3 August 2012

HSBC Event @ USS

Attended HSBC private event last week at the USS.
Didn't think that I would visit that place again so soon!

Had a lil' 'cocktail' popcorn session at the private area behind the restaurants along the Hollywood/New York section.
All the way til the sci-fi city.
See Galactica? :)

The main event was at the sci-fi city.
pss.. that spells, TRANSFORMER! :)

I was too scardy cat to take the Galactica still, despite much persuasion from Agnes and Jase. haha.

Some food afterwhich..

Upcoming crochet top on La Enchante! :)
Jeans from my sis.
Nude ribbon pumps from BKK.

And the following are pictures of food which i didn't eat.
Had so much work before going there that i was having headache and no appetite =|
All i had was a mini burger. But it was super good. 
Savory & juicy beef patty with crispy lettuce & melted cheese, anytime! Yumms.
Reminds me of Overeasy, haven't been there for a while!

My hair looks like a lion mane now :/

Besides the bankers, i realised i bumped into quite a number of friends!
Cousin was there too. hurhur, no photo though.

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