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18 June 2014

MU Parlour @ Lorong Mambong, Holland Village

Holland Village is eminent for its vast-selection of cafes, restaurants and pubs suited for various occasions. However, those on level 2 of the shops are less prominent it seems, and most of us are usually lazy to climb up the stairways to check out the ‘unknown’ unless recommended.

MU Parlour is one of such, well-hidden on the 2nd level at Lorong Mambong, above Thai Express. Though it was name-dropped by a few friends over the past year, I visited it only recently.

MU Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 1100am - 2300pm
Friday and Saturday: 1100am - 0200am



Fell in love with the interior of the cafe as soon as we stepped in – chic and white walls complemented by several modern, statement art pieces and a unique blend of whimsical furniture pieces. It was rather fun and we certainly took a long time trying to decide on our seats since there were numerous styles of mismatched tables & chairs available at the time we visited and everything look so pretty!

(hey there, doggie!)

Apparently pets are allowed, so pet owners can bring their dogs, cats, (or bunnies?) to chill out at the cafe? ;)

Serving gourmet burgers is the niche of the cafe and the one we had certainly lived up to its reputation! The patty was tender and juicy, and each set comes with a good serving of fries.
The lemon meringue tart was smooth (slightly too sourish for some of us) with a very buttery-tasting crust.
The poached eggs from the Mu breakfast were decent, though I would prefer more runny yolks. All burgers and breakfast sets includes garlic fries and they were lip-smacking! Very flavoursome with generous serving of real garlic bits.

Coffees on the other hand, were not very strong. To some, they may be run-of-the-mill.
Friend commented though, that the latte is good for a late afternoon drink since it doesn't seem to be as caffeine loaded as the coffees elsewhere. Also, might be suitable for coffee-beginners.

Waffles Set $15
With spicy pork & veal sausages, sunny-side up, grilled tomatoes, and salad

Latte $4.50

Lemon Meringue Tart $8
Lemon curd made with fresh lemons topped with a layer of classic Italian meringue

MU breakfast $16
Comes with poached eggs, spicy pork & veal sausages, streaky bacon, brioche, greens and garlic fries

No. 11 Burger $15
Beef patty, streaky bacon, avocado, cheese and charcoal burger bun
All the burgers come with crisp iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, fresh onions and side of garlic fries!

If you wish to make it a meal, there is a choice of milkshake with additional $5 and coffee + daily dessert for additional $9.

Macchiato $5

The service is quite slow, hence don’t go with a hungry stomach. However I can’t deny that sometimes I appreciate “slow” services since that means nobody would rush me to make my orders or clear my plates asking me to leave :)

Food may be pretty mediocre, but the quaint and charming interior of the place makes up for it more enough. A perfect cafe for spending a quiet afternoon, watching the world go by.