5 May 2013

Daddy's birthday @ Furama Tiffany Cafe 2013

We went back to furama again for daddy's birthday. lol.
Didn't realise until i found last year's post:

Going neon these days :D
 photo image_zpseea18094.png

 photo image_54_zps3c96ab79.jpeg

 photo image_64_zpsef08023b.jpeg

 photo image_74_zps465f0c88.jpeg

Luckily, tiffany cafe changes its buffet spread quite often!
It's a whole new set of stuff this year round while still maintaining its fresh sashimi and starters :)

 photo image_3_zps0a593f43.jpeg

Love the new items like cheese baked kimchi rice, yums.

 photo image_8_zps6f4a5405.jpeg

Cheese potato (hashbrown)

 photo image_7_zpsa54fb020.jpeg

 photo image_102_zpsb523d6f3.jpeg

The desserts!
Like the new york cheese cakes so I took 2 servings hehe.

 photo image_22_zps2eb4e817.jpeg

 photo image_10_zpsf7076d37.jpeg

 photo image_52_zpsa6a65668.jpeg

 photo image_32_zps437680f0.jpeg

 photo image_12_zps058e22f0.jpeg

 photo image_11_zpscbba1e22.jpeg

 photo image3-_zps31f1c6bc.jpeg

 photo image_12_zps6393ccae.jpeg

Self-created earthquake, lol!

 photo image_92_zps1ea0bf55.jpeg

Another ootd shot.

 photo image_53_zps1db6cec2.jpeg

Tiramisu cake from amici restaurant

 photo image_1_zps5ef9fe66.jpeg

 photo image6_zpsaf74eba6.jpeg

 photo image_95_zps3c405aff.jpeg

 photo image_75_zps6d8e513a.jpeg


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