7 March 2013

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant @ IMM

Had a pre-celebration with M few days back.
Was feeling girlish so I wore La Enchante cayla dress even though it was a work day :p

Here's how it looks in full :)

Cayla crochet collar dress (black) Size S

There's still size S left!

Was craving for sashimi so we went to the nearest Japanese restaurant :)
Ended at Hoshi @ IMM.

Ordered a set dinner meal at $42+ for 2pax.
Very much worth it!
Changed the sashimi platter to all salmon sashimi.

Wings wth salt.

Came with 2 sets of pork cutlet, rice and soup too.
The pork cutlet was crispy yet not oily.
Portion was huge too, I had to takeaway the remaining so as not to waste so much food! :x

And since we were at IMM, went Daiso to stock up on all the snacks and what's not!
My fav snack from Daiso..
Limited edition flavours ;)

Had photoshoot with C the next day.
The shoot was a lil' awkward due to a change in studio area :x
Maybe cos I'm not professional lah hurhur.
But still, can't wait to get the photos from her!


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