20 September 2014

Yun Nam Hair Care Review

Was quite traumatised by a photo taken at the cat café previously that shows my thinning hair! *gasps*


Hence, I jumped at the chance to go for herbal hair treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care when I was notified of the sponsorship!



Yun Nam Hair Care is an award-winning Hair Care Brand that focuses on results, service and customer care. Yun Nam Hair Care is a recognised leader in the hair care industry well-known for their comprehensive range of effective treatments.

Using top-grade natural herbs to overcome all kinds of hair problems, Yun Nam's greatest achievement lies in their ability to restore the healthy hair and confidence of their clients. To date, their customised herbalogy treatments have helped countless male and female customers regain their crowning glory. Since its establishment in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care has expanded rapidly to a total of 27 outlets in Singapore and Malaysia.   


A winner of the prestigious Superbrands Awards from 2008 to 2010 and 2013, based on a Hair, Face and Body Brand Awareness Survey conducted by Connecting Insights Consultants' in August 2010, Yun Nam Hair Care has also been awarded the No. 1 Recommended Brand, the Most Effective Brand, the Most Trusted Brand and the No. 1 Recognised Hair Care Brand in Singapore.

Firstly, I went through a detailed scalp scan conducted by the consultant to examine my hair follicles thoroughly. 
This is an important step as Yun Nam believes that finding out why and how one’s hair condition came about is extremely crucial towards implementing the appropriate hair care treatment. That is why, a personalised one-to-one consultation will be offered by their professional hair care specialists to develop a deeper understanding of customers’ hair problems.


Was offered snacks and chrysanthemum tea while having the consultation.


And here’s my personal profile. (wasn’t ready for the photo captured, so I replaced my face with a smiley sun ^.^) You can see some scary close-up pics of my hair follicles on the right of the computer screen haha! Will show a proper print-out of it after the series of herbal hair treatment.


Based on the scalp and hair conditions, customised treatment programmes which effectively target the specific hair problems at hand will be devised. This enables Yun Nam to cater to the different hair conditions and hair problems of their customers.

In the beginning of the post, I mentioned that I had thinning hair problem. The specialist pointed out that such hair loss is due to my oily scalp that led to a reduction in hair growth. Thus, she customised a ginseng herbal treatment mixture that will deep-cleanse my scalp and reduce the oiliness!

Started off the treatment with a relaxing hair wash and head massage!


All Yun Nam Hair Care treatment are customised with herbal ingredient, with the main element being ginseng. For those who dislike ginseng smell, fret not cos it’s very mild! Much milder than any ginseng soups I’ve drank outside hahaha.


Messy, but it’s a healthy blob of mess! :) The herbal hair treatment feels warm and invigorating upon application on the scalp.

Some of the remarkable treatment benefits:
- 100% herbal formula consisting of mainly Ginseng extracts
- Fast penetration deep into the scalp 
- Stimulate New Hair Growth
- Unclog and Repair Damaged Hair Follicles
- Reduce and Control Hair Fall
- Increase Hair Thickness and Strength  
- Strengthen Hair Roots


After application, the therapist wrapped my hair up and steam it to maximise the effect of the herbal hair treatment.


There are latest copies of all kinds of magazines for you to browse while doing the treatment.


But it was so comfortable that I fell asleep like some of the other customers. Rofl.


Here’s the “before and after” scan of my scalp.
On the left are the ‘before’ pics where the consultant raised the issue of oily scalp and clogged pores highlighted in red. As a result, there are also dandruff appearing (top left pic).
On the right are the ‘after’ pics after the deep cleansing treatment. The “oily layer” is gone and pores are opened up and much cleaner!! :)


(With my consultant, so tall and she's a freelance model ^.-)

To ensure their customers receive the best care even after treatment, Yun Nam’s consultants will recommend suitable home care products and closely monitor their scalp and hair health, making appropriate treatment adjustments to achieve the best results.

I brought back the set of herbal hair care products from Yun Nam and have been using them diligently to complement the scalp treatments at the salon :) Really can’t wait to see an improvement in my oily scalp soon!

If you are facing any hair-related problems, do consider Yun Nam Hair Care to save your tresses! For first timers, there are free trial redemption available here!

More details can be found on their site http://www.yunnamhaircare.com/
And here’s the list of store locations in Singapore :)


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