28 March 2013

A lil' cheer me up!

Feeling a lil' lousy these few days.
But saw this photo that cheered me up immediately!

The shade of blue/green is so lovely! 
Never a fan of shirts but I especially love the checkered cuff detailing of this!
And the subtle polka dots.

 photo photo12_zpsc75a698b.png

 photo photo22-1_zpsd8bc76a5.png


On a side note, should I straighten my hair?
It makes me look younger I feel! (Or was it becos I was really younger back then? -.-)
The photo below was taken just less than half a year back.

 photo 28f7a887.jpg

How, should I??

1 comment:

  1. Rebond lah. I also feel like rebonding my hair!