9 July 2012

Bistro Du Vin @ Zion Road

Woke up earlier on a weekend specially for a nice brunch!
I'm always lazy to get out of the house.
Dilly-dally much, and viola! It's already 2pm when we went to Bistro Du Vin.
Website here!

Skin is getting dull these days.
I'm trying to skip makeup on weekends to let my skin 'rest'. 
Just abit of concealor and eyeliner :)

Toga from Danzelia.lj
Shoes from Prestique

There are two Bistro Du Vin restaurants.
One at the Shaw Centre, and the other at Zion Road.
Chose the one at Zion cos parking would be much easier and more convenient.
There are tons of carpark lots along the stretch.
However, do avoid peak hours still if you're not one who's patient enough to search for parking :)

Outdoor seats along the sideway.
Very simple and unpretentious exterior.

The restaurant decor was a typical french bistro setting.
With red and lots of paintings.
Seats are limited and comfortably spaced.

The free flow of bread is a nice touch, especially when the bread is SO GOOD.
It's unlike any bread I've tried before!
The crust is extremely thin and crispy, while the bread is so soft and slightly warm still.

The creamy butter goes so well with it~
I could easily have a few baskets of it, if I hadn't want to save my stomach for the proper meal.

There is set-lunch til 2:30pm, at $30+ which is pretty worth it!
Here's a pic of the menu.
Each set comes with an entree, a main, a dessert and coffee/tea.
6 choices to choose from each category :)

Pan-seared foie gras with pickled shallots and eggplant.

The portion was value-for-money for a $6 top-up of the set lunch.
Besides, it taste so much better than many other restaurants'.
Like the slight sourish pickled shallots which i think goes very well with the dish.

Green asparagus with escargot and hollandaise sauce.

I love this more than the foie gras~
The fresh juicy asparagus and huge escargots made this dish a totally delightful one for me!

Duck-leg confit

Top-up of $4 for this dish and it fared pretty well for me.
Brussel sprouts were just nice, not overly bitter.
Portion was too huge for me to stomach though.

Baked salmon & prawns.

The salmon was medium rare, and fresh.
Champagne butter sauce was delectable ;)

Creme Brulee

The creme was light and fluffy.
The caramel was slightly overly done in my opinion, too bitter for my liking.
Or perhaps, I was already full before dessert was served :p

Banana crumbles with choco ice-cream.

Portion was huge, as with all the others.
Would be a hit for banana-lovers.

Bistro Du Vin
56 Zion Road

Website here!


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