5 December 2012

La Enchante F/W Collection. H&M

I'm sooo into bling bling clothings recently~

Did slightly bling nails too! :)

Some wounds on my index and second last finger due to the removal of my previous hard gel nails.
Never gonna do hard gel nails again. Such a long painful process to remove them :(

Anyway, i'm indeed getting into the festive mood already!
Got lotsa red clothings (for x'mas) as well as knit wears, blazers, leather pieces etc..
Hope I have enough energy (feeling a lil' under the weather) to attend the gatherings at mid/end-month!

If you're interested in getting bling tops or autumn-feel pieces, keep a lookout for La Enchante's collection this weekend!

Received the editted photos from C :)
Featuring a glitter top!

For Jerm's wedding dinner recently.

The silver version :)
Posted these previously when I met up with the girls~

Black leather skirt from the same collection too.
Comes in plum colour too!

Also another skirt that goes so well with the glitter tops!

*hearts* the swirly effect :)

Long sleeves knit top

Which is nicer, Periwinkle or grey?

Of cos, not forgetting everyone's all-time favourite peplum design..
Comes in 4 beautiful colours! Teal green, light pink, nude and black :)

Visited H&M @ Ion recently cos Mr D mentioned that the collection there is more updated and comprehensive as compared to the one at somerset.
Many things caught my eye indeed!
Msged M immediately exclaiming "gosh so many nice stuffs, think i'm gonna spend alot!"

Thankfully, I reminded myself that "ahya I can get something similar from blogshops at a lower price" lol, so managed to narrow down to only 3 items phew.
Bought a dress for upcoming D&D, a basic top and blazer below.

Love the pale blush pink shade and polka dots lining!
There was only 1 size 32 left on the rack, so i grabbed it immediately :x
For normal tops/dresses, I wear size 36/38. But not sure for blazers, it's 32........ machiam very petite liddat. haha!

Kinda like the cream leather biker jacket as well.
But it was at $79.90 and I don't foresee myself wearing it often.. so gave it a miss.
I'm still thinking about it now luh!


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