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9 June 2014

Start shopping Sephora online at ZALORA today :)

It’s the beginning of the Great Singapore Sales this month and I’m so excited over it!
Time to get that fashion tote/clutch/dress/shoes/jeans/necklace which we’ve all been eyeing at discounted prices! :D More importantly, it’s a great chance to stock up on those necessities! Haircare, skincare, makeup and etc which you’ve been loyally using for the past year(s). Oh yes!

Q and I went to Sephora store to check out makeup and skincare.
Registered for a new loyalty card and got a freebie! Yay ^^

Sephora is not only a store that sells beauty products, it is a brand name itself that has a vast range of high-quality skincare, make-up, and other products. These exclusive products can only be found in Sephora stores!

*credits to

Been a fan of Sephora since school days in Maastricht (The Netherlands) where there was a Sephora store just a few minutes WALK from our apartment! How convenient! I remember from Sephora, I can get supplies of makeup and skincare which were more suitable for our skins in the climate there. Not only that, if you do not intend to buy anything, it’s a wonderful place to just hang around, checking out countless new products and their delightful packaging. 

 photo ZaloraSephora1_zpse326f5dc.jpg

Imagine my happiness when I got to know that we can now buy Sephora online at ZALORA. It's so convenient! What's more, with an established shopping site like ZALORA, many of us should be very used to the interface and need not waste any precious time learning to navigate around.

Now that ZALORA is the exclusive online purveyor of Sephora in Singapore, start shopping Sephora online

Not only can we shop Sephora at the comfort of our home, we can easily browse through products or search for an particular item in a shorter time than in the physical store.
ZALORA website has the 'SORT' function whereby you can sort the Sephora products by New Arrivals, Lowest Price, Most Popular and etc.

 photo ZaloraSephora6_zpsc4119369.jpg

Learning of new products now is a breeze!
Simply sort by latest arrivals~

One of my favourite beauty masks from Sephora is also available online!

If you have a budget to work on, you can easily use the filter function to filter for products within a certain price range. Saves effort of sieving through things that are so tempting yet exceeding your shopping budget for the month :p

In addition, since we're in the GSS mood, you can sort the Sephora products to get the most discounted items in a minute second!
Sephora eyeshadows and nail polishes at 25% off!

On top of Sephora promotions, you will get additional discounts from ZALORA itself using credit cards or vouchers.
Sometimes, discounts would even simply fall onto your lap when you visit the site - like this pop-up $10 savings :D
(Yeah, who doesn't wanna save money right??)

So what are you waiting for? 

1 August 2013

Corner Hair Salon

Was out in the afternoon last week to run a very VERY important errand <3


So while I’m at it, I decided to hop over to raffles place to meet R as well as to seek for a much-needed hair treatment.

Perming, colouring, rebonding my hair all within a quarter of the year did extreme damages to my hair.

So much so that I can’t even comb it now. Yah, you heard it right, I haven’t been combing my hair hahaha. Cos it either breaks or tangles up so stubbornly and devours whatever comb I try to put through my hair.

Visited Corner Hair Salon located at Clifford Centre.
They have a few branches in the CBD area.
Visit the website for the addresses :)

The consultant could tell that my hair was screaming for repair, so he recommended the Keratin treatment set (repair treatment + ampoule?) or Shiseido treatment (a 5/7-step procedure).

Being a fan of the Japanese brand, I chose the latter even though it’s slightly pricier.

The treatment procedure started off with a hair wash with massage. The massage was comfortable and relaxing, totally lifts up one’s mood :)

There were then hair mask, treatment essence/serum and scalp tonic done for me..

Why Ken, is my hair that bad that you have to pout? :(

Check out the cupcake and bubble tea from the boss :D

I got too busy chatting away later on and forgot the sequence of the treatment they applied on my hair. Haha.

Lastly, a leave-on lotion was applied and Ken did some temp curls for me.
How nice right!
I’m so tempted to perm my hair AGAIN after seeing the end results.
The curls are so much nicer than the ones I had previously. Subtle yet enough to bring out a more matured, feminine composition.

Should I do it?? My hair must be screaming “OH NOOOO…I’m barely revived from the treatment, you’re gonna kill me again?! >.<”

It would cost $128 for a hair length like mine, which effectively means that’s the max the price would go.
If you have shorter hair, then hurray, it would be even more affordable :)
Anyhows, I believe mine’s already very value-for-money. Previously when I went to Jean Yip, they had to charge me extra-long x 3 surcharges :/ The surcharge alone can total up to another treatment session over here at Corner Hair Salon!

While we’re on the prices, this was not a sponsored treatment but I managed to clinch a good deal for my readers! Yay!
Quote Hui Zi for 15% off all your hair services, excl wash & blow.
So that would save you like 20bucks for a Shiseido treatment at my hair length :)

Also, if you’d like, you can look for the stylist who did my hair, Ken! He’s great and doesn’t have smelly fingers cos eh doesn’t smoke ^^ He’s located at Clifford centre #02-20.

Like their Facebook page for more promotions and updates.

 photo image_14_zpse06e1e80.jpeg

With boss.
Caught up with each other over beef noodles after my hair treatment.

Enjoying my smooth hair after I got home ^^

Remember, quote Hui Zi for 15% off all your hair services, excl wash & blow.
Like their Facebook page for more promotions and updates.

28 March 2013

A lil' cheer me up!

Feeling a lil' lousy these few days.
But saw this photo that cheered me up immediately!

The shade of blue/green is so lovely! 
Never a fan of shirts but I especially love the checkered cuff detailing of this!
And the subtle polka dots.

 photo photo12_zpsc75a698b.png

 photo photo22-1_zpsd8bc76a5.png


On a side note, should I straighten my hair?
It makes me look younger I feel! (Or was it becos I was really younger back then? -.-)
The photo below was taken just less than half a year back.

 photo 28f7a887.jpg

How, should I??

7 February 2013

CNY countdown~

CNY is in 3 days time but I have not prepared for it! :/
The only things I did were my nails and curls!
Maybe my skin also? Talk more about that later~

I did my usual gelish glitter french manicure a few days back.
I know i know, my nails are very short! Cos I used to play the piano and couldn't keep long nails.. So kinda gotten used to it as I grew up. Now I can't tahan my nails once they grow more than 0.5cm long, hahaha.

Anyway, my manicurist was very sweet! Gave me EXTRA BLING since it's CNY! <3

Did a new pink glitter shade for my feet, to match my mani :)

I suddenly forgot what's the name of this shade again.. :( :( 

We bumped into cai shen ye (god of fortune) after my pedi lols.
Lucky lucky! :D
Pardon my bloated face, cos i only slept like 3-4 hours for consecutive few days prior to that :/

For hair, I permed it last month at Jean Yip.. The curls are loosening now to just the right softness I love :) 

Look at my hair! Not the mussels! (the mussels are really yummy with the vin blanc sauce btw! lolol)

That's my bored look when we were having test shoot.
But I really like the shape of my hair/curls that day! :) 

And my skin has really IMPROVED after taking Brands innershine marine collagen.
It's more supple and smooth now. Even has a slight pinkish glow if I couple the collagen intake with an earlier bedtime :p
My photoshoot went well :)

Now I'm left with things that I need to put onto myself for the CNY - dress, shoes, bags etc.

I have a vintage-looking yellow floral dress which I like a lot. But parents think that I should probably wear something brighter and more cheery on chu yi.
Sister took the coral one which I mentioned previously that I got it as one of my CNY dresses :/

Starry dress (peach coral)

I have a crimson tube dress from Bonito too, but the actually shade is kinda dull.
Might keep it for chu er/san/si!
Or a wedding dinner instead. haha.
Otherwise, any takers?? Going for $33.50.
Mine's in size XS.

Went to town/JB the other day to look at clothings, but the designs are either too song2 for my liking or too exp! (i consider $40+ exp for a dress which I can find similar ones online for $30+ or less!)
So, very last-min, I have to turn to La Enchanté again, my usual supplier of clothings..

Short-listed a couple!
As I scroll through the archives, I found more & more cheery red/pink pieces which I did not noticed in the past :x oops. Now I'm spoilt for choices.
Help me choose!

Olinda dress (crimson rose)

Olinda dress (crimson rose)

Lady lace frock (pink) size S

Sweetheart peplum dress (crimson rose)

I think the blue is nice actually, and still bright enough. But it's sold-out :(

Sweetheart peplum dress (blue)

Estelle floral dress (red)

Lovth Colour Block Mini Dress (Red)

Afraid my ah ma might complain too 'short' though.

Vevina cutout dress (salmon)

Vallerie V-back dress (red)

My hair so damn straight in the past! lol!

Vallerie V-back dress (blue)

Helpie help!

Had wanted to get the vintage chanel medallion tote in black from Reebonz.

Then I saw a rose version and was hesitating between searching for a similar shade or black.

By the time I'm done hesistating, it's sold out le :(

And I need shoes still too.
But shoes are supposed to come after I've decided on the clothings! To ensure they can compliment well!
Ahh, help me on the clothings pleaseeee!