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14 July 2012

La Enchanté Upcoming Bustier Top

If you have been following my instagram, you'll find this gorgeous upcoming floral bustier on La Enchanté!
Fell in love with it immediately when I tried it on.
Highly stretchable material, me likes.
Slightly padded too, so that you can skip your bra for this :)

Selling the crochet shorts!
Brand new, unworn & unwashed.
Intricate crochet details, fully lined.
At only $15mailed!
Email me - :)

9 July 2012

Bistro Du Vin @ Zion Road

Woke up earlier on a weekend specially for a nice brunch!
I'm always lazy to get out of the house.
Dilly-dally much, and viola! It's already 2pm when we went to Bistro Du Vin.
Website here!

Skin is getting dull these days.
I'm trying to skip makeup on weekends to let my skin 'rest'. 
Just abit of concealor and eyeliner :)

Toga from Danzelia.lj
Shoes from Prestique

There are two Bistro Du Vin restaurants.
One at the Shaw Centre, and the other at Zion Road.
Chose the one at Zion cos parking would be much easier and more convenient.
There are tons of carpark lots along the stretch.
However, do avoid peak hours still if you're not one who's patient enough to search for parking :)

Outdoor seats along the sideway.
Very simple and unpretentious exterior.

The restaurant decor was a typical french bistro setting.
With red and lots of paintings.
Seats are limited and comfortably spaced.

The free flow of bread is a nice touch, especially when the bread is SO GOOD.
It's unlike any bread I've tried before!
The crust is extremely thin and crispy, while the bread is so soft and slightly warm still.

The creamy butter goes so well with it~
I could easily have a few baskets of it, if I hadn't want to save my stomach for the proper meal.

There is set-lunch til 2:30pm, at $30+ which is pretty worth it!
Here's a pic of the menu.
Each set comes with an entree, a main, a dessert and coffee/tea.
6 choices to choose from each category :)

Pan-seared foie gras with pickled shallots and eggplant.

The portion was value-for-money for a $6 top-up of the set lunch.
Besides, it taste so much better than many other restaurants'.
Like the slight sourish pickled shallots which i think goes very well with the dish.

Green asparagus with escargot and hollandaise sauce.

I love this more than the foie gras~
The fresh juicy asparagus and huge escargots made this dish a totally delightful one for me!

Duck-leg confit

Top-up of $4 for this dish and it fared pretty well for me.
Brussel sprouts were just nice, not overly bitter.
Portion was too huge for me to stomach though.

Baked salmon & prawns.

The salmon was medium rare, and fresh.
Champagne butter sauce was delectable ;)

Creme Brulee

The creme was light and fluffy.
The caramel was slightly overly done in my opinion, too bitter for my liking.
Or perhaps, I was already full before dessert was served :p

Banana crumbles with choco ice-cream.

Portion was huge, as with all the others.
Would be a hit for banana-lovers.

Bistro Du Vin
56 Zion Road

Website here!


27 May 2012

La Enchanté Collection 5!

Many of you have been asking me about the launch date, here it is!
La Enchanté Collection 5
28th May 2012, 8pm :)

Visit to join the mailing list now!


Click 'Like' on the Facebook page for timely updates and notifications of the new launches!
In addition, you get first-hand preview of upcoming collections as well as a dollar discount and other promotions in time to come!

Some personal favourites for the collection.

Gregoria Fish-tail Maxi

All-time favourite fishtail!
Comes with a black top with slight sheen to add to the glam factor.

Marabelle Polka Dot Blouse/Tunic

Will upload an OTD pic in which I wore the peach one. Super love!


Personally I've never tried tunic/leggings combi before, cos I think it makes my legs look weird :/
But this blouse/tunic is so lovely that i have to try it!
I think i love anything polka dots. Just plain black/white polka dresses alone, i already have 3 of extremely similar design. Hur hur!

I dont usually wear green nowadays, but this piece definitely makes me change my mind.
Manufactured with an understated Grecian feel to it, me like! =>

Allyson Chain Neckline Dress


And here's one in cream..

Love asymmetrical hems! <3
It can be worn for corporate dresscode even as the front is long enough. The asymmetric length at the sides aren't too obvious and doesn't feel 'over-revealing' unlike the fishtail design.

Karissa flare work dress

Karissa flare work dress (white)

For an angelic look ;)
Material is of boutique quality!
And length is decent for office wear.

For the previously sold-out Ashley dress i mentioned a few posts back..
It's back! In more yummy colours!

Asley Asymmetrical Sleeves Dress

In nude shade.


Jade :)

The new batch consists of not only new colours, but also improvement in the design!
Comes with hidden elastic band at waist/hip area for better fit and makes it more figure flattering!
I also love how the nude shade is like in real life.. <3 Real sexy nude, instead of creamish or pinkish tones.

That's about it!
Check on 28th May 2012 8pm for more lovely designs in the collection!
Remember to 'Like' the Facebook page for notifications of the new launches! :)

23 May 2012

Little Red Heels Hooked Denim Bustier Top

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

 The floral prints is indeed love! 
 Material is on the thinner side though. Afraid it would turn flimsy after a few wash :/ 
 Cutting is fab! 

  Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

 Need some help on styling with this top though. 
What else can i pair it with? 

We had dinner late at night.
So, dessert at cafe cartel.

  Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

The super jerlat crème brûlée!
Looks very very pretty <3
But too eggy for my liking! And there wasn't much of the harden caramel :`(  
Went home full, sweet, and sick. Haha.

19 May 2012

My Little Spanish Place @ Bukit Timah Road


During one of my bad hair days :(
La Enchante's Violette pleated dress
Chanel necklace 

That's all.
Lazy to accessorize that day :X

Passed by My Little Spanish Place @ Bt Timah and find the home-style ambience very appealing.
Decided to drop in for some tapas.



Tortilla de Patata con Alioli
"The national dish of Spain. Traditional Spanish egg omelette with potatoes and onions, served with homemade alioli."
I didn't know that it was homemade sauce. It tasted soooo good with the omelette.
The potatoes were soft and blended in well with the omelette.
Quite a filling dish surprisingly.
Had thought tapas are usually tiny unique dishes that do not make one full lolx.

Filetes Russos con Pimiento y Mahon
"Mini beefburger patties topped with melted cheese and bell peppers. Grandma’s recipe"
Like these tiny beef patties too!
A lil' on the saltish side, but the bellpepper topping balanced it well.
Tired face :/
Such a cosy ambience makes me comfortable and zzzish :p
Forgot what's this called.
But it's :/ Basically overly-salty thin slices of hard & almost-can't-be-chewed ham/sausage/bacon?
And super exp too, $16/$18 for something almost inedible.

Thankfully there were croquettes still.
"Lightly fried jamon-stuffed creamy croquettes."
No pics. But those were really delicious!

Cava sangria <3
I'm always ready for one :)

"For a taste of authentic, home-style Spanish dishes, you no longer need to look beyond Singapore thanks to a Spanish chef’s dedication to her family's cuisine heritage.
My Little Spanish Place is helmed by chef-partner Maria Sevillano, a petite Spanish lady from Salamanca, one of the nine provinces in the Castille y Leon region. Located in the northern part of Spain, Castille y Leon is also one of the largest regions in the country. Having hailed from a lineage of Spanish chefs and restaurant-owners; Maria started her gastronomic journey more than 25 years ago by helping her grandmother in the kitchens of their two family-run restaurants a fine-dining establishment and a meson."

Would love to go back again for a proper dinner to try their Paellas!
"A classic Spanish dish, the paella is a golden rice dish which rates with the best rice dishes in the world."
Saw our neighbouring tables having it. And all looked good.

 619 Bukit Timah Rd  
Singapore 269720