11 July 2012

Prosecutor Princess

One of my favourite korean drama!

A video i can't help but kept watching!

And of cos, sharing with you, my favourite korean actor to date!
Park Shin Hoo!

Been noticing him ever since i got to know him in one k drama i watched.

He was ALWAYS frowning then, in that show.
But he has actually such a nice smile!!


Park Shi Hoo the Cat Lover

And here's a lil' spoiler for prosecutor princess ending :x



  1. Anonymous23 July, 2012

    I love this show and the love story!! I think both of them are so compatible and yes Lawyer Xu is has a very nice smile which can melt your heart!

  2. indeeds! i think he's charming enough even when he's not smiling (cue scenes when he's so heartbroken over having to make use of Ma Huili). Wish the drama can be extended though, the ending is so rushed!