4 January 2015

Lola Skye @ Zalora

I received news from the Zalora team a few weeks back on Dorothy Perkins’ newest collection series – Lola Skye.
Have always been quite a fan of Dorothy Perkins personally, with its UK-influenced designs that are fun and feminine at the same time. Dorothy Perkins carry a wide range of fashion from work wears to glamourous evening gowns, beautiful party dresses to casual tops that enable us to find suitable outfits for all kinds of occasions!
Lola Skye, on the other hand, seems to specialize in more fun and casual, and also younger designs :)

I naturally went to check out Zalora’s site for Lola Skye apparels immediately. And, I found what I was hoping to see indeed!

What’s even better is, there is an on-going sale of up to 30% off!
Also, it is very convenient to navigate the website with a few clicks of the mouse. After utilizing Zalora’s shopping platform for so many months, I’ve become exceptionally familiar to the user interface and can easily browse through products or search for a particular item in a very short time!

Decided to check out some of the latest arrivals first.

This maxi caught my eyes with its flowy silhouette and fun geometric prints.

Not a fan of geometric prints usually, but this seems pretty understated and decent enough for office Friday casuals :)

And now, sorting the clothings by the amount of discount given, how is it possible that the dresses are going at such low prices! T.T
$35 can’t even get me a decent dress from blog shops sometimes these days. Yet this Mint Rose Jacquard Dress is going at only S$34.90!

Besides being so affordable, it is also at a great discount of 50%, which means you save quite a great deal.
Crafted with a classic embroidery design, this Mint Rose Jacquard Dress from Lola Skye offers that graceful flare silhouette. With a sexy cut-out back, this dress will create that timeless look.
This is so my style! And I like the surprise element at the back with the cut-out. And with a blazer on, it would be suitable for office casual too.

There’s also a black jacket which is similar to the leather one from a B&M store which I'm thinking to buy for my upcoming US trip.
This (from Lola Skye) is at only half the price! Got further discount from Zalora some more!

Should I? I'm so afraid of the cold, think I'm gonna load up on many many jackets for the trip. Haha. Wish there can be a nude shade for this design! Lola Skye, pretty please? *'.'*

If you're looking for a new dress/top/skirt/jacket for the new year, do check out Lola Skye at Zalora and you may be just as happy as I am to find the great deals :) 


  1. one of the best things about this collection is the leather jacket. This is such a perfect piece for a cold weather.

  2. They have really nice designs for their Lola Skye collection. I'm sure ladies all over the net would be grabbing some of their collections.