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30 December 2014

Julie's Hershey's Cookies

As an addicted snacker in office and more or less, cookie monster, I was thrilled to know that popular Malaysian biscuit brand Julies has a collaboration with global chocolate icon Hershey's, leading to the birth of their latest cookie line, Julie’s Hershey’s!

The new range is available in six variants: chocolate fudge, chocolate chip, chocolate waffle, chocolate chip oat, chocolate chip hazelnut, and chocolate fudge vanilla.

Having tried 4 flavours (chocolate fudge, chocolate waffle, chocolate chip oat, chocolate chip hazelnut), I personally like the chocolate fudge flavour best, which isn't surprising - who wouldn't love Hershey's chocolate fudge right??

Next in line would be the chocolate chip hazelnut cookies, which has an additional fragrance from the hazelnut chips. It is also not as sweet as the chocolate fudge variant, hence probably a preferred choice for the more health-conscious :)

With Director, Mr Martin Ang.
"We are thrilled about our new partnership with Hershey. Both brands were built on the same ideals and values, and I believe it is this foundation which sealed our partnership."


Playing around during the luncheon :p

Some snacks we had while getting to know other bloggers in SG.

Julie’s Hershey’s cookies will soon be available in all major supermarkets. They will also be launched in in phases throughout Asia and all ASEAN countries, Taiwan and Mongolia early next year.

Here's the link to one of the supermarket online, it's retailing for only $3.90 per box!


7 December 2013

La Mav Organic Skin Science® - Australia’s first organic anti-aging skincare brand

Invited to La Mav's launch at the newly-renovated BHG Bugis.
The departmental store has been expanded slightly and included much more new brands and counters, especially at level 2. Check it out when you're free! :)

Or read til the end of the post for a Giveaway! ♥



La Mav shelf is located at storey 2, on the right of the escalator going up.

La Mav Organic Skin Science resulted from years of research, beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. La Mav s age defying results are inspired by skin science and delivered through nature to unmask your natural inherent beauty. La Mav products are available internationally, with 150 stockists across  the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Canada, Malaysia and Lithuania. So glad that it has finally come to Singapore. :)


Every single ingredient that goes in La Mav is very carefully selected on the basis of its clinically proven properties to formulate the best organic skincare range any company can offer.  Manufactured free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphated surfactants, synthetic fragrance/colours phthalates, talc, PEGS, TEA, DEA, silicones, Et al.
La Mav is made by and for women who value a chemical free, healthy lifestyle!

4 of La Mav's collector/starter packs.

Tarj Mavi gave us an introduction of La Mav.
La Mav Skincare was created by Tarj Mavi, who, after suffering from skin pigmentation after the birth of her second child, was unable to find a skincare range that could deliver visible results but was free from harsh chemicals. Having worked in the research and development field for over 25 years, Tarj was able to utilise this knowledge, and combine it with a desire to create a completely organic skin care range that would deliver visible results whilst being gentle to the skin and environment. Tarj believes that no woman should have to sacrifice beauty for health. The products speak for themselves.

Few of their best-selling items -
Anti Dark-Circle & Ultra-Firm Eye Gel
La Mav Anti Dark-Circle and Ultra-Firm Eye Gel is an advanced light cooling gel to revive and lighten the delicate eye area. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C that reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. The eye contour looks smoother, firmer.

Bio A7 Firming Eye Lotion
This AWARD WINNING velvety crème visibly rejuvenate and transforms the delicate eye area. Formulated with Hibiscus Esculentus and Pisum Sativum Extract to increase elasticity and smoothen lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin visibly lifted and toned.

Nightly repair nectar - From left to right:
Antioxidant Rich
Vit-C Advanced
Intense Moisture

With Joanna and Kim.

Thanks La Mav for having us at the launch!



After trying several products from the Ultra Hydration and Skin Brightening range of La Mav, I'm really impressed by the Ultra Hydration range as it shows me the effects immediately the following day of usage!

Two products I would highly recommend are the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum and Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar. Both of which La Mav is kindly offering to 5 of my readers! :)
A personal note is that the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum is easily absorbed and hence more suited for day usage. The Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar is slightly heavier, and more oily, which is why it's for night repair :)

To join the Giveaway, simply perform these 2 steps!

1) Subscribe to my blog via keying in your email address at the top of my right-hand sidebar :)

 photo subscribe_zpsdc1cc7eb.jpg

2) Leave a comment in this post stating your choice of product, with your name and mailing address!


Choice of sample: Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum / Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar
Name: OYHZ
Mailing address: 123 Clementi Ave 123 #01-23 Singapore 520123

5 random readers who has subscribed and commented before 15 December 2013 will receive the samples of their choice!

Comments will be screened for confidentiality issue.
Good luck!

19 November 2013

Fullhouse Signature Singapore @ Clarke Quay

I'm sure many (especially KPOP fans) have heard of Full House - Korean drama featuring Rain and Song Hye Gyo, as well as the lovely theme cafe “Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe” previously located at Hotel Rendezvous.
Unfortunately, the latter has closed down.
But...FRET NOT! Fullhouse is now re-opened in Singapore at Clarke Quay with new management and the cafe focuses on its signature dishes more than before, hence, Fullhouse Signature <3

The bloggers were invited to their food tasting just last week and to bring to you a wonderful 1-for-1 deal at the end of this post ^^

Fullhouse Signature brings new dimensions to wedding and dining experience, with an edge in creating a dream home for all. It caters to family gatherings, high tea sessions, relaxing meet-ups, and the showcase of the arts. It now encompasses a wider and more creative range of exciting happenings than its previous cafe and is eager to hose all sorts of family events, business meetings, alumni activities, product launching, or just a gathering of close friends. Consider this your home for any activity or program you wish to organize!

The main mascots of Fullhouse Signature are the Fullhouse family, namely dad Thomas, mum Tracy, children Tiffani and Tony, as well as pet dog Toy as your friendly and pleasant hosts.
Try to spot them in the photos later in the post! ;)


Without much further ado, let's take a look at the lovely theme restaurant. The management team has spent months sourcing for suitable decor and even having them custom-made overseas for the restaurant to ensure that every corner is perfect!

Garden theme

Victorian theme
(as well as a children play area adjoined)

Wedding corner
*pardon the lousy photo quality

This area acts as a bridal boutique where you can try on the gowns and do your makeup by the pretty dressing corner, yes, for real!
The gowns are even available for purchase if you like :)

And here's your groom, ROFL.

Can't help but take a selfie in the lovely bridal section <3

(no, this isn't their gown)

Garden Bar?

Now, to the food.
Oh before that, they have young, cute waitress to serve your food ^^

Cream of Forest Mushroom $9
Simmered with wild mushrooms, herbs, and topping with cream & tuffle oil

 photo SAM_0420_zps60a524f7.jpg

I love how the soup is thick, yet not too creamy. It's made with freshly chopped chunks of mushrooms - authentically good!
The bread that came along were extremely crispy.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks $11
Deep fried cheese sticks coated with crispy breadcrumbs

Look how unique the erm, spoon, it was served in.

This was one of my favourite dish out of so many even though it's simply mozzarella cheese coated with bread crumbs, I find the taste so divine~~ T.T

Italian Meatball $17
Homemade meatballs served with tomato sauce and melted cheese on top

The meatball itself was a little bland. However, the melted cheese and tomato sauce makes up for it!
Just have to make sure you get the sauce together with the meatball before you bite in :)

Golden Crabmeat Ball $11
Homemade crab meat ball served with cream cheese

These crab meatballs were a little too dry and flaky for my liking.
Might be better if there were fresh, juicy crab meat in it?
However, for the price of $11,this will do as a quick fix if you have a craving for crab meat.

Scallop Aglio Spagehetti $22
Smooth virgin olive oil with a touch of chili padi and garlic served with sauteed whole scallops

The scallops were really huge! And done pretty well so that they were still juicy and soft.

Fullhouse Ravioli $25
Special creamy ravioli stuffed with minced prawns, squids and spinach

The presentation of the ravioli once again surprised us :) Having an aesthetically-pleasing dish already makes customers 50% satisfied.
However, having tried authentic yummy ravioli in Italy personally, this dish was a little far from expectations.
The pasta itself could been a little thinner, either that or more of the fillings (and more cream please, yes!).
Perhaps each petal of ravioli could be made smaller, more bite-sized, for ladies to have an easier time to enjoy the food :)

Braised Lamb Shank $19
Lamb shank simmered in red wine jus

Not a fan of lamb personally, thus I can't comment.
But per other bloggers who likes lamb shanks, this was definitely a *thumbs up*! Aww!

I had the mash potato which looks so pretty at the side though.

Chicken Chop with Raisin Black Pepper Sauce $25
Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

I have no idea how they do it (otherwise, I would have been a chef), but the skin was so crispy and yet meat remains tender and juicy. LOVE this dish!
The raisin pepper sauce is pretty innovative as well, making it slightly more fragrant with the dried grapes.

Banana Paradise $9
Golden crispy fritters served with vanilla ice-cream

Well well, these are some GOOD goreng-pisang (fried bananas) with vanilla ice-cream. Perfect duo!

Molten Chocolate Cake $9
Chocolate cake filled with lava like smooth cocoa

We were slightly disappointed when there weren't any chocolate lava oozing out when we cut the cake :/ That's supposed to happen, right!? To have molten chocolate within the cake!

But right upon trying the cake, all my disappointments were gone!
The (not-so-molten) chocolate in the cake were nonetheless soft and slightly chewy, making the dessert so satisfying.
The strawberries were surprisingly sweet (not the usual sour ones we have) too!

Snow White on Fire

One of their signature cocktail, with a presentation style similar to flaming lamborgini, Snow White on Fire.

The cocktail has citrus, honey and (plum) many other ingredient in it which makes it not only exciting to watch, but super delicious too! To me, it tasted like refreshing honey plum and I had to control myself not to have too much of it! :X Otherwise I'd be drunk pretty soon!

Now, here's the sweet deal for everyone! Fullhouse Signature is offering 1-FOR-1 main course, from today til 10 December 2013! :)
Simply scan the QR code or flash the coupon below before ordering.

Guys, you can take the chance to ask the girl to share the 1-for-1 main with you *winks*
Such a romantic restaurant with a great promo, kills two birds with one stone yea?

 Fullhouse Signature @ Clarke Quay

3A, Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04, Singapore 179020
(Located above Tomo Japanese Restaurant)

Opening Hours: 
11:30am - 01:00am daily

Tel: (+65) 6338 0885
Fax: (+65) 6338 8280


Thank you Mapwerks! :)