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3 October 2012

Casuarina. Lamborgini. Birthday. OTD.

Had late dinner @ Casuarina Curry last week!
Miss that place!


I'm sure everybody knows that prata place.
Didn't know they have a website thou lol
Prata is a MUST-HAVE.

I tried maggie goreng that day though.
Surprisingly gooood! Simple & nice without liao. Like it just that way :)


Some snacks from SGI :)
So pretty!



Went "MAF-visiting" that day.


New addition to the collection ;)
Can you recognise the model?


Someone got a new iPhone 5!

Got some mooncakes from Lamborgini.
The box looks exactly like the ba kwa box if you have read my CNY post previously :)


Nice, classy.

Inside so cute! lol.



The double yolk one was like WOW. Comparable to Marina Mandarin ones!
Huge yellow yolks!
The black sesame one doesn't look as yummy though.
Why am I talking about mooncakes again..... lol.

Here's a HUGE one.


Celebrated Tony's birthday on a friday.
Just a simple sneak attack in his office & cake-cutting session. 

OTD for the day :)
Tony says it's the batman style!
It looks like batman cape to the ang mohs.


Asymmetrical hems midi from h&m.
The waist was a little high and loose, so i paired it with a obi belt from ASOS, gives it a little more shape.
Obi belt ftw!


Close-up of the ASOS Obi belt in size S.


GBP20. Damn exp in my opinion! But worth every penny! <3 <3

3 August 2012

HSBC Event @ USS

Attended HSBC private event last week at the USS.
Didn't think that I would visit that place again so soon!

Had a lil' 'cocktail' popcorn session at the private area behind the restaurants along the Hollywood/New York section.
All the way til the sci-fi city.
See Galactica? :)

The main event was at the sci-fi city.
pss.. that spells, TRANSFORMER! :)

I was too scardy cat to take the Galactica still, despite much persuasion from Agnes and Jase. haha.

Some food afterwhich..

Upcoming crochet top on La Enchante! :)
Jeans from my sis.
Nude ribbon pumps from BKK.

And the following are pictures of food which i didn't eat.
Had so much work before going there that i was having headache and no appetite =|
All i had was a mini burger. But it was super good. 
Savory & juicy beef patty with crispy lettuce & melted cheese, anytime! Yumms.
Reminds me of Overeasy, haven't been there for a while!

My hair looks like a lion mane now :/

Besides the bankers, i realised i bumped into quite a number of friends!
Cousin was there too. hurhur, no photo though.

15 July 2012

YWD Formation Day

My OTD :)
Loving this season's trend!



Had YWD Formation Day Meeting after SF training.
Wanted to ask Y along, but she had lessons the entire sunday! Poor girl.
Attended with the sis instead.

ah, my horrible fringe.

Our bookmarks.

The 'hosts'.

Look who's that!

Went for some fries after the meeting.

The busy one.


Just one last pic of the pretty florals ;p