Festive Set. Your journey towards crystal clear skin begins with the miracle of Pitera. 

Set Includes:
215ml Facial Treatment Essence LIMITED EDITION
50ml Cellumination Aura Essence
50g Cellumination Deep Surge EX
1 x Whitening Derm Revival Mask 

Now, with great skin and lovely clothings, we need some accessories too!

I'm sure many of us have seen this Hong Kong brand - Salad - but never quite taken a good look.
For myself, I always enjoy visiting this brand's stores whenever I'm in Hong Kong or Taiwan. Their bag designs are so fun, and young, with great materials to boot.

Or, if you're jetting off to somewhere for the holiday season, get a trusty luggage from American Tourister.
Some of the classic models are going at 40% off! What great deals!

If you like what you see, shop Zalora Christmas sale online now!


9 June 2014

Start shopping Sephora online at ZALORA today :)

It’s the beginning of the Great Singapore Sales this month and I’m so excited over it!
Time to get that fashion tote/clutch/dress/shoes/jeans/necklace which we’ve all been eyeing at discounted prices! :D More importantly, it’s a great chance to stock up on those necessities! Haircare, skincare, makeup and etc which you’ve been loyally using for the past year(s). Oh yes!

Q and I went to Sephora store to check out makeup and skincare.
Registered for a new loyalty card and got a freebie! Yay ^^

Sephora is not only a store that sells beauty products, it is a brand name itself that has a vast range of high-quality skincare, make-up, and other products. These exclusive products can only be found in Sephora stores!

*credits to

Been a fan of Sephora since school days in Maastricht (The Netherlands) where there was a Sephora store just a few minutes WALK from our apartment! How convenient! I remember from Sephora, I can get supplies of makeup and skincare which were more suitable for our skins in the climate there. Not only that, if you do not intend to buy anything, it’s a wonderful place to just hang around, checking out countless new products and their delightful packaging. 

 photo ZaloraSephora1_zpse326f5dc.jpg

Imagine my happiness when I got to know that we can now buy Sephora online at ZALORA. It's so convenient! What's more, with an established shopping site like ZALORA, many of us should be very used to the interface and need not waste any precious time learning to navigate around.

Now that ZALORA is the exclusive online purveyor of Sephora in Singapore, start shopping Sephora online

Not only can we shop Sephora at the comfort of our home, we can easily browse through products or search for an particular item in a shorter time than in the physical store.
ZALORA website has the 'SORT' function whereby you can sort the Sephora products by New Arrivals, Lowest Price, Most Popular and etc.

 photo ZaloraSephora6_zpsc4119369.jpg

Learning of new products now is a breeze!
Simply sort by latest arrivals~

One of my favourite beauty masks from Sephora is also available online!

If you have a budget to work on, you can easily use the filter function to filter for products within a certain price range. Saves effort of sieving through things that are so tempting yet exceeding your shopping budget for the month :p

In addition, since we're in the GSS mood, you can sort the Sephora products to get the most discounted items in a minute second!
Sephora eyeshadows and nail polishes at 25% off!

On top of Sephora promotions, you will get additional discounts from ZALORA itself using credit cards or vouchers.
Sometimes, discounts would even simply fall onto your lap when you visit the site - like this pop-up $10 savings :D
(Yeah, who doesn't wanna save money right??)

So what are you waiting for? 

7 December 2013

La Mav Organic Skin Science® - Australia’s first organic anti-aging skincare brand

Invited to La Mav's launch at the newly-renovated BHG Bugis.
The departmental store has been expanded slightly and included much more new brands and counters, especially at level 2. Check it out when you're free! :)

Or read til the end of the post for a Giveaway! ♥



La Mav shelf is located at storey 2, on the right of the escalator going up.

La Mav Organic Skin Science resulted from years of research, beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. La Mav s age defying results are inspired by skin science and delivered through nature to unmask your natural inherent beauty. La Mav products are available internationally, with 150 stockists across  the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Canada, Malaysia and Lithuania. So glad that it has finally come to Singapore. :)


Every single ingredient that goes in La Mav is very carefully selected on the basis of its clinically proven properties to formulate the best organic skincare range any company can offer.  Manufactured free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphated surfactants, synthetic fragrance/colours phthalates, talc, PEGS, TEA, DEA, silicones, Et al.
La Mav is made by and for women who value a chemical free, healthy lifestyle!

4 of La Mav's collector/starter packs.

Tarj Mavi gave us an introduction of La Mav.
La Mav Skincare was created by Tarj Mavi, who, after suffering from skin pigmentation after the birth of her second child, was unable to find a skincare range that could deliver visible results but was free from harsh chemicals. Having worked in the research and development field for over 25 years, Tarj was able to utilise this knowledge, and combine it with a desire to create a completely organic skin care range that would deliver visible results whilst being gentle to the skin and environment. Tarj believes that no woman should have to sacrifice beauty for health. The products speak for themselves.

Few of their best-selling items -
Anti Dark-Circle & Ultra-Firm Eye Gel
La Mav Anti Dark-Circle and Ultra-Firm Eye Gel is an advanced light cooling gel to revive and lighten the delicate eye area. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C that reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. The eye contour looks smoother, firmer.

Bio A7 Firming Eye Lotion
This AWARD WINNING velvety crème visibly rejuvenate and transforms the delicate eye area. Formulated with Hibiscus Esculentus and Pisum Sativum Extract to increase elasticity and smoothen lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin visibly lifted and toned.

Nightly repair nectar - From left to right:
Antioxidant Rich
Vit-C Advanced
Intense Moisture

With Joanna and Kim.

Thanks La Mav for having us at the launch!



After trying several products from the Ultra Hydration and Skin Brightening range of La Mav, I'm really impressed by the Ultra Hydration range as it shows me the effects immediately the following day of usage!

Two products I would highly recommend are the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum and Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar. Both of which La Mav is kindly offering to 5 of my readers! :)
A personal note is that the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum is easily absorbed and hence more suited for day usage. The Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar is slightly heavier, and more oily, which is why it's for night repair :)

To join the Giveaway, simply perform these 2 steps!

1) Subscribe to my blog via keying in your email address at the top of my right-hand sidebar :)

 photo subscribe_zpsdc1cc7eb.jpg

2) Leave a comment in this post stating your choice of product, with your name and mailing address!


Choice of sample: Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum / Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar
Name: OYHZ
Mailing address: 123 Clementi Ave 123 #01-23 Singapore 520123

5 random readers who has subscribed and commented before 15 December 2013 will receive the samples of their choice!

Comments will be screened for confidentiality issue.
Good luck!

4 November 2013

Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pampering Party

Attended Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party two weekends ago at Nail's D'vine for a pampering session! :)


Honeyz Cube - The Ultimate Beauty Encyclopedia for Women

Honeyz Cube is your source to instant beauty, skincare and cosmetics reviews. In addition, it is new innovative beauty store with fabulous collaborations with many of the biggest beauty brands, where we can get exclusive beauty products at some of the most incredible prices.

Like Honeyz Cube facebook page to get the latest updates :)


 Nail's D'vine is a premium nail boutique located at Dempsey with vintage Victorian decor, totally princessy! They specialize not only in nails but facials, waxing and eyebrows as well!

Nail's D'vine

26 Dempsey Rd Singapore 249686



Dempsey area might be a little inconvenient for those who are not driving, hence Nail's D'vine is so sweet to offer all their customers to a $10 cab rebate :) How nice is that!

Terms and Conditions
Claim of maximum SG$10.00 will be in form of payment deduction
Claimable upon any  product or service purchases (if any) only at Nail’s D’vine
Original cab receipt must be presented upon biling
Strictly not exchangeable for cash
(For eg.if your cab fee is $15.00 and you are purchasing $18.00, total amount required for payment is only $8.00)


The event includes many pampering treatments for the princesses - Antarctica-theme classic manicure, LJH's signature face slimming treatment and a goodie bag of LJH with products specially selected, worth $300! Will blog more on this after I've tried the products :)

About LJH

They are a chain of Skin & Aesthetics Clinics with 50 over Clinics in South Korea.
LJH products are specially formulated with 3 of our key doctors
It was manufactured due to lack of suitable home skin care for our own skin patients
All products are researched and developed basing on various patients’ skin problems hence all products are totally safe for sensitive skins
Satisfying customers with healthy skin and true beauty.


One of the products I would want to try!
It's sunblock in compact powder form! I don't use sunscreen due to the fact that they are often thick/creamy which makes my skin feels very uncomfortable :( But a powder one is light and doubles up as foundation too!

Bubble-cleanser which is so light and soothing :)

One popular product would be the LJH Antarctica 77 Cream. LJH Antarctica 77 Cream is retailing at S$42, current promotion S$34.


The fantastic news is, currently, there's a redemption special for 1st 300 customers!
Click HERE!
Just quote 'starterkit' to redeem!


Onto our nails pampering session ^^

It was great catching up with my blogger friends.
I have a full-time job, and other commitments on weekends, hence it isn't always I get to attend bloggers' events and meet them!
Tiff isn't in the photos cos she was busy experimenting with the makeup!

Next up, Apple and I went for LJH signature face slimming facial treatment which made our faces so much more slim after just ONE session.
Wanted to post photos of the 'before' and 'after', but I lost the photos Apple whatsapp-ed me :( But honestly, the effects were really great for both of us. Our session was slightly longer than the rest (is it becos we have wide faces??? >.<), took about 1.5hours whereas the rest were done in like less than an hour! But it simply shows that the therapists are determined to slim our faces no matter how long it takes! Keke.

I'm thinking of going for more sessions before my wedding in future, lol.