12 January 2015

Food for Thought @ Botanical Gardens

Was at the botanical gardens for a stroll one afternoon, so we decided to pay a visit to ‘Food for Thought’, nestled amongst the luxuriant greenery of Singapore's most historical garden park.

What I discovered online was, Food For Thought is about transforming community spaces & bringing people together to enjoy Good Food for a Good Cause – the 4 partners of this cafe possess passion for helping the underprivileged. Food for Thought is their second project (First project being School of Thought, a tuition centre) and this project channels part of the proceeds to fund education costs for the needy students.

Food for Thought smartly placed itself in the tranquility of nature, providing the perfect atmosphere for an ideal getaway from city life. The restaurant is designed in such a way to resemble a greenhouse with streaming skylight in the day and soothing greeneries around the place. Do give it a visit and be enthralled :)

Service-wise - we did not require much assistance to be honest, so I do not have comments on it. The good thing I could mention is that there’s no service charge :p On that, no GST as well. I like such clear-cut, definite pricings.
In addition, the pricings have definitely retained the essence and spirit of not ‘paying a lot for very little’ - $3 for a coffee and so on, you get the drift ;)

Slow roasted pulled pork burger $9
With sweet potato chunks, pork crackling, homemade barbecue sauce.

A succulent burger with shredded pork that had been slow roasted and melts in your mouth. Accompanied by the freshest lettuces and overflowing with flavourful caramelized BBQ sauce, this item is a hit!

Grapefruit lychee sage soda $7

This is a must-have drink! It is such a refreshing combination and is great for chilling out for non-alcoholic drinkers.
The lychees were huge and juicy, and remained surprisingly flavourful despite having soaked in the soda for a while. This makes the grapefruit taste less distinctive in comparison.

Full Works breakfast $22
Scrambled eggs, bacon, butter toast, hash browns, roasted tomato salad, chicken sausage and garlic mushrooms

From the photo, you can see how generous the breakfast serving is. My favourite out of the lot would be the sauteed mushrooms that were so juicy and palatable.

Runner-up would be the cute balls of potato hash browns that were fried to a perfect crisp, with a beautiful shade of golden brown. Also, they were not too oily as well.
The bread was also well-toasted, and I enjoyed the entire meal very much.

Food for Thought @ Botanical Gardens

1 Cluny Road, 
Tanglin Gate, #B1-00, S259569 

+65 6479 1080

Opening Hours
Mon  -  Sun 8am to 9pm 
(Last orders at 8.30pm)



  1. They got earl grey milkshake here? I realize they have different menu at different branches. The queen at one got the milkshake. Then when I go museum branch, I couldn't find it. Saddddd :(

  2. Cool place and I think the ambiance is indeed great there. That would be perfect if you want some alone time and enjoying the nature at the same time! Plus points for their mission in helping the unprivileged!

  3. Looks awesome! I love the decor, the wall decals especially!
    I hope to try them soon

  4. The interiors of the place is simply beautiful! It's a nice place to dine in because it's spacious and relaxing. The breakfast plates are full of great food.

  5. It's nice that they create a good ambiance where people can have a good meal. It's also admirable that they support a good cause.

  6. Ohh, such a wonderful place - I like the ambiance and look at that, all in big servings too!

  7. The place look really nice, and I think is a good choice to hang out and have some nice meal too.

  8. The ambiance seems so pleasant and the whole atmosphere creates a sense of chilling out with friends, enjoying this tasty food! Yummy!

  9. I can't help it but stare the meal. I wish I could visit the Food for thought restaurant.

  10. Food for Thought looks like such a nice place to relax. First it's inside the Botanical Gardens and then, they have a nice ambience, and they have generous food servings.