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24 March 2013

La Enchanté Spring Collection

So, it's been almost a year since I've started modelling for La Enchanté.
Though, okay la, blogshop modelling isn't not considered as real modelling in my opinion. But all the same, they require similiar hardwork & efforts behind he scenes (or is it just me who needs hardwork cos i don't know how to model? :( lol)

I've attempted several other modelling jobs or blogshop events before this, and flopped badly for some :/
When it goes onto the blogshop site, I just pray n pray that friends won't realise it's me. I can't bear to even bear to view the finished photos on my own, i wonder how the poor photographer endured through the editting. lol.. But also from those, I've learnt about myself more, and surprisingly, understand myself (physically) even deeper. I always thought we all know ourselves best, but turned out that I didn't really.

This is the longest modelling task I've been through and I'm really glad Chee & I worked it out (rather) smoothly! :D Learnt a thing or two about photoshoots, wearing high heels, stopped slouching so frequently, coordinating outfits etc. Sad to say, some of my friends who model for blogshops could even help to edit the photos after the shoots (they know themselves better than the photographer la) but I know nothing much about editting except mei tu xiu xiu n similar sorts! LOL.

I totally remember the awkward moment (or days actually) it was when I first saw my face on a webpage. Dunno why leh, it's just awkward. Probably lack of the confidence and just very afraid that people will criticise and etc. But thankfully, chee insisted, "ahya, people will focus on the clothing only". Come to think of it now, not sure whether she meant it as sarcasm or console, lol!

Now I'm totally used to seeing many of my faces on the site or fb page.
Like this.

It actually doesn't feel like seeing myself anymore. Seriously. I see it as... just another face?
In fact, I'm more focused on the outfits and maybe the hair. Will keep thinking, "oops, never wear the dress properly", "never stand straight to portray the attire", or "oh no, didn't coordinate the outfit to the best they can be", or "wah, why the hair so messy!" :(

The best thing about working with a good friend, you feel so comfortable and at ease even though you might be totally new to the whole event.
In other photoshoot events, there are usually awkward silence (except clicks of the camera) while the photographer is shooting away when I have run out of new poses :/ But with chee, we can sometimes just shoot in comfortable silence. :) Cos ah, you have to understand that it's very tiring to stand in high heels and smile for hours already, so I'm extremely glad we don't have to do small talks like with acquaintances still.. hehe.

I'm also relieved that we are also very understanding of each others' work commitment and schedule. And that we have trust. That way, it makes coordination and many other things easier. I just have one small 'complaint' though - that is I hope that one day when she's able to "reveal" herself and she should totally model the clothings! She's sucha nice smile and slim face (even her own mother agrees haha) la. Whereas, my face keeps getting rounder n rounder :/ arghs

That pretty much sums up my year of modelling for LE.
It's Spring again and La Enchanté's Spring Collection is so yummy!
 Visit La Enchanté website now or like the Facebook page for first-hand updates and promotions :)

My favourite from the collection is actually the simplest design of the lot :)
The Camilia skater dress

Camilla skater dress (white)

Camilla skater dress (black)

Love it so much that I got both the white & black!
Wore them out several times already cos it's so easy to match.

Then the royal pleated mini gown.
Wore it for a wedding lunch previously. but i can't find the pic now.. :x

Royal pleated mini gown

Power girl peplum skirt in hot pink!!
And dark topaz for more tone-down or i-want-a-skirt-that-matches-any-tops-so-that-i-can-save-using-my-brains-to-coordinate (what a mouthful) days.
Love both!

Power girl peplum skirt (hot pink)

Power girl peplum skirt (dark topaz)

Last but not least, the Freyde pleated dress which was a huge sell-out in one of the earlier collections!
C has decided to bring in a new shade, navy! :)

Freyde pleated dress (navy blue)

Visit La Enchanté website now or like the Facebook page for first-hand updates and promotions :)

24 November 2012

La Enchanté Collection 9

New launch by La Enchanté :)
Check out the website by clicking on the banner below!

Okay, I wanna complain that my hair is in a mess AGAIN.
but let's just skip that for more important things, like those the pretty classic pieces launched by La Enchanté this week! Love this collection of dresses, everything's so sophisticated-looking with great materials and yet prices are still kept low & reasonable!

Below are my favourite items from this collection.
I love everything actually! :x Cos this collection is great as my work outfits. 
But I'll highlight only my favourite shade(s) of each design :)

Blaheir Blazer (Black)

Blaheir blazer in black + Lovth Colour-block Minidress in nude pink
Perfect classic staples for your wardrobe! The blazer comes in cream (imo, i would think it's white), black and dusty pink. For this, I took all three :p
The colour-block minidress is cute and at the same time the length is formal enough for casual Fridays in the office or parties. For more petite girls, it's good anytime, anywhere! :)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Like the green one too, for x'mas? :)
Lovth Colour Block Mini Dress (Green)

Playing around with instagram as usual :p

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

One more suitable for x'mas.
The Christon Leigh dress!
In a slightly louder colour. But I think it's just right for those x'mas day party in office. Simple & elegant design. Or, match with the blaheir blazer for the day in office, take it out for the party at night! 

Christon Leigh Dress (Red)

There's always the safer alternatives :)

Christon Leigh Dress (White)

Christon Leigh Dress (Black)

La Enchante is joining in the peplum fever with the Kath Peplum dress in electric blue and black.
I love the electric blue one!
Kath Peplum Dress (Electric Blue)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

For OLs looking for a everyday-dress.
The next Moiselle Coco dress would be just the right thing:
(in black)
Moiselle Coco Dress (black)

Comes in different classic combinations of blacks & whites. This number is designed with a slimming effect and the cutting is definitely so flattering!

Last but not least, the Chanelle dress in cobalt blue.

Chanelle Dress (Cobalt Blue)

Chanelle Dress (Timeless Black)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

It was actually a tie between the timeless black and the cobalt blue~
The black looks so chic and slightly retro with the cute cubic design, but I thought having slight colours in the office would brighten up the place :) So cobalt blue it is!
Haven't worn it out thou! :)

The Cynthia polka dots crotchet frock is quite a hot-seller too!
Love how it gives off an autumn/winter vibe <3
The pink one I wore below is sold out already!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

But no worries, there're still some of the green and navy left, don't miss it again! :)

Cynthia Polka Dots Crotchet Frock (Navy Blue)

Cynthia Polka Dots Crotchet Frock (Green)

Visit the facebook page for promos or shop at La Enchante now! :)

2 October 2012

La Enchanté Collection 8 Preview :)

Haven't blogged about La Enchanté for awhile!
So I'm back to visit it.
The last photoshoot was disastrous terrible. I was down with flu, and by the time I finished like, the 200th shot, my nose was running non-stop and my head was so hot.
Decided to call it a day after 2 hours. Shortest shoot ever!

The photos turned out well surprisingly.
Can't tell a single bit that I was tearing & sniffing away..

As usual, posting some of my favourites below :)

Love yellow shades! <3

The peach version of this is extremely sweet! :)


This piece has a chained sash for the waist, which doubles up as a statement necklace.
I like it better as a necklace :)

The Coco Chanel inspired tube top is amazing! 
It's so hard to decide between the three colours. 
So, it's a tie in the end! Classic black & Paris green.

The Lopez skirt matched in the photos attracted me lots too!
The material is so nice to touch, smooth & velvety. And they're so easy to match! Great to glam up a basic top too :)

I was able to endure through photoshoot probably because of these lovely new clothings. Haha.
If you're new to La Enchanté, go like the Facebook Fanpage now as there's a new "Like & Share" promotion going on =)

Hop over now! :)

9 September 2012

Bridal Photoshoot @ School of Make-Up (Claire)

Been on a hiatus AGAIN.
Seems like troubles don't just come in doubles :/ 

This is a happy blog though! 
Shall not dwell into those. 

 Received the photos from Claire today! 
Did a photoshoot for her portfolio in School of Make-Up previously. 
You can read here for more details :) 

 Anyway i really don't think I have a look suitable for makeup/hairdo modelling! 
Firstly, my features sucks. Not sharp at all :( 
Secondly, with the thick makeup piled on, I look old & tired :/ 
Plus, thirdly, I doze off easily when there's nothing for me to do while the makeup artist works her magic on my face. Might start drooling anytime. Lolol.

 Nevertheless, regardless of how I look, it was a good experience to help out a friend! 
It's not easy to paint a face well, especially one that's unfamiliar. 
I think if i were to get married in future, I wanna do my own makeup! 
Cos each of us knows our face best! 
And i guess just a simple layer will do, prevent me from looking aged! :X 

 Here're the photos! 
Regardless whether I look good, it's the effort of Claire/her instructor and the photographer! 
I like them all! :) Especially the look with a cropped/bob hair style.





Love the eye shadow!! I can never know how to put on eye shadow :((



8 August 2012

La Enchanté Collection 7 Preview

Have been really busy with all the changes happening in office and the shift recently.
On top of daily workload and critical budget period.
Plus additional efforts to catch up with the dance performance routine cos I had missed many many many practices during this period :x
And the constant lack of sleep. Arghs.
Feels like my energy is drained dry. to zero. or negative if there's such a thing.

Nevertheless, keeping positive still!
Rainbow will come soon after the rain.

And there are certain things I would still squeeze time for despite my busy schedule - online shopping and buying new clothings!
Had fun trying out the lovely pieces in La Enchanté's upcoming collection.
Think summer. floral. crochets. breeze. love.

Not sure when is it gonna be launched on La Enchanté yet.
Hope it would be real soon! Cos personally I think all the items in this collection are so gorgeous! <3

Been wearing this top already! If you scroll down a few posts back :)
And here!

Maybe I would wear the peach/coral version of this to C's wedding lunch this weekend!

I got the blue (my all-time favourite colour) for this dress <3

There are more preview photos on La Enchante's facebook page!
Do like the main fanpage for more updates and promotions :)