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14 November 2013

Bridger's cafe @ Watermark Robertson Quay

Bridger’s café is hidden at the ground level of Watermark Robertson Quay Condo – right opposite the usual Robertson quay area we normally visit. If you’re familiar with Miramar hotel, Bridger’s café just across the road from there, can be accessed via the bridge.

Do not let the humble, unpretentious setup and vibe fool you ;) This place has rather good food. It is a rather homely café with food tasting like what a mother would prepare for her family - simple and full of love :) The owners (boss and lady boss) would personally do the cooking, ordering and serving all by themselves giving you a chance to interact directly with them. A lovely, cozy café indeed.

Prices are all below $15, which makes it one of the more value-for-money cafés in town.

There are indoor seats, albeit a bit squeezed. If the weather is kind enough, I would recommend having the alfresco seating area where you can dine by the tranquil riverside.


Turkish Eggs with Premium Sausages and Mozzarella Cheese $5.80
The Turkish eggs comes with 2 pieces of toast, similar to the Tunisian breakfast where you can dip your toasts into the sizzling pan of runny cheese egg “gravy” or have them with the sausages. This is the non-spicy version though :)

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio Salad $12.50
This salad has a combination of various textures and tastes – soft, runny, crunchy, sweet, salty and tangy. It’s a mini fireworks explosion on your palette if you try everything on the plate at one go :)

Saito San Chix Burger $14.80
The Japanese-inspired chicken burger was a surprise from this small café, as it could easily give other burger house a run for their money. The patty was thick and juicy, and it comes with cheese in the middle of it. The sweet, red tomatoes slices and onions paired perfectly well with the cheesy chicken.

Truffle Mushroom Ragout Open Sandwich $11
This sandwich was normal, probably as I was hoping for a more powerful truffle experience. Personally I couldn’t taste the truffle at all. So it’s pretty much an average mushroom open sandwich.

For drinks, they have quite a variety of choices from soft drinks to fresh juices, coffee to artisan teas – mostly priced around $5 or less.

If the weather is too warm, you have a choice of cooling down with the gelatos available. The normal flavours (Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) are at $3.50 per scoops, while others (Cookies & Cream, Salted caramel and Hazelnut) are at $3.80 per scoop. Additional scoops are at $2.80 each and waffle ice-cream cones are available for $0.70 :) Once again, pretty decent pricing.

Here's happy Calvin with his cookies & cream waffle cone ^^

I had the salted caramel, which came with peanut toppings.

I’m not usually a fan of peanut toppings in my ice-cream, but this time round, it was welcome as the ice-cream had not much a flavor. It was feedback to the owners and they informed that they have heard the same comments from several others too and might be changing suppliers :) This gives me a reason to go back for their new gelatos as well as waffles as they were sold out that evening!

Bridger's cafe

Watermark @ Robertson Quay 
7 Rodyk Street #01-30 
Mohammed Sultan, 238215

6238 0484