4 May 2012

Chanel Lust: 12P

Since I was googling for chanel jumbo previously.
Happened to see another collection that interest me! A LOT!

The Chanel 12P collection.
Featuring reissue of their classic flaps and wallets in colourful (creamy) shades like pink, orange and green!
All looking so yummy!


HOT PINK Lambskin Jumbo!
*does a silly dance*

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It isn't exactly hot pink.. more of creamy dark pink to me. 
The exact shade of pink I LOVE. 
Soooo TDF! :O

The classic wallet~

Isn't it gorgeous?

And not forgetting the green..

There are other interesting stuffs in the 12P collection.
Unique, though not very much to my liking for a bag :X
Such as..
Bellagio exclusives

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It's pink.
But well. Certainly not my cup of tea.
What's more costing US$18,000 for a medium, i'll go crazy if any of the blings were to fall out :p

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The bling one in blue.

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Silver and gold.
Ahh, so AA!
The small ones might be good for dinners. But the price is definitely a turn-off!

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Vegas Dice charm flap is pretty cute ;)

Accidentally chanced upon a little 'sneak-peek' listing for the 12A collection coming up in June/Julyish? (Probably Aug by the time it hits our local boutique -_-)

"The three common themes for Fall Act 1 are “rainbow of blues”, “The Avengers”, and “Casual Chic”. The collection is detailed with silhouettes depicting an autumn spirit full of shearlings and tweeds. The young and cool attitude balances out the sparkled embellished silhouettes. It’s a reminder of Chanel’s outfits she was wearing in the French countryside."

So expect lotsa blues, greys, silvers & golds :)

One thing that caught my eye immediately was


Jumbo in caviar with SHW in charcoal grey

I want!!

My previous decision making process was being left at black vs red.
Red is a little too loud for my usual dressing.
Whereas my heart doesn't beat as fast when I see a black flap. 
Probably cos I saw too much of black Pradas previously. 3 black nappa bags/clutches at one go. 
Now I feel sick if I were to see another black leather classic bag. 

Okay, not really. 
but.. ah.. you get the drift. 
Black can be boring at times though it matches almost everything.

Now charcoal grey saves the world!
It's matchy matchy with everything as well, yet not too boring as plain black.
Isn't it a perfect choice??
And it only comes in caviar, so I won't regret not getting a lambskin version in future.

Still, it depends on the caviar as well.. If it's still the 'hard' rigid classic caviar, i might not like it.
Heard that the red for 12A would be in irridescent 'soft' caviar. Aww.. But no idea if it's gonna be bright red, orangey red or dark/burgundy red.

Man man man, now I have hot pink lambskin vs red iridescent caviar vs charcoal grey caviar.
Hope 12A arrives faster in stores!
Gonna be lurking around on the net to see if there're any real sneak pics of the upcoming items instead of just words!!

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