10 September 2013

Disney Planes at Golden Village and La Enchante Sales

Attended Disney's Planes movie screening at Golden Village last weekend.

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Thanks to everyone who had came to support and "voted" for my blog! ^^
Didn't screen through everything la, but saw a few familiar names when I went to kpo around haha.
Janet said I was checking out competition, lol. But to be honest, I was more than happy to just be able to participate in the event! :) It's always nice gathering friends and love ones, catching up on movies and enjoy free stuffs - Ben & Jerry's indulgence and popcorn!
Oh and coincidentally, I bumped into one of my uni mates who happened to be one of the five bloggers!
He has a food blog over here :)
What a joy to find someone familiar, esp right before having to walk up (or rather, down) to the front of the movie theater and give an impromptu introduction of ourselves *sweats*
Thankfully the lights were erm, semi-dim and audiences were mainly friends..and kids.

Wasn't feeling too well, so no face >.<
H&M stripey dress
Staple cardigan
Prada tote
Loafers from BKK

Redeeming for our B&J and popcorn!
For dd, mel, celine and me :)

 photo image_3_zpsb297e1ee.jpeg

Disney's Planes is an animation carrying the warm-hearted tale of a crop duster plane with a fear of heights and lives his dream of competing in a famous around-the-world aerial race.
A lesson on determination, perseverance, passion and kindness.
If you have kids, this is the movie for them!

Disney's Planes Character Photo #1

Disney's Planes Character Photo #12

And if possible, after you watched the show, can tell me why did Ishani (the Pan-Asian champion from india) change her propellers after attempting to sabotage Dusty?
Lol. Didn't quite catch that part of the show.

Big thank you GV! :)


Here's an advert for La Enchante :)
There're four Sales/What's Available posts up on the livejournal page.
Prices are greatly discounted, mostly 50%-70% off.

Starting from the latest:
Sales/What's Available
Sales/What's Available II
Sales/What's Available III
Sales/What's Available IV

Weekend polka dots shirt
Now $15.00


Delia pleated blouse

Now $18.00


Glenda embossed peplum top (pink)

Now $18.00


Cayla crochet collar dress

Now $18.00

Olinda dress
Now $15.00
That's some of my favourites from the sales/what's available :)
Have fun shopping! <3

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