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27 April 2014

Canton-I: JB City Square

Canton-I, specializing in flavours from the region of China - Canton is part of the Dragon-i Group.

They have a branch in ION Orchard which I've tried once long time ago.
The roasted pork was so (sinfully) gooood and the pork porridge with dried oyster was surprisingly delicious!


ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #03-14 S238801

I had lost the photos due to some phone backup errors previously :(
But no worries! Upon knowing that there's a branch in JB City Square, we decided to take advantage of the good exchange rates and as an excuse for a weekend "getaway" by paying a visit to the Canton-I in Malaysia.

The interior isn't as intricate and unique as the branch at ION Orchard.
Still, the cheery pink and white combi makes me very happy ^^
Should I have a pink room like this for my house next time? lol.

Deep fried beancurd with pepper and salt.

This is a MUST HAVE!
Though deep fried, it is not oily at all. The skin is so thin and crispy that you wouldn't feel guilty at all for eating soon. Sooner than you will realise, you would have already finished the entire plate (oops, me la me la).

The inside so soft and *healthy*

Abalone porridge which is very good too!
But not much ingredients in it. I would prefer Ah Biao abalone noodles anytime! :P'''

The pork belly is slightly different from Singapore's.
Not as crispy :(

Dimsum were pretty much average, except for the salted egg yolk custard bun.


Ginseng wolfberry aloe vera drink, very yummy!

Here's a piggy bun which looks so cuteeee. But we were too full to stomach any more food.
Til the next time!


Lot J1-22 & J2-31, Johor Bahru City Square, 
106 & 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru

17 April 2014

Genting Highlands - Malaysia

Been digging lotsa old photos of late.
Woes of procrastinating! :``(

Won 3D2N Genting First World Hotel F&E packages from Resort World Genting x Nuffnang many months back.
We took the now-defunct Five Stars tours.
If you interested, there're still similar priced packages from Grassland Express :)

Happy with the ample leg space!

And so-so entertainment.

Stop over at Yong Peng, Johor.
Quite a popular stop over for buses coming to Singapore to Malaysia.
We bought snacks to munch on the long journey to Genting Highlands. But not the local products as they were overpriced! :o


We had deluxe rooms at First World Hotel, one of the world's largest hotels, is adjoined to the First World Plaza which boasts 500,000 sq feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food galore. A lush, grand tropical rainforest greets guests at the main entrance of the First World Hotel, followed by a spacious Spanish courtyard lobby. All rooms are comfortably furnished with modern amenities.

Automated check-in kiosks.
Simply scan your passports and it will assign you to your reserved rooms.

Very tiny :O


First up, we went to satisfy our growling tummies!
Decided to try Bubbles and Bites at another hotel upon seeing good reviews on it.
Price range is very affordable too, for such yummy food.
Main courses are generally around RM20-30.

Bubbles and Bites

Highlands Hotel
Level 2, Maxims

11am – 12midnight
 Weekends, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday
11am – 2am

Some wine to counter the cold weather :p

New York spaghetti and meatballs

Pizza carbonara

Al Dante Spaghetti with seafood and garlic

Salad with poached egg

Pasta carbonara with crispy lamb denvers

Did a bit of shopping after our early dinner and we went back to the hotel.

So pretty!

Wanted to try chicken kut teh but we were still too full from the dinner at Bubbles and Bites and random snackings :(

Our snacks packaging expanded due to the reduction in pressure on the high lands - M thought it would be nice to use them as additional pillows -_-


Day 2

Went for hotel buffet breakfast.
Spread was average. The buffet area was rather canteen-style in order to cater to thousands of customers every day, lol.
But then.. It was rather empty when we were there. Everyone's probably too busy at the casinos to eat breakfast :X

My must-have (^^)v


Hang around for a while doing random shopping while waiting for the theme park to open.

Despite the bright, sunny photos, it was actually alternating between rain and fog the entire day! :(
Many rides were stopped a number of times that day when it rained, and we spent quite a lot of time simply waiting and seeking shelter.
STILL, all of us still ended up sun-burnt -_-

While waiting for go-kart hahahaa.

Okay, no sabo.. I did the same too.

Went to the "top-point" of the outdoor theme park.

One of the rides I would never take lol.

They went ahead though.

I waited for them at the ice-cream stall right beside...

And enjoyed an cornetto, wahaha.

Of cos, I was nice enough to stop in between bites to take photos of their experiences la.. :p


Love this!!


And more kiddy rides for me :))

Went for dim sum lunch at Ah Yat.

With red eyes from the sun O.O

 photo image_421_zps6de05cf4.jpeg

Next we bargained for a "taxi"/car to bring us to the nearby strawberry farms, tea plantation and mushroom farms and etc etc. They're all in close vicinity. So the entire tour will take about 2-3 hours at most?
Iirc, think we bargained for S$35 for the entire 3-hour trip (which we took only 2 hours haha).

Otherwise, you can also take the trams there!

I wanted this!
But already have too many soft toys at home, not forgetting a similar strawberry from Cameron Highlands last year :X

Attempting a pre-wedding shoot -_____-

That's about all.
Went back to the theme park and took another 3D activity.
While queueing, we saw this and out of boredom I asked both Ms to answer.


1 said 8, the other said 17........... rofl.

Having brain freeze from the coldness??

Back to some brainless activities.

For dinner, we had hot pot at Hot Pot @ First World Plaza
Only RM30++ per pax, so cheap!

We had both spicy and chicken broth for soup base.
The spicy one is damn shiok!

Our chef (^^)v

Went to try our lucks at the Casinos after dinner.
I only know how to play jackpot machines, lol.
But still, won about S$80, yay~
The rest donated money I think :X


Day 3

Had breakfast at a cafe near to Bubbles and Bites.
I can't rem the name, sorrie!

Looks like this.

They served nice macarons!

Very good quiche!
Now I'm craving for it while blogging :'O

Sleepy face..
In my kids-wear sweater bought in Europe last time. 
(It was so fun shopping kids-wear over there -_-)

Chocolate dessert which looks so pretty and taste delicious!
The chocolate inside is so thick!

Contains raisins, passion fruit and some citrus flavouring so that it wouldn't get too jerlat.

Look at the mad foggy weather.

M went outside to CHILL, while we went back to the hotel to seek warmth~~

Hot water along the hotel corridors to save us T.T

Packed up and checked-out around noon.

Loitered around as we still had some time before the bus arrived.
Wanted to get this sweet pink satchel tote, but it was like SGD100+ in a "reject store"-looking store??

Back to Yong Peng Johor again.
The Yong Tau Hoo is not bad!

Home sweet home!