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2 July 2013

Fashion must-haves going for $7 at


Read til the end for a giveaway! :)

Colleagues were talking about Cartier watches recently and I'm wondering if I would ever get any for myself?
Cos a watch is like a must-have for me even though I don't usually accessorize myself (despite the statement necklaces/chunky earrings/bling bling headbands trends).
It's the main (and often the only one on lazy days) accessory I would have.
Hence, I own quite a number of fashion watches.. So much so that I had to get a case to house them properly..
Nothing expensive, just cheap/mid-range ones la :)

That's the top few I wear for work on weekdays.
The weekend ones are stashed away in another of my accessory slip.

Looking at it, okay.. it seems like high-end watches are not of interest to me (yet :p).
I would prefer having MORE watches to go with various outfits than just ONE (or two) expensive ones.
Maybe one day I would think differently.
But right now, I get excited over cheap & yet fashionable ones! hee.
A watch as my daily main and throw in a bracelet or two for the weekends!

Received the perfect two-in-one item from Sovelle recently.
A vintage turnaround watch with faded bronze studs.

What I like best about it is that the strap is long enough for triple looping so the watch actually doubles up as a bracelet ^^
Perfect for my weekends!

The strap is made of good faux leather material that's soft enough for wrist-wear and yet looks sturdy enough to last a long time! :)

The brick red makes it easier for me to match my outfits without being too loud.

On less lazy days, I would bother to dress up a little with simple necklaces/earrings.
 I prefer to keep things simple and neat for normal days (almost every day is a normal day for me lol).

Here's a cute ribbon necklace I chose together with the vintage turnaround watch.

It's a pretty shade of gold in real life, more towards rose gold :)

Sovelle is having its official opening on 7 July 2013!

sovelle female online fashion Store singapore sg

On 7/7, everything in store would be going at only $7!

To sweeten the deal, quote huizi10 for 10% off (min. spending $25)

In addition, when the facebook page reaches 7000 likes, there would be a special deal for everyone (how does a $1.99 promo sounds? ^^)
Just follow the following simple steps!

1) Go to Sovelle's Facebook page
2) Like the facebook page
3) Share Sovelle's post about the official opening & comment 'I want Sovelle $1.99 sales'.

On top of this, 3 lucky winners in this Facebook sharing event will walk away with any 2 items of their choice :)



Sweet Chloe from Sovelle had also sent me a wishing bone necklace which I thought I would share with my readers!

If you would like to have it, simply do the following 2 steps!

Giveaway ends on 11:59pm, 20 July 2013.
You can repost as many times as you like throughout the giveaway period.

Contest has ended, thanks! :)

30 June 2013

Pupil-enlarging contact lenses (Maxi Eyes)

I've been dying to try some pupil-enlarging lenses and hence, bought 4 boxes of daily ones on impulse yesterday. Le sigh...*

Selling the contact lenses cos I realise I'm too lazy to wear them! :/ Will gladly pass on the discount I got them at :)
Email me at

Indeed such an impulsive act that I regretted almost immediately when I got home :/
Advice is, never ever do such a thing, especially if you've never worn any before. What if the eyes are sensitive?...What if i can't put them in at all?...I'm the kind who has troubles even with eyedrops -.- What if...
Funny how I didn't ask myself all these before telling the optician "okays, i want brown ones."

I have perfect almost-perfect eyesight.
So never in my life have I worn specs (shades not counted luh) or contact lenses.
Hence, it's a huge NEW THING for me!

Presenting my first attempt at eye-enlarging lenses!

Oh yes, I had a fringe trim. Now it's choppy uneven bangs.
Prefer my previous fringe though :(

Long fringe and without contacts.

It was a TORTURE putting the lenses in. I couldn't keep my eyes open properly at all! Let alone stuff those flimsy pieces of plastic in.
I definitely need a lot more practice. Wonder how all the pretty babes do it so pro-ly luh!

The effects aren't obvious.
Unless I keep my eyes opened, like how in the process of stuffing the lenses in :x
Which I tried the following photos, in order to show the full effects of the lenses.

Don't scroll down if you're not interested!

An attempt to make the photo dreamy..starry-eyes.
But ogay, fail.
And my eyebags are annoying.

See the additional area? The lenses are so pretty!
The actual colour is brown! Though it looks like grey/blue-grey in the pic.
Cos I have naturally brown pupils, so the optician recommended brown instead of black.

But since it's from the natural series, the colour effects aren't obvious at all in real life.

I have 2 pairs of 3-tone lenses in the shade of honey/hazel.
According to the optician, the 3-tone effects would be much much nicer!
But of cos, such coloured ones aren't really suitable for work, so i'm gonna try them during photoshoots probably.
Will review those again then!

Tempted to try Acuvue too.
Heard it's more comfy or something?
But the sales person/optician told me to try maxi eyes first cos she thinks that Acuvue is overrated!
Comfort level (per her customers' feedbacks) is the same for both brands. Maxi lenses are in fact, better at pupil enlarging and it's cheaper than Acuvue as well.
Glad that I met such an honest sales assistant :)

21 June 2013

Part And Parcel Blogshop

Was kindly sponsored 2 items from Part And Parcel, an online clothing store based in Singapore, formed through the love of providing fabulous stuff of exceptional quality at affordable prices.
Here's what i picked:

1. Skater Dress with Scallop Neck in Black

"Featuring scallop neck both at the front and the back. Comes with hidden side zip. Made of thick stretchy knit fabric. No lining. (Please note that the same dress in off white does come with full lining.)"

Here's the white version! :)

It was tough choosing between the two cos both are such timeless classics!
Decided on black in the end as I don't have much black basics :)
Received much compliments for it, lovely!

Wore the piece as a little black dress to Delifrance event.
Here's an ootd shot:

This is a self-manufactured piece by Part And Parcel and the quality is really great!
Cut and fit of the design accentuates a lady's curves pretty well :) I'm pretty much stick-man thin, but this dress managed to make me appear a lil' curvy hee.

What's makes the design even better is the scallop neckline that gives more unique-ness to an otherwise average skater dress! Saves the trouble of accessorizing with a necklace if you're lazy :O Good for lazy OLs like me.

One more shot, hee.
The slight boatneck allows you to show off a bit of your sexy collarbones too ;)

2. Timeless Dark Blue Fit & Flare Dress

"Made of textured stretchy polyester fabric. Fully lined. Hidden side zip closure."

This dress has a slight cinch at the waist and then puffs out after that like a princess dress~

Also, the shade of blue is gorgeous in real life lighting!
My favourite royal blue which can make skin tone appears fairer ;p
Wore it out twice already cos I couldn't resist.

See the blue in real life? <3

The dress already comes with slight detailing at the top, so I only need to pair it with belts for both occasions!

Accompanied my mom to the new mall in the west, JEM one evening.
Was quite tired so I didn't really shop. Ended up just taking photos of my ootd :D


Part And Parcel just launched their new collection.
If you're interested, hop over there now!

Few of the new arrivals caught my eyes!
I'm pretty into denim these days if you had noticed my previous post HERE :D

And an aztec dress that cheers up the day, anytime!

There's a promo code for my readers! <3
Simply quote LJOFF5 for 5% off your purchases!

Join their facebook page or sign up for their mailing list to get more updates <3

Thank you Part And Parcel! :)

5 May 2013

Daddy's birthday @ Furama Tiffany Cafe 2013

We went back to furama again for daddy's birthday. lol.
Didn't realise until i found last year's post:

Going neon these days :D
 photo image_zpseea18094.png

 photo image_54_zps3c96ab79.jpeg

 photo image_64_zpsef08023b.jpeg

 photo image_74_zps465f0c88.jpeg

Luckily, tiffany cafe changes its buffet spread quite often!
It's a whole new set of stuff this year round while still maintaining its fresh sashimi and starters :)

 photo image_3_zps0a593f43.jpeg

Love the new items like cheese baked kimchi rice, yums.

 photo image_8_zps6f4a5405.jpeg

Cheese potato (hashbrown)

 photo image_7_zpsa54fb020.jpeg

 photo image_102_zpsb523d6f3.jpeg

The desserts!
Like the new york cheese cakes so I took 2 servings hehe.

 photo image_22_zps2eb4e817.jpeg

 photo image_10_zpsf7076d37.jpeg

 photo image_52_zpsa6a65668.jpeg

 photo image_32_zps437680f0.jpeg

 photo image_12_zps058e22f0.jpeg

 photo image_11_zpscbba1e22.jpeg

 photo image3-_zps31f1c6bc.jpeg

 photo image_12_zps6393ccae.jpeg

Self-created earthquake, lol!

 photo image_92_zps1ea0bf55.jpeg

Another ootd shot.

 photo image_53_zps1db6cec2.jpeg

Tiramisu cake from amici restaurant

 photo image_1_zps5ef9fe66.jpeg

 photo image6_zpsaf74eba6.jpeg

 photo image_95_zps3c405aff.jpeg

 photo image_75_zps6d8e513a.jpeg