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9 October 2014

StagelookNails - Halloween!

Did my nails at Stagelooknails recently in preparation for the upcoming Halloween!
If you’re afraid that Halloween nails are too “over” for school or offices, fret not as Lynn from Stagelooknails will excellently cater the overall effect to suit your needs :)

We decided to go for a more whimsy theme, in mainly orange/black/white shades. No zombies or bloody images for me, but more of artsy, creepy scenes with almost adorable-looking Caspers to join in the fun! 

As orange will form the main and base color and I had informed her of my full-time occupation, she showed me the option of a more muted shade of orange which is orangey yet not too loud (think dark carrots)! That way, I can have cute nails without appearing too flamboyant or teenagey at work.
Lynn is not only fashion-forward with her creative nail designs, she is also one of the most efficient and meticulous manicurist I’ve met. This whole set of halloween nails with nail art drawings, acrylic add-ons and bling blings was completed in less than 90mins! And the finishing look was perfect - she has totally nailed it!

(I remember spending more than two hours doing a much simpler set of nails at another nail parlour before, that was a torture really.)

Her nail parlour is located in the west, just about 200m from the Gombak MRT station.
Along the way, you can also find cafe Beans & Cream – ice-cream + manicure = great itinerary for a girls night-out!



347 Bukit Batok St 34

Contact number


Hello Kitty lovers will squeal in delight once they step into her nail parlour.
I like it because of the various shades of pink that screams girly (which further supports the idea of a girls night out mentioned above). The whole place was cosy with furry hearth rugs and comfy sofa arm chairs.

With such good services and skills, Lynn does not charge exorbitant rates for her services.
In fact, her nail service charges are pretty reasonable and inexpensive to say!

Here is the list of services and rates:

Classic manicure $15
Classic Pedicure $25
Express manicure $25
Express pedicure $35
Classic manicure $38
Classic pedicure $50

Arms $20
Half leg $25
Full leg $30

Lynn also does mobile services with flat transportation fees at $20 for locations in the West and $30 for all others.
Guys can also enjoy the same nail services available, and prices remain likewise!

Book your appointment with Lynn Chong today at 92201355.
And before I forget, quote OYHZ or Hui Zi for 10% off! :)

4 November 2013

Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pampering Party

Attended Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party two weekends ago at Nail's D'vine for a pampering session! :)


Honeyz Cube - The Ultimate Beauty Encyclopedia for Women

Honeyz Cube is your source to instant beauty, skincare and cosmetics reviews. In addition, it is new innovative beauty store with fabulous collaborations with many of the biggest beauty brands, where we can get exclusive beauty products at some of the most incredible prices.

Like Honeyz Cube facebook page to get the latest updates :)


 Nail's D'vine is a premium nail boutique located at Dempsey with vintage Victorian decor, totally princessy! They specialize not only in nails but facials, waxing and eyebrows as well!

Nail's D'vine

26 Dempsey Rd Singapore 249686



Dempsey area might be a little inconvenient for those who are not driving, hence Nail's D'vine is so sweet to offer all their customers to a $10 cab rebate :) How nice is that!

Terms and Conditions
Claim of maximum SG$10.00 will be in form of payment deduction
Claimable upon any  product or service purchases (if any) only at Nail’s D’vine
Original cab receipt must be presented upon biling
Strictly not exchangeable for cash
(For eg.if your cab fee is $15.00 and you are purchasing $18.00, total amount required for payment is only $8.00)


The event includes many pampering treatments for the princesses - Antarctica-theme classic manicure, LJH's signature face slimming treatment and a goodie bag of LJH with products specially selected, worth $300! Will blog more on this after I've tried the products :)

About LJH

They are a chain of Skin & Aesthetics Clinics with 50 over Clinics in South Korea.
LJH products are specially formulated with 3 of our key doctors
It was manufactured due to lack of suitable home skin care for our own skin patients
All products are researched and developed basing on various patients’ skin problems hence all products are totally safe for sensitive skins
Satisfying customers with healthy skin and true beauty.


One of the products I would want to try!
It's sunblock in compact powder form! I don't use sunscreen due to the fact that they are often thick/creamy which makes my skin feels very uncomfortable :( But a powder one is light and doubles up as foundation too!

Bubble-cleanser which is so light and soothing :)

One popular product would be the LJH Antarctica 77 Cream. LJH Antarctica 77 Cream is retailing at S$42, current promotion S$34.


The fantastic news is, currently, there's a redemption special for 1st 300 customers!
Click HERE!
Just quote 'starterkit' to redeem!


Onto our nails pampering session ^^

It was great catching up with my blogger friends.
I have a full-time job, and other commitments on weekends, hence it isn't always I get to attend bloggers' events and meet them!
Tiff isn't in the photos cos she was busy experimenting with the makeup!

Next up, Apple and I went for LJH signature face slimming facial treatment which made our faces so much more slim after just ONE session.
Wanted to post photos of the 'before' and 'after', but I lost the photos Apple whatsapp-ed me :( But honestly, the effects were really great for both of us. Our session was slightly longer than the rest (is it becos we have wide faces??? >.<), took about 1.5hours whereas the rest were done in like less than an hour! But it simply shows that the therapists are determined to slim our faces no matter how long it takes! Keke.

I'm thinking of going for more sessions before my wedding in future, lol.


7 February 2013

CNY countdown~

CNY is in 3 days time but I have not prepared for it! :/
The only things I did were my nails and curls!
Maybe my skin also? Talk more about that later~

I did my usual gelish glitter french manicure a few days back.
I know i know, my nails are very short! Cos I used to play the piano and couldn't keep long nails.. So kinda gotten used to it as I grew up. Now I can't tahan my nails once they grow more than 0.5cm long, hahaha.

Anyway, my manicurist was very sweet! Gave me EXTRA BLING since it's CNY! <3

Did a new pink glitter shade for my feet, to match my mani :)

I suddenly forgot what's the name of this shade again.. :( :( 

We bumped into cai shen ye (god of fortune) after my pedi lols.
Lucky lucky! :D
Pardon my bloated face, cos i only slept like 3-4 hours for consecutive few days prior to that :/

For hair, I permed it last month at Jean Yip.. The curls are loosening now to just the right softness I love :) 

Look at my hair! Not the mussels! (the mussels are really yummy with the vin blanc sauce btw! lolol)

That's my bored look when we were having test shoot.
But I really like the shape of my hair/curls that day! :) 

And my skin has really IMPROVED after taking Brands innershine marine collagen.
It's more supple and smooth now. Even has a slight pinkish glow if I couple the collagen intake with an earlier bedtime :p
My photoshoot went well :)

Now I'm left with things that I need to put onto myself for the CNY - dress, shoes, bags etc.

I have a vintage-looking yellow floral dress which I like a lot. But parents think that I should probably wear something brighter and more cheery on chu yi.
Sister took the coral one which I mentioned previously that I got it as one of my CNY dresses :/

Starry dress (peach coral)

I have a crimson tube dress from Bonito too, but the actually shade is kinda dull.
Might keep it for chu er/san/si!
Or a wedding dinner instead. haha.
Otherwise, any takers?? Going for $33.50.
Mine's in size XS.

Went to town/JB the other day to look at clothings, but the designs are either too song2 for my liking or too exp! (i consider $40+ exp for a dress which I can find similar ones online for $30+ or less!)
So, very last-min, I have to turn to La Enchanté again, my usual supplier of clothings..

Short-listed a couple!
As I scroll through the archives, I found more & more cheery red/pink pieces which I did not noticed in the past :x oops. Now I'm spoilt for choices.
Help me choose!

Olinda dress (crimson rose)

Olinda dress (crimson rose)

Lady lace frock (pink) size S

Sweetheart peplum dress (crimson rose)

I think the blue is nice actually, and still bright enough. But it's sold-out :(

Sweetheart peplum dress (blue)

Estelle floral dress (red)

Lovth Colour Block Mini Dress (Red)

Afraid my ah ma might complain too 'short' though.

Vevina cutout dress (salmon)

Vallerie V-back dress (red)

My hair so damn straight in the past! lol!

Vallerie V-back dress (blue)

Helpie help!

Had wanted to get the vintage chanel medallion tote in black from Reebonz.

Then I saw a rose version and was hesitating between searching for a similar shade or black.

By the time I'm done hesistating, it's sold out le :(

And I need shoes still too.
But shoes are supposed to come after I've decided on the clothings! To ensure they can compliment well!
Ahh, help me on the clothings pleaseeee!