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9 February 2017

Shhh.. Don’t Tell Mama - Food Tasting

Don't Tell Mama is a bistro that takes up residence at Tanjong Pagar, offering Korean-Mexican fusion. It is under the same group as Chicken Up, hence located side-by-side.

The industrial looking interior concept allows guests not to worry about dresscode – simply let our hair down and have fun! 

The colorful drinks caught my attention immediately. What’s more with blinking mini-lightbulbs for the cocktails, enough to make most girls’ hearts go thumping with delight.

To begin with, we had a few Frozen Cocktails $25:

Left to Right:
Parcharita (Passionfruit, Mango and Tequila)
Lycherita (Lychee and Tequila)
Strawberrita (Strawberry and Tequila)

My favourite will always be lychee flavoured drinks, so Lycherita wins hands-down! The Parcharita was also good, with the tangy passionfruit and mango combi. We were able to control the amount of alcohol added to the Sojuritas, hence these drinks are suited for people of all ‘alcoholic’ levels.

Lightbulb Drinks (Soda $5; Juice or Smoothies from $6; Cocktails From $15)

As we already have quite a lot of alcoholic drinks from the Frozen cocktails / Sojuritas, we decided to simply get the soda version for the Lightbulb drinks. Even though I usually avoid blue-colored drinks, the blue lemon soda was very refreshing and nothing like ‘cough syrup’ as I would usually expect blue-colored drinks to be :p The strawberry soda was great too. I guess this makes a perfect first-date drink, guys ;)

Now, let’s take a look at the fusion menu they offer.

Nachos Cheese Omelette Pancake $8

A fushion of two of my favourite starters - nachos cheese and korean pancake, whoo!
The pancake is the soft, chewy type without any crispy edge or surface. However, pairing with the nachos gives it the 'crisp' texture immediately! 

Kimchi Fries $18

Well, what can go wrong with fries? Nothing! The kimchi sauce was well-flavoured and topped with real sautéed kimchi and soy-seasoned shredded chicken. This goes right after my American-style beef chili-cheese fries in my ‘Favorites’ list :p

Bulgogi Quesadilla $14

Not sure if it was the beef, but I love this starter dish! It would make a good main course for one pax if you’re there for ‘proper’ dinner instead of a mass drinking session.

Prawn Burrito $12

This doesn’t seem like a typical burrito, but more towards prawn pizza wrap (if there’s such a thing). The taste of the spices was quite strong, probably good to go with beers or other alcoholic drinks.

Spicy Lollipops $8

These lollipops have nothing to do with sweetness in actual fact. They are chicken drumlets coated with Korean sweet-spicy sauce with some of the meat carved out to shape them like lollipops. The meat is tender and flavorful, easily making it one of our top favourites that evening.

Fried Chicken Wings $8

The wings are very crispy on the outside and the meat has just the right taste. Perfect for a chicken-and-beer chillax night.

Onion Bomb $12

This is the second time I’m trying an onion bomb and this at DTMM certainly makes me feel like going for my third and fourth time! It is incredibly good that even non-onion eaters enjoyed it.


Drop by Don't Tell Mama Facebook page for updates of their latest promotions and events.

For now, the whole of February, go bottomless with the beers and margaritas at DTMM for only $30 for the ladies / $40 for the gents from 7pm-10pm! 

Alternatively, grab a beer for only $1!

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30 September 2014

Southwest Tavern Singapore

Got to know of a cowboy theme restaurant located in the west side of Singapore at TradeHub 21, hugeee thanks to Vincent!

Southwest Tavern

8 Boon Lay Way #01-33 Tradehub 21
Singapore 609964

Tel: 6515 4303

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 00:00
Sat - Sun: 15:00 - 00:00
PH: 17:00 - 00:00

TradeHub 21 has free parking for the first hour. Plus free parking on weekdays after 7, weekends and PH!

Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 52, 99, 105, 105B, 188 and NR5

Nearest MRT station
Jurong East MRT (NS1/EW24)
Take bus 105 for 7 stops


The restaurant-and-bar-in-one in a neighborhood location has its furnishings vastly influenced by the Texas ‘cowboy’ culture and effortlessly radiates a warm, casual and intimate atmosphere that would appeal to even the most discerning diner.
Despite the restaurant nestled amidst offices and the train tracks, it gives out the vibe of a sub-urban rustic, relaxing scene that invites bar goers to unwind absolutely at the bar with a refreshing smooth pint of beer or cocktail of their choice. Stocked with a staggering variety of beer, wine and other spirits, and classic cocktails, Southwest Tavern would confidently be able to cater to every taste.


We were there on a weekend evening and the crowd started streaming in around 7pm. Be sure to make reservations if you're visiting on a weekend night :)


Peach soda and lychee milkshake ice-blended.

Topped with a lychee, cute!

Southwest Tavern serves many authentic American tavern dishes and a variety of beers. Popular for their yummy steaks, interesting beer butt chickens and famous suicide wings, we had to try at least one of them on our first visit!
Hence we decided on the Meat Lover platter so that we can sample their steak plus two other meat dishes :p

Meat Lover $68
Australia Marbled Sirloin, Lamb Shank and Pork Ribs
(We requested for the lamb shank to be changed to grilled Norwegian Salmon instead)


This platter is good to be shared with two or more people. The sirloin steak was indeed marbled well and evenly, as pictured in the menu. We requested for it to be done medium well, and the steak came slightly blackened with bits of crisp on the exterior but still quite pink and juicy inside. Importantly, it was done (medium-well) perfectly without much of the bloodiness yay! This red meat is so succulent that it is good to go even without the steak sauce.

With home-made mash potatoes where you can still bite into chunks of real, soft potatoes, and salad with such fresh, crunchy greens, the sides were no less amazing than the mains. Those sides were an joyful discovery for us, proving that the whole platter was done with so much love and effort right down to the details.

I’d mentioned in other post that I’m not exactly a fan of pork. However, the pork ribs served at Southwest Tavern is so tender and mouth-watering that I finished most of the dish on my own!

Mocktail (tequila sunrise) as an after-drink.

Specially-created chilli for their famous suicide wings!

On a whole, Southwest Tavern recreates an unforgettable experience with value-for-money beers and authentic American Tavern dishes. It is a great hangout venue in alfresco setting, especially for those staying or working near the West.

I can’t wait to visit again for the beer-butt chicken with a larger group of friends!


A note on their upcoming event:
Oktoberfest @ Southwest tavern
04/10/2014 from 7.00pm - 10.00pm

By reservation only! Call 65154303 to book now :)
Quote: "I got the info from Facebook" so Southwest Tavern can bring you more deals through Facebook.

S$50.00++ per pax

Free flow, draught beer
Erdinger and Heineken

Buffet style
- potato gratin / potato wedges with demi glaze brown sauce
- garden salad with lemon vinaigrette
- pork knuckle
- pork roulade
- german pork bratwurst
- chicken bratwurst
- veal bratwurst
- bbq pork ribs


6 June 2014

The Bank Bar & Bistro @ One Shenton

Met up with some of the fdgm people for a meal as well as to surprise WL at her new work place! :)
We checked out The Bank Bar + Bistro nearby some of our offices, at One Shenton.

 The Bank Bar + Bistro 

 #01-01, One Shenton, 1 Shenton Way 

 Hours Daily: 
11:00 - 00:00 



 The Bank Bar + Bistro has an all-day dining and bar concept with premium quality western cuisine and wine for business entertainment. The spacious, lofty and chic ambience works well for after-work unwinding or weekend brunches.

With a beautifully designed, seamless space that houses the bar and dining areas, the sophisticated all-in-one drinking and dining venue is ideal for corporate events besides catering to the different drinking and dining crowd.

Sports aficionados can also gather at this hot spot to catch major sports leagues, and bond over great food and beers/wines.
As stated above, The Bank Bar opens til midnight on both weekdays and weekends, so patrons don't have to worry about searching for another place to hang out after dinner hours.

Service was kind of slow and the waitress had this annoyed look on her face throughout. Overworked?
Seems like the disappointing service affected my friend a lil.
(He sure needs that beer huh.)

As if making up for the (lack of) service though, the food served was very palatable and one will be spoiled for choices with the extensive menu.

The seafood aglio olio I had was extremely favourful, with seafood all so fresh and succulent. The squid especially, was cooked just nice and juicy. We also order barbecued baby ribs that were full of meat and so tender to the point it almost fell off the rib as soon as we touched it. The BBQ sauce was perfect with a smokey and tangy taste. Serving of the pizza was huge and thus very good for sharing.

Here are some pictures of the awesome food we had:

Seafood Aglio Olio $24.50
Comes with succulent prawns, fresh squid, fresh black mussels, garlic, chilli flakes, olive oil and parsley.

Braised Lamb Shank $33.00
with roasted potatoes, asparagus, vine tomato and rosemary sauce

With #laopengyou lol :D

Barbeque Baby Back Ribs $26.00
with mesclun salad and potato wedges

Fungi $23.50
Pizza topped with a generous blend of jalapeno, white button mushroom, mozzarella, onions, capsicum, dry thyme and creamy white sauce

The bunch of us before hopping over to WL's place!