27 July 2012

Ikea / Beautiful photos

Went to Ikea recently cos snabb (what a mouthful) wanted to erm, revamp his living room, with a study corner.

Tired, as usual.

Must-have meatballs! :p

This shelf is super love! 
I want for my house in future! :)

Anyway, I was attracted to the huge hanging photos/pictures more than anything else.
There were the usual abstract art/floral stuffs. But i kinda prefer the real photos.

A few we saw, similar to the ones below (*credits to google images)

Of cos, it is nothing much viewing a photo like this from a laptop screen.
But when it's magnified and standing huge in front of you, it's a totally different feeling.

Maybe it's just me.
It's almost intimidating viewing a city from this angle, yet at the same time it gives a sense of freedom. Freedom from fear and anxiety. A soothing feeling found within oneself.

Okay, that's if you can manage not to think about Gotham city in the meanwhile.

Anyway city views remind us of work :/
So in the end, the best of the photos was agreed to be this.

Composed. Unruffled. Tranquilizing.

I would like it still the same during sunset!

Now. If only my house has empty space for one. 

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