27 April 2013

Macau Holiday Inn Cotai

The morning after rushing out my assignment.
Woke up at 5plus to pack my luggage! :`(

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Had decided to go to Macau after booking our tickets to Hong Kong, so we bought tickets at the airport and transferred directly to the ferry at Sky Pier. Sky Pier is connected to HKIA, so we didn't need to go through the customs. Also, they would transfer our luggage from the plane to the ferry, how convenient!

Arrived at about 3pm+.
Bought tickets for 5:20pm via Cotaijet ferry.
So we had some a lot of time to kill in the meanwhile.


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Tracyeinny biker jacket in white
La Enchante knit top in periwinkle
Uniqlo leggings/pantkins in black
BKK shoes
Karen Millen watch


Went mannings (HK version of Guardian!) & found these uber sweet me-to-you chocolates :)

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There's awfully chocolate cookies too!

 photo image_2_zpse9426cf3.jpeg

Tried the Hong Kong food at the airport eatery.

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 photo image_1_zpsfa5b67c7.jpeg

 photo image_9_zps5422cb5a.jpeg

 photo image_5_zpsbfde024b.jpeg

All items come with free tea. 
About SGD7 each 'set'.

Chose to disembark at Taipa ferry terminal instead of the macau outer harbour terminal cos we're staying at Holiday Inn which is at the cotai strip area (nearer to Taipa).
I believe most, if not all, of the 4/5* hotels have shuttle services to/fro the ferry terminal. So we simply hopped on to Conrad's bus right after we came out of the ferry terminal.

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FYI, Holiday Inn, Conrad and Sheraton share the same development/strip/area/porch/shuttle bus service.
The entire stretch is called the Sands Cotai Central.

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 photo IMG_0887_zps96040b78.jpg

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Got free upgrade to deluxe suite whee~
Here's the living room area.

 photo image_zpsec1bdd27.jpeg

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 photo IMG_0873_zps44bc2782.jpg

 photo IMG_0875_zps272c0238.jpg

Love the floral sofa.
Wanna have something similar for my home next time!

 photo IMG_0876_zpsa19440ca.jpg

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There were welcome chocolates!

 photo photo3_zpsba48fcfb.jpg

In bronze, silver and gold.

 photo photo5_zpsf656a4a4.jpg

List of amenities available in the room. and erm, pricing of drinks/snacks.

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Huge bedroom with gorgeous view of Crown & the City of Dreams.

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 photo IMG_0864_zpsc4b59c65.jpg

 photo IMG_0865_zps07b2a045.jpg

 photo image_1_zpsa972718b.jpeg

 photo IMG_0867_zps3d43a2ea.jpg

There was a rose for me! ^^

 photo image_7_zps86196fbf.jpeg

2 choices of pillows available, firm & soft. 
I think the firm one is good!

 photo image_11_zps4622d674.jpeg

 photo IMG_0883_zps059a5fda.jpg

 photo IMG_0884_zpsb35d91b3.jpg

Bathroom is like a mini 3-bedroom itself, lol.

 photo photo2_zpsd856fb04.jpg

There's a "walk-in wardrobe" on the left, with full-length mirror!

 photo image_3_zps7c9b2c3b.jpeg

Toiletries available if you're not too fussy.
The shampoo is of ginger and lavender or something. Feels abit cooling after wash, like mint.

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 photo image_13_zps36857e61.jpeg

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With Venetian right across the street, we walked over as soon as we were done settling our luggage.

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