24 April 2013

Post Hong Kong Syndrome :(

I'm having the post-holiday syndrome now :( Missing Hong Kong so much! Or rather, missing the days when I don't have to think/plan/work and just shop the whole day! :D

Those who wants my HK itinerary can drop me an email! :)
*mental note to self: rem to send it to lina!*
And if you can't wait, follow me on instagram @OYHZ for preview and real-time updates :)

Guess which colour I got? :)

Bought mostly skincare though.
Masks as gifts, laniege & shiseido for my mom, kose mask and shiseido serum and chanel lp for myself.

These took up the bulk of my spendings in HK :x
Otherwise, I would have kept everything under sgd1k per pax (including hotel, attraction tickets and transport fees) for the entire trip!
That's kinda rare, considering that it's HK especially where the standard of living and accomodation cost are about the same as Singapore and if not, higher.

Gonna blog about that soon! :)
Follow me on instagram @OYHZ bite-size updates in the meanwhile!

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