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9 October 2013

Yumi - Marina Barrage

Quick update on Yumi's visit to Singapore (again lolx)!

OOTD first up :p

 photo photo1_zpsbfbfab55.jpg

We met up for hi-tea and had an impromtu idea of going over to Marina Barrage! <3
It was really great seeing Yumi again! And all the rest whom I haven't really met/talked to after graduation.
Sigh, how detached I've grown.
Miss uni days. We had so much fun together (and struggles too for some of us)
Our Oasis, exam dmkks, CNY house-hopping and such! Those were the days man.

On our way there to the barrage.

She brought along Keiko (same name as meee!) who doesn't quite understand English.
So I had the chance to pick up some Jap vocabs again! ^^
For instance, lotsa "Tako" in the following photo:


With hunny.

And a nice shot with the sun ray!

The bunch of us <3

Stayed til sunset and they went for Seafood.