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10 September 2013

Disney Planes at Golden Village and La Enchante Sales

Attended Disney's Planes movie screening at Golden Village last weekend.

 photo image_zps2683cbbb.jpeg

 photo image_4_zps8edcdcd5.jpeg

Thanks to everyone who had came to support and "voted" for my blog! ^^
Didn't screen through everything la, but saw a few familiar names when I went to kpo around haha.
Janet said I was checking out competition, lol. But to be honest, I was more than happy to just be able to participate in the event! :) It's always nice gathering friends and love ones, catching up on movies and enjoy free stuffs - Ben & Jerry's indulgence and popcorn!
Oh and coincidentally, I bumped into one of my uni mates who happened to be one of the five bloggers!
He has a food blog over here :)
What a joy to find someone familiar, esp right before having to walk up (or rather, down) to the front of the movie theater and give an impromptu introduction of ourselves *sweats*
Thankfully the lights were erm, semi-dim and audiences were mainly friends..and kids.

Wasn't feeling too well, so no face >.<
H&M stripey dress
Staple cardigan
Prada tote
Loafers from BKK

Redeeming for our B&J and popcorn!
For dd, mel, celine and me :)

 photo image_3_zpsb297e1ee.jpeg

Disney's Planes is an animation carrying the warm-hearted tale of a crop duster plane with a fear of heights and lives his dream of competing in a famous around-the-world aerial race.
A lesson on determination, perseverance, passion and kindness.
If you have kids, this is the movie for them!

Disney's Planes Character Photo #1

Disney's Planes Character Photo #12

And if possible, after you watched the show, can tell me why did Ishani (the Pan-Asian champion from india) change her propellers after attempting to sabotage Dusty?
Lol. Didn't quite catch that part of the show.

Big thank you GV! :)


Here's an advert for La Enchante :)
There're four Sales/What's Available posts up on the livejournal page.
Prices are greatly discounted, mostly 50%-70% off.

Starting from the latest:
Sales/What's Available
Sales/What's Available II
Sales/What's Available III
Sales/What's Available IV

Weekend polka dots shirt
Now $15.00


Delia pleated blouse

Now $18.00


Glenda embossed peplum top (pink)

Now $18.00


Cayla crochet collar dress

Now $18.00

Olinda dress
Now $15.00
That's some of my favourites from the sales/what's available :)
Have fun shopping! <3

22 July 2013

Movies: Despicable Me 2 and Rooftop 天台

Planned a movie marathon last week catching up with the movies I’ve missed all these while due to my busy schedule.

Unfortunately, there’re only 2 shows that are still screening currently, Despicable Me 2 and Rooftop (just came out in fact).

Despicable Me 2 was entertaining as expected. I especially like the fact that the bad, purple minions are reverted with a simple jelly antidote and the villain was killed in a *poof* second, literally. Easy on the brain :)

And of cos, leaves more space for me to enjoy the cute minions!
*Bee doo bee doo..*


So 6 years after the directorial debut Secret (不能說的祕密), Mandopop star Jay Chou, decided to “zi bian, zi dao, zi yan” (rofl) again since he’s the director, scriptwriter, actor and songwriter for this show. Wanted to catch this movie, Rooftop (天台), by my ex-idol, simply becos he was my idol for a huge part of my teenage years ;p Had heard very bad reviews from non-fans and hence I wasn’t anticipating much from the movie. Especially when I saw how he couldn’t act in green hornet, I was foreseeing a similar standard of acting in Rooftop, one that can create goosebumps (of eek) despite the fact that I adored him (well, in the past).


Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the movie. Probably cos I’m a fan of such musical-like stuff. And you can say that it’s a light-hearted one, doesn’t require much brains or emotions drawn into it.
Me likes ;)

There weren’t much acting required or highs and lows in the movie, other than the slight sadness at the very end. It was rather hippie-inspired and light throughout, and content was very easy to digest. Boy meets girl, boy woos girl (and all the girl did was to smile and look pretty).

Details of the movie:

The Rooftop 天台

Directed By: Jay Chou (周杰倫)

STARRING: Jay Chou as Wax, Alan Ko (柯有倫) as Tempura, Li Xinai (李心艾) as Starling, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) as Dr. Bo

Language: Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

Running Time: 120 MINUTES

6 November 2012

Skyfall & Mr Curry

The movie peak season is coming!
Caught Skyfall with Yan and another colleague last week. With compliments from HSBC :)



I admit I don't remember what happened in the previous James Bond movie, I'm not even sure if I watched it  (i do remember the exploding pen though haha). SO, I didn't have as high expectation for the show as compared to many others. Wasn't looking forward to many fanciful gadgets or cars or that sorts. If you are, you're gonna be disappointed!

The beginning of the show took me by surprise. Not gonna say what, in case I spoil the show for some of you. But the beginning of the show was also what made me fell in love with the song "Skyfall"! :)

It was a good 2.5 hours. Afterwhich, Yan and I decided to go for a lil' supper and catch-up :)


Such a lovely restaurant. Love simple and clean decor like this.



They have a ALL CURRY menu.
Curry rice, ramen, soba, udon, spaghetti, side dishes, bento, blah blah blah.



See what I mean?


Even the walls are full of curry!


Having a hard time choosing what to eat, wouldn't everything taste the same with the same curry? =.=










The scallop mushroom teppanyaki side.
This is yums man.
Fresh and juicy scallops.

Seafood curry spag.
Looks like the hokkien mee from tze char stores. LOL.
But tastes extremely goood!


With Mr Curry.


My ootd~
H&M stripe dress
Zara-inspired cardigan
Hot pink sachet bag
Karen Millen white watch
Footin blue loafers (The one I got from StarVista mall!)