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13 September 2013

Ombré (duo tone/layer) drinks recipe (:

Been shuttling between work-wake-home for the past few nights. Weekend will be spent at the wake as well.. Somehow, it is quite an “eye-opener” to know how a different religious wake works..
Also, it’s during such red/white events that one get to see how “big” or extensive his/her actual family is..

Sad to say, I’ll not be attending SF anniversary party this weekend then.
Had already prepared my ombré item and choosing between various ombré outfits! :X
So in order not to "waste" my efforts, I’m gonna share how to make an ombré drink which I had initially wanted to bring to the party ;)

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, ombré drinks mean to me, drinks like these:-

Main secrets to making a successful ombré drink:

1. Sugar content – density of the individual beverages
2. Skill of pouring the liquid into the glass
3. Colour selection

Yes, just three.
Easy peasy right?? ;)

1. Sugar content

The main reason to why the drinks remains ‘separated’ is due to the density of the individual juices/beverages. I think this it quite common knowledge, like how oil floats above water.
However, to determine the density of the drinks might be a little tricky. However, still, it is not rocket science!
All we have to do is to find out the sugar content of the drinks to use for estimating its density!
I started looking at labels (probably for the first time in my life) to find drinks with different levels of sugar content.

*Tip: Simply look at the grams of sugar content per 100ml of the beverage for easy comparison with others :)
*Tip 2: Choose drinks with higher difference in sugar content so that it is more likely to be ‘separated’ from one another!

2. Skill of pouring the drinks into the glass

There’s always that temptation to pour the drinks into the glass quickly like plain water. However, the trick is to pour the beverage one-by-one (duh, of cos) and the second or third liquid must be poured in slooooooowly, preferably down the side of the glass instead of directly into the previous drink.

*Tip: Using ice-cubes will help a lot! Pour the drinks and slowly on the top ice-cubes and let it flow down.

3. Colour selection

Make sure the colours match! Think of the gradient portion where the two liquids will mix with each other, what would the colour of that portion be?
Basic colours (Red, Yellow, Blue) will probably give nice gradients like Orange, Green and Purple.
I made a mistake in one experiment mixing green and pink.. and the drink turned out looking like poison (or brown shit) and nobody really dares to drink it -_- FAIL.

*Tip: Colour of the beverage should preferably be clear so that the gradient can be seen more clearly (pun not intended, haha!)
Then again, brown coffee and milk are opaque and they still make a nice ombré drink.. hmm.. Probably just make sure that both liquid you’re mixing are of similar ‘texture’ :p

The easiest of all, should be a single coloured syrup with clear soda/tonic/isotonic drink.

My criteria set for the party were:

1. Non-alcoholic
Since we have minors among the group, haha.

2. In pretty and suitable shades
Think pastel, rainbow, or pinks, ahh :)

3. Must taste good of cos!
Had initially thought of the SGI colours like this.

But soon I realized I may have difficulties looking for a non-alcoholic blue drink that doesn’t taste like cough syrups haha! Given the limited blue drink choices, I may have difficulty in choosing one with either very high or low sugar content. So I decided on more common drinks colours instead.


My final concoction ended up to be a pink-orange drink that taste of well, strawberry-orange! :)

It’s one of my favourite colour combination (used for highlighting my study notes in the past)
Sorrie, it was just a test-experience so I didn’t use nice glasses for it :/ But you can see the end result of the gradient quite clearly!
And I can tell you it taste great! Most people would like it cos they’re common drinks flavours – strawberry, orange.

Tried using nicer "glass"

Here's a green/yellow version.

Here are some of inspirations I found online :)

Have fun and enjoy your drinks if you’re trying it out! ♥

23 August 2013

Discuss SG - Nandos & Honeymoon Desserts

For those who spend lotsa time on your phone (like me ^^), or laptop or whichever gadget that connects you to the world and would be happy to earn some money through your online surf & chats, check out Discuss SG!

Discuss SG

At Discuss SG, members are rewarded with credits for activities on the discussion platform. These credits can then be redeemed for vouchers for CapitaLand / Robinsons shopping, dining, popular bookstore, Kiddy Palace, or movie tickets or even CASH! $.$ lol.
Here are how you can be rewarded:

How To Earn Credits?
Credits are used in our RewardsShop to redeem gifts.

Here are the ways you can earn credits

1. Post - 1 Credit (Minimum 3 words)
Adding a post to a thread.

2. Thread - 2 Credits (Minimum 8 words)
Creating a new forum topic/ thread
*(Posting in the marketplace will not earn any credit)

3. Poll - 2 Credits
Creating a poll.

4. Vote - 2 Credits
Choosing and voting on poll options.

5. Referral - 50 Credits
For every friend indicating you as their referrer upon their successful registration. Do note that any user violating this feature will have their accounts suspended and credits removed. Example, creating multiple / duplicate accounts.

Where Can I Spend The Credits?
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These include shopping, dining vouchers, movie tickets, cash...etc.
These are our way of rewarding you for posting and contributing to Discuss SG!

Will My Credits Expired?
No. Your credits will not be expired.

More details on redemption would be on the thread at Discuss SG itself! :)
Click here to join the community today!


I received my "paycheck" recently! Whee! :)

Attended Discuss SG outing last week.
Considering how shy I am to strangers (well, technically I haven't seen or talked to them before), I'm surprised that I went for the gathering organized by finaldust!

He just got back from Korea and got the girls masks as gifts! :)
I used it immediately the next day.. Must strike while the iron is hot! Otherwise I'll be keeping the mask aside and end up not using it = wasting his efforts and sincerity :X

Did it in the middle of the night and posted it on Instagram to scare people :p


Never take OOTD cos was a lil' unwell in the day.

It was actually quite stressful for me before the gathering cos I was really really shy to gonna finally meet the people I've been typing/talking to. Kept messaging finaldust (he's the only one whose mobile number I have :X) to reach earlier and even rant at him for going home to shower before meeting us lol! Then told him to meet first, but end up I went shopping hahaha.
He must be thinking why this girl so ding dong one!?

Went to Nandos @ Bugis.
Here're some of our food! I paiseh to take picture of everyone's food.. So only 4-5.. Hee.
Quality is as usual, not bad~

My peach & orange mint drink!

Guess what's this? :D

My Cataplana Porta!
It's a portugese dish and eh.. you can see I'm "not so brave!" :X

Mia's pita.

Here's a "group photo" just in case I made it all up and actually went out by myself.
Think they would like to remain 'anonymous' so I gave all of them a makeover! ^^

Nandos (Bugis)

#01-85/87, Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street

Hopped over to Honeymoon Desserts for some sweets after dinner.

Durian mochi!! ^^

But the filling isn't much.. :(

Mango sago pomelo

Watermelon balls with beancurd~

Peanut mochi, which was quite nice!

#01-70, 200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction, Singapore(188021)

Telephone: (65) 6837 0027

Opening hours: 12:00-22:30

Crashed the Durian party at Emily's place after the gathering.
Look at the amoutn of durians eaten! And there was coconut freeze that was so yummy!


Discuss SG

Back to the original topic, join Discuss SG!! :)
You'll enjoy the forum/gatherings!
All of them turned out to be really nice and funnie people, though slightly quieter than their online personality, hee.

See you at Discuss SG! <3

27 July 2013

Casallena - tapas wine bar bistro

A random weekend with M.
Went to Casallena after searching for a nice restaurant for some time.
Casallena offers a relaxing, modern place to chillax, perfect to spend the quiet evening.

The restaurant serves a 4-course deluxe set dinner at only $38++.
Extremely worth it.

Chilled tomato marinated with mirin and soyu, served with farmer salad and sweet balsamic dressing

The tomato is huge, sweet and juicy.

Cream of vongole

The soup is towards the more creamy side, and I think the cream overwhelms any flavour of the clams.

 photo image_43_zpsaa7e7391.jpeg

Main course:
Pan-seared sea beam with seasonal vegetables and red wine truffle sauce 


Movenpick Cappuccino

For any order of the set meal, you may just top up $6 for a glass of house pour wine.


#01-14, The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road


Sun - Thu: 12:00 - 00:00 
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 01:00 
Eve of PH: 12:00 - 01:00