19 June 2012

Sony Vaio

From the S series iirc! 

 Been wanting a pink laptop for the longest time but just couldn't bear to give up on my old laptop or stop lusting over the macbook air. 
I saw this recently (even though it has been out in the market for quite some time!), and thought it's the prettiest pink laptop I've ever seen!

*credits to google image 

 There is another option of the Sony VAIO E series where the pink version has a matching pink keyboard!
 But i find it heavy at 2.3kg :x 
 It looks so good though, in every colour.

*credits to Sony website 

 Then I realised there is the latest version of the S series family. 
So-called improved version of the one i'm eyeing, in the very first pic of the post. 
Both are pretty much the same, other than slight differences in the intel core, memory space and and graphic card i think. Features (from Sony): 13.3” LCD display offers either 1600 x 900 or 1366 x 768 pixel high resolution. Plus the anti-reflective glossy finish provides a high contrast image, and is easy on the eyes. 

 Slot-in optical drive 
 The slot-in optical drive not only protects the beauty of the full flat design but also increases the rigidity of the frame. It strengthens the body while also eliminating the risk of the loading tray becoming bent. 

 4th generation HDD shock protection 
 The newest shock protection technologies for the hard disk drive utilise a multi-axis G sensor to detect how the PC is moving in order to protect the drive if the PC falls or is dropped.   

Anytime fast USB* charging 
 The USB charging feature allows you to rapidly recharge other devices from your notebook. Simply connect the device you want to recharge to the USB charging port. You can charge a device even when the notebook is turned off or is in Sleep mode and not connected to the AC mains. This feature is particularly useful if your smartphone or portable audio player suddenly runs out of battery power and you do not have easy access to a mains power outlet. 

 Backlit keyboard 
 The keyboard automatically lights up when used in dark places, making it easier to type in dimly lit rooms such as during your flight or in a conference room. The ambient light sensor even adjusts the screen brightness according to how much ambient light there is. 15.5" models are also equipped with a numeric keypad to enable faster input of numbers for spreadsheets.

However, one important feature i don't like for the new version is the - large touchpad with multi-gesture control 
 VAIO S Series features a large touchpad that allows you to take full advantage of the versatile gesture control function. The touchpad also allows scrolling and right clicking, enabling you to make use of more advanced PC functionality without having to use a mouse. 

 It is indeed larger than the previous version and hence centralized on the laptop, looking more pleasing aesthetically. The previous one has the touchpad slightly more to the left, aligned with the spacebar:

The new one is so large that my palm tends to touch it when I'm typing and the 'mouse' just keeps moving all over the screen. That is gonna interrupt my typing greatly. 
Furthermore, it is centralized with the entire laptop instead of the alphabet keys, which makes it even harder for me NOT to touch it when i'm typing :( 

 The previous version is priced at $1,299. Whereas the new upgraded version is only at $1,499. 
Just $200 difference. 
Logically speaking, I should be getting the new one right?? 

What's more it comes with an additional battery pack that allows you to use the laptop for 12hours without charging! 
Bet the battery pack alone cost around $200 or more already. 
 Also, secretly i think the new one looks prettier with rounded edges and more baby pinkish :| 

 But but but, I really need a laptop that is user-friendly on top of being pink and pretty. 
 SO, I shouldn't be getting the new version, despite it being a 'better' deal for those who doesn't mind or can type in such a manner that the large touchpad doesn't harm. 
Sony VAIO VPCSB36FG, here I come! :) 

Harvey Norman's having a promotion that's so much better than the Sony sales! 
You get a 17-in-1 accessories pack (mouse, headphones, keyboard liquid cleaner, duster etc etc), anti-virus, x-mini speakers, and the usual carrying case + upgraded RAM. Applies to other laptops as well. 
I saw Acer, HP and ASUS laptops at the fair ;) 
 If you're interested in a new laptop like me, better to check out Harvey Norman before you get anything! Whilst stocks last til 24 June 2012~

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